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0001 1. StepCore design is described in Doxygen-generated documentation
0002 which is available on-line at
0003 http://stepcore.sourceforge.net/docs/design_intro.html
0005 2. Step design.
0007 The central object of Step is WorldModel. It contains World object and
0008 provides acts as a proxy for its main functions (add, get and remove items,
0009 change solver, do integration, load and save XML files). It also provides
0010 QAbstractItemModel interface (with all its useful signals) and is directly
0011 used as a model for WorldBrowser. It also provides global selection handling.
0013 Second important object is WorldScene. This one together with *GraphicsItem
0014 classes controls all scene drawing and editing with mouse. Together with 
0015 *Creator classes it controls item creation with the mouse.
0017 WorldFactory class extends StepCore::Factory and provides various item-
0018 specific static functions such as newItem(), newItemCreator(),
0019 newGraphicsItem() and functions to convert StepCore types (currently only
0020 StepCore::Vector2d) to and from QString.
0022 PropertiesBrowser class allows user to browse and edit properties of selected
0023 object. Currently properties are stored using Q_PROPERTY, but it may change
0024 in the future. At that time custom widget for properties of any Item can be
0025 created to allow more convenient presenting and editing object properties.