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0001 Notes about changes in RKWard that existing users need to adapt to:
0003 *** From 0.4.x to 0.5.0 ***
0004 - Versions of RKWard 0.5.0 or higher are designed for KDE 4, and cannot be used with KDE 3. For KDE 3 use the 0.4.x versions.
0005 - The build system was changed to CMake. Read INSTALL for details on how to build RKWard.
0006 - Due to clashes with kate default shortcuts, the shortcuts for Run->Run Line, Run Selection, and Run All were changed to Shift+F7, Shift+F8, Shift+F9, respectively.
0007 - The tabs in the main workplace view no longer have a close button that is shown when hovering the mouse over the respective icon. Rather, there is a single button to close the current tab, shown at the right of the tab bar.
0009 *** From 0.4.7a to 0.4.8 ***
0010 - With the addition of the new filesystem browser, the shortcuts to show/hide the main tool windows have changed. The filesystem browser window can be toggled using Alt+2, the shortcuts for command log, pending jobs, console, and help search are now Alt+3 through 6, respectively, instead of Alt+2 through 5.
0011 - All commands run through the console are now added to the command history of the console, by default. This setting can be changed back to the old behavior (only commands *entered* in the console are added to the history) under Settings->Configure RKWard->Console.
0013 *** Changes prior to 0.4.7a not listed in this document. ***