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0001 TODOS for autotests:
0002   - Check and update the standards files
0003   - Use options(warn=1), in order to get warnings into the test?
0005 - Space-saving placement of main window status bar, and display more tips in it
0006 - Fixed: Intial graphics window size would be (mostly) ignored
0007 - Fix some buglets around closing on-screen devices
0008 - Implement new R graphics functions: gradients, patterns, clip paths, masks
0009 - Add icons to settings dialog for quick visual orientation
0010 - Merge ktexteditor (script) settings into the main settings dialog
0011 - Internal: Code cleanup around settings
0012 - Output file handling has been reworked, entirely
0013 - Fixed: Cursor navigation in completion list
0014 - rkwardtests library gains helper functions for checking for expected errors
0015 - Internal: Allow R-level calls to support both subcommands, and a return value at the same time
0016 - Fixed: Calling (rk.)select.list() without a title would fail
0017 - Hide or remove several purely internal functions (most can still be assessed from the rkward namespace as rkward:::xyz())
0018 - Use top alignment button to close (warning) messages in preview windows/areas
0019 - (Try to) automatically create custom R library locations, if they do not exist
0020 - Workaround for invalid EDITOR variable set by Kate Terminal plugin (also fixed in recent kate)
0021 - kate plugin related actions are now active whenever a script window is active (not only the corresponding tool window)
0022   - TODO: support kate plugins in detached windows
0024 --- Version 0.7.2b - UNRELEASED
0025 - Fixed: Crash when attempting to use new graphics features in R 4.1.0 (esp. plotting using ggplot2)
0027 --- Version 0.7.2 - Oct-16-2020
0028 - Script preview keeps vertical scroll position when updating
0029 - Python development scripts have been ported to python3
0030 - Fix some problems with plot preview in wizard-type plugins
0031 - Add function rk.home() for retrieving applicaton paths, similar to R.home()
0032 - Remove direct dependency on libintl
0033 - Add menu option to switch application language
0034 - Fix several small memory leaks
0035 - Clean some logged warnings and potential issues during R backend shutdown
0036 - Add "Check installation" wizard to test for several common basic instation issues all in one place
0037 - Add rkward internal package location to end of library search path, to make it accessible to help.search()
0038 - Add menu action to open any supported file type, directly
0039 - Support using QWebEngine instead of QtWebKit (still supported)
0040 - <text> elements in plugins may now also contain clickable links, including rkward://-scheme links
0041 - The new code hinting features from version 0.7.1 are now also available in the console
0042 - On unix-systems, RKWard can now be run without installation
0043 - Kate addons are now supported within RKWard. Intially, search-in-files, snippets, and projects are loaded by default
0044 - Fixed: Avoid shorcut clash with kate part by removing conflicting (default) shortcuts, automatically
0046 --- Version 0.7.1b - May-25-2020
0047 - Workaround to avoid bug in R 4.0.0 when using for loop on top level context
0048 - Fixed: Hang when opening an empty workplace
0049 - Fixed: Crash when mousing over code preview window with focus-follows-mouse enabled
0051 --- Version 0.7.1 - Jan-23-2020
0052 - Code hinting in script editor windows has been reworked, and now also completes argument names
0053 - Instead of installing rkward R packages at build time, install them at runtime, when needed
0054 - Add new commandline option "--r-executable=auto" for auto-detection of R installation
0055 - Fixed: Underscore (_) was not accepted in names of newly created data.frames
0056 - <browser> element in save file mode gains checkbox to control overwriting of existing files
0057 - Fixed: <browser> element could not be set to not required
0058 - Fixed: max.print option was not saved, correctly, when set from RKWard settings
0059 - Add command-line option --autoreuse to avoid shipping two separate .desktop files
0060 - <select> elements in plugin dialogs can be set to accept only a single selection
0061 - New R functions rk.capture.output() and rk.end.capture.output()
0062 - Allow to reference current script file in plugins
0063 - Add various live-preview options for R scripts, including a preview of R markdown rendering
0064 - Make it possible to "link" to specific settings pages from the internal documentation
0065 - Slighlty less confusing output in case a package is installed from require(), such as in many plugins
0066 - Fixed: RKWard icon was missing for the "enhances RKWard" column in package installation dialog
0067 - Fixed a layout issue in plugins using <stretch>-elements that would sometimes also render top-left aligned UI-elements unsuable.
0068 - Remove a bit of unused empty space around the main area of plugin dialogs
0069 - Expand root level objects (esp. data.frames) by default in plugin object lists. Add button to toggle back to collapsed.
0070 - Allow Tab-key to advance to the next row of data in data editor
0071 - Fix highlighting of "trailing" rows and columns in data editor
0072 - Fixed: Loading existing workspace from startup dialog failed silently.
0073 - Support handling of help:/ pages (e.g. RKWard plugins documentation) inside the RKWard help window, again.
0074 - Do not attempt object name hinting behind empty quoted strings or spaces.
0075 - rk.show.question() gains a parameter to allow setting a default button other than "yes"
0076 - new function rk.askYesNo() combines the functionality of askYesNo() (R >= 3.5.0) with rk.show.question() and is the default option for askYesNo() calls
0077 - Compile in ui definitions, instead of providing them as separate files
0078 - Fix printing of strings with R 3.5.0 on Windows in the console
0079 - Offer R_LIBS_USER, instead of ~/.rkward/library as standard library installation location
0080 - Support R version placeholder (%v) in custom library locations.
0081 - File browser tool window follows changes in current working directory (while showing current working directory)
0082 - Show focus indication in highlighted item color (usually blue), instead of hardcoded red
0083 - On Mac, do not attempt to start DBus, if it is already running
0084 - Fix most compiler warnings
0085 - File tool window gains button to switch to current working directory
0086 - Fix a crash when closing a plugin dialog with an active plot preview
0087 - Do not throw an error on objects that return non-numeric/non-scalar dim()
0089 --- Version 0.7.0b - Apr-16-2018
0090 - Fix failure to install translations
0092 --- Version 0.7.0 - Apr-16-2018
0093 - Fix crash with R 3.5.x due to use to STRING_PTR
0094 - Double click on object in Workspace browser tries to open reference page, not object viewer, if the object is outside of .GlobalEnv
0095 - Implement "split view" feature, allowing to partion the main window, and to hvae several views of the same files / data side-by-side
0096 - Fixed: Creating trellis on-screen plots, while package lattice is not on the search path would produce errors in plot history mechanism
0097 - Limit the number of debug log-files to keep (at most three, each, for frontend and backend)
0098 - Remove Windows-only UI for setInternet2()-option (no longer available in R, with setInternet2(TRUE) the default since R 3.2.2)
0099 - Remove startup wrapper script (moving the still-needed functionality into the main executable)
0100 - Function argument hinting is less easily fooled by braces inside quotes
0101 - Preview status messages can now be closed
0102 - Show the message accompanying rk.show.files() or rk.edit.files() inside the main window, instead of a separate dialog
0103 - File browser gains "Rename" context menu action
0104 - File selection fields in plugin dialogs remember the last used directory (per session), and check for a valid selection
0105 - Better handling of text drag-and-drop inside the R console window
0107 --- Version 0.6.5a - UNRELEASED - This is the last version available for KDE 4, git branch kde4
0108 - Fix NAs introduced by editing data containing characters that cannot be encoded in the system locale
0109 - Fixed: Preview boxes followed by a <stretch/> element would not work under some circumstances
0110 - Fixed: Setting an output CSS file via the GUI did not work
0111 - Fixed: Bug report feature on Windows did nothing
0112 - Avoid some potential encoding issues, that could cause graphical select.list to fail for certain strings, under some circumstances
0114 --- Version 0.6.5 - Apr-02-2016
0115 - Add option to override CSS file used for the output window
0116 - When manually adding pluginmaps, load these after, not before other pluginmaps, by default
0117 - Added context menu option to search for information on current symbol online
0118 - Fixed: Wizard plugins would be too small, initially
0119 - Fixed: Help Search was not longer working correctly with R 3.2.x
0120 - Fix compilation with R 3.3.x
0121 - Provide better status feedback when searching / filtering among installable packages
0122 - Add access to basic menu items for docked previews
0123 - Move preview controls to the button-column of dialogs
0124 - Add preview to Sort data-, Subset data, and Recode categorical data-plugins
0125 - Add preview to Power Analysis plugin
0126 - Add support for adding "htmlwidget"- and "gvis"-class objects to the output window via rk.print()
0127 - Add plugins for importing Excel files (.xls and .xlsx, Perl- and Java-based)
0128 - Add ability to extract <matrix> values row-wise in plugins
0129 - Add convenience JS-function "makeOption()" for use in plugins
0130 - Fixed: Numerical (display) precision setting was not honored in data editor
0131 - Fix several window activation quirks in "Focus follows mouse" mode
0132 - File selectors in "Import XYZ" plugins now filter for standard file extensions, by default
0133 - Add previews for CSV, SPSS, and Stata import plugins
0134 - Allow previews for data, (HTML) output, and custom types of previews
0135 - Allow previews to be docked to the dialog window, and dock them, by default
0136 - Implicitly save code preview visibility and size (instead of the former explicit settings)
0137 - data.frame objects outside of globalenv() can be opened read-only in an editor window
0138 - Show a warning screen when invoking plugins from the command line (or from clicking an rkward://-link in an external application)
0139 - Use package type option "binary" from R 3.1.3 onwards, for automatic selection of the appropriate binary package
0141 --- Version 0.6.4 - Dec-20-2015
0142 - Fixed: Plugin variable slots taking more than one object would not be hightlighted in red while invalid
0143 - Plugins check for correct object type, in more places, but allow to proceed with questionable object selections
0144 - Fixed: RKWard package repository would be listed twice on fresh installations
0145 - Switch to bugs.kde.org as primary issue tracker
0146 - Workspace browser gains functionality to search / filter objects by name
0147 - Separate globalenv() and other environments in the search path more clearly in workspace browser
0148 - Fix some minor toolbar glitches
0149 - Complete rework of <optionset> UI for better usability
0150 - Try harder to honor system locale settings
0151 - Remove obsolete "Export tabular data" plugin (superceded by "Export Table / CSV")
0152 - Some usability refinements to "Import CVS" plugin
0153 - Disabled the "Import Data"-dialog, as it was considered too confusing. The individual importers are still available from the menu, separately.
0154 - For multi-item varslots and valueslots, use separate buttons for adding / removing items
0155 - Don't show (useless) index number in mutli-value varslots and valueslots
0156 - Make the option to disable / enable editing more visible (in the data editor's toolbar)
0157 - Do not invoke symbol name completion while in the middle (not end) of a word
0158 - Add context menu to HTML viewer window, including the ability to open links in a new window
0159 - Remove dependency on KHMTLPart
0161 --- Version 0.6.3 - Mar-07-2015
0162 - Fixed: Hang when trying to select existing directories in file selectors on Windows
0163 - New element <i18n> for use in plugins' logic section: Provides a translatable string property
0164 - New element <label> for use in plugin help pages: Copies the label-attribute of the given element into the text
0165 - New string property modifier "quoted" to make it easier to quote dynamic strings inside plugins
0166 - Reworked distribution calculator plugins
0167 - Added power analysis plugin (already existed as separate plugin)
0168 - Assume plugin .js files to be in utf-8 encoding; this allows using non-ascii characters in the generated code
0169 - <matrix> element gains options min_rows and min_columns, and the details of fixed_width="true" have been improved
0170 - Fixed: <valueslot>s were quirky with respect to showing as invalid
0171 - Fix a hang-on-exit issue
0172 - Add R function rk.set.plugin.status() to allow further customization of loaded plugins (hiding of individual menu entries)
0173 - Pluginmap-management was reworked, partially, and moved to Settings->Manage R packages and plugins
0174 - Provide more detailed information on loaded plugins in rk.list.plugins()
0175 - Allow to override plugins from a different pluginmap (the plugin with the highest specified version is used)
0176 - Fixed: Error when using fix() or trace(...edit=TRUE) with default settings on some systems
0177 - When the RKWard installation has moved on disk, try to adjust stored .pluginmaps paths, accordingly
0178 - Fixed: Freezes when using RKWard-functionality (such as the RK()-device) from tcl/tk (e.g. Rcmdr)
0179 - Allow opening RKWard's plugin files (with correct highlighting), and other text files
0180 - More robust control over placement of plugins within a menu
0181 - Fix several issues of excessive printing of digits in plugins' output
0182 - Restructure layout of CSV-import dialog
0183 - Allow to open (any number of) R script files and rkward://-urls from the command line
0184 - Add command line option --reuse for reusing an existing instance of RKWard
0185 - Be slightly(!) smarter about when (not) to ask for saving workspace on workspace load (e.g. not directly after workspace has been saved)
0186 - Change default in Workspace browser to showing only .GlobalEnv, initially
0187 - Support automatically generating a printable header parameter from most plugin elements
0188 - New Object based convience method for printing headers from plugins
0189 - Implement polyPath()-drawing in RK() device
0190 - Pre-compile the common js code included in every plugin (only when compiled with Qt >= 4.7)
0191 - Improve crash recovery dialog to not prompt again for the same files
0192 - Fixed potential crash while the "RKWard Debug Messages" window is visible
0193 - Fixed display of file paths containing non-ascii characters in the title bar and startup dialog
0194 - Fixed some erroneous plugin debug messages
0195 - Plugins and in-application help pages can now be fully translated
0197 --- Version 0.6.2 - Oct-20-2014
0198 - In data editor, indicate NAs, explicitly
0199 - Import Stata plugin gains option to convert character encoding.
0200 - New plugin for recoding categorical data
0201 - New embeddable (minimal) plugin "multi_input" to combine different input elements
0202 - Fixed: Problems starting from paths with spaces in the file name on Windows
0203 - Added command line option --r-executable for switching between several installations of R
0204 - Use a binary wrapper, instead of wrapper shell script for startup on all platforms
0205 - Linear regression plugin gains option to save predicted values
0206 - Fixed some compilation problems
0207 - Add basic support to export plots using tikzDevice
0208 - Fixed: cbind-value of <matrix> element was missing commas
0209 - Fixed: Give a label to an unlabelled toolbar
0210 - Fixed: Adjust to (re-?)named parameters for options("pager")
0211 - Allow plugin UI script code to query R for information
0212 - Fixed: potential crash when a previously installed pluginmap is not longer readable
0213 - Allow to connect <varslot>/<valueslot> source to any property, not just <varselectors>
0214 - New plugin elements <valueselector> and <select>
0215 - New plugin element <valueslot> for selecting arbitrary string values (otherwise almost identical to <varslot>)
0216 - <varslots> can be set to accept the same object several times. Used in scatterplot plugin.
0217 - New R function rk.embed.device() for manually embedding graphics devices in RKWard
0218 - Fixed: R backend would exit immediately, without meaningful error message, if there is an error in .Rprofile (or Rprofile.site)
0219 - Fixed: Installing suggested packages from the package installation dialog was broken
0220 - Fixed: Selecting a mirror via the "R packages" settings page would not work when prompted for package installation form the backend
0221 - Remove support for compiling RKWard in a single process (threaded) variant. This was not used / tested since RKWard 0.5.5
0222 - Shortcuts for the "Run ..." actions have been changed for better cross-platform compatibility
0223 - The script editor's "Run line" and "Run selection" actions have been merged
0224 - Add UI for configuring default graphics device, and embedding of standard graphics devices.
0225 - New RKWard native on-screen device (RK()). This is the default on-screen device in RKWard, now.
0226 - New R function rk.without.plot.history() for turning off plot history, temporarily
0227 - Add command line option --backend-debugger
0229 --- Version 0.6.1 - Apr-02-2013
0230 - Add option to force-close a graphics window
0231 - Add plugin for subsetting data.frames by rows or columns
0232 - On the Windows platform, add an new (experimental) binary startup wrapper (rkward.exe)
0233 - Revert to building R packages form source on Mac OS X by default (controllable via compile-time option)
0234 - Fixed: lattice plots would not be added to the plot history, correctly, for some versions of lattice
0235 - Fix crash when trying to print, and neither okular, nor kpdf are available
0236 - Added support for loaded namespaces that are not attached to a loaded package
0237 - Pluginmaps can specify their "priority". Pluginmaps with low priority will not be added automatically, when found.
0238 - Pluginmaps can <require> other pluginmaps based on their id (for cross-package inclusion)
0239 - Added new element <dependency_check> for dynamic version checks within a plugin (R and RKWard versions, only, so far)
0240 - Add guard against accidental usage of the standard distributed pluginmaps in a later version of RKWard (installed in parallel)
0241 - Easier (de-)activation of RKWard plugin maps using checkboxes (Settings->Configure RKWard->Plugins)
0242 - Broken or quirky .pluginmap files are reported to the user, completely broken maps are disabled, automatically
0243 - Implement basic dependency handling for plugins / pluginmaps
0244 - Added support for the upcoming R 3.0.0
0245 - Added <switch> logic element to switch between several target properties (or fixed values) based on the value of a condition property
0246 - Sort plugin gains option to sort data.frames by more than one column at a time, and options for type conversion
0247 - Add in-application debug message viewer (targetted at (plugin) developers)
0248 - Add setting to customize initial working directory
0249 - Windows only: Add UI-checkbox for R's "internet2"-option
0250 - New functions getString(), getList() and getBoolean() for fetching data in plugin scripts
0251 - Boolean properties now return a numeric, not labelled representation of their value, by default. <checkbox>es should be unaffected.
0252 - Added <optionset> GUI element for entering a set of options for an arbitrary number of items
0253 - Reduce CPU usage of pluings while idle
0254 - Fix conversion from Numeric to Factor in the data editor
0255 - In the data.frame editor, columns containing invalid values are now highlighted in red
0256 - Fixed: If none of the previous plugin maps could be found on startup, re-add the default
0257 - Added <matrix> GUI element for entering matrix or vector data in plugins
0258 - Improve key handling while editing factor levels in a data.frame
0259 - Added utiltity function rk.flush.output()
0260 - RKWard is now categorized as Science/Math/Numerical Analysis in its .desktop file
0261 - Fixed: Yet another fix for hard-to-read function argument hints
0262 - Fixed: Device history was not working with more recent versions of ggplot2
0263 - Fixed: Option to include suggested packages in install was mis-labelled "install dependencies"
0264 - rk.set.output.html.file() gains argument to allow addition of custom content to the html header
0266 --- Version 0.6.0 - Oct-24-2012
0267 - Fixed: Entering "0" as propabilities (quantiles) vector in distribution plugins would cause error message
0268 - Preview device windows will display some status information (most importantly, warnings or errors)
0269 - Most plot plugins gain options to control margins and tick label orientation
0270 - Added option for installing packages from source (implicitly enabled on Unixoid platforms)
0271 - Fixed: Wrong handling of carriage returns ('\r') in the console window
0272 - Fixed: Spinboxes had wrong initial values
0273 - Omit comments on missing function calls in dialog code windows (e.g., if prepare() is unused, there's no "## Prepare" in the output either)
0274 - Output markup is now more XHTML compliant and easier to parse
0275 - Also save cursor position, folding, etc. for scripts. Note: Implementation details may be subject to change.
0276 - New function rk.list.labels() to retrieve column labels in a data.frame
0277 - rk.get.label() will now return an empty string ("") instead of NULL, in case no label is assigned
0278 - Fixed: Changed configuration settings would not be saved for script editor
0279 - Fixed: One character missing in R commands on lines longer than 4096 characters
0280 - Fixed: "Next"-button in wizards would remain enabled while settings are missing on a page
0281 - Fixed: Dynamic pages in a wizard would cause a layout bug on the first page
0282 - Do not offer to restore individual removed columns of a data.frame opened for editing
0283 - Fixed: Plot history and graphical menus broken in some cases with R 2.15.0
0284 - Fixed: If the rkward package was loaded in a plain R session, q() and quit() still work
0285 - combined all Wilcoxon/Mann-Whitney-tests in one plugin (from previously two separate plugins)
0286 - Added polyserial/polychoric correlations to correlation matrix plugin
0287 - Added more compression options to the "Save objects as R code" plugin
0288 - Added MacPorts support, see README.MacPorts and bundle build script in the macports folder
0289 - Added dynamically generated table-of-contents menu to output document
0290 - Fixed: Would not show output of system() commands to stderr on the console (on Unix-like systems)
0291 - Allow some markup inside <text> elements in plugins, and auto-add breaks only for duplicate newlines.
0292 - Reorganized t-test plugin, and add support for single sample t-tests
0293 - Box plot plugin gains more options for adding means
0294 - Fixed: Function argument hints for the second half of the parameter list would not be quoted, correctly
0295 - Improve keypress handling issues in the R Console, when the cursor or a selection is outside the editable range
0296 - Fixed: Failure to open workspaces with non-latin1 filenames from the command line
0297 - Fixed: Saving / restoring workplace layout would fail when saving to directories with unusual characters
0298 - Only install translations which are at least 80% complete (not counting strings in plugins, which are not yet translatable)
0299 - When asking for workspace file to open, use appropriate file filter
0300 - When configured to ask for workspace to open on startup, don't prompt to save, first
0301 - Fixed: potential crash when clicking "Select all updates" in the package installation dialog
0302 - Fixed: potential crash in object name completion under certain conditions
0303 - Simplified the "Sort Data" plugin, and added a help page
0304 - Fixed: On Windows, detached windows would sometimes be positioned with the menubar outside the upper screen edge
0305 - Added GUI support for inspecting the call stack during debugging
0306 - The backend executable is no longer linked against KDE libraries
0307 - Objects, which are not acceptable in a varslot, will still be shown, there, with a warning
0309 --- Version 0.5.7 - Oct-23-2011
0310 - Fixed: Would not system-defined text color for argument hints
0311 - Do not treat arrays (which are not a matrix) as hierarchical named objects in the object browser
0312 - Do not analyse more than 100000 name child-objects per object (avoids hangs on such extreme data)
0313 - Fixed: Problems with using mclapply() inside RKWard
0314 - Offer to add a new library location, automatically, if location selected for installation is not writable
0315 - Reworked package installation / update dialog
0316 - Fixed: Integrated help browser would not update navigation history when following page internal links
0317 - Documentation on writing RKWard plugins is now accessible, locally
0318 - The file filter for R script files is now configurable, and includes *.Rhistory, by default
0319 - More obvious coloring of variable entry fields requiring user input in plugins
0320 - Default size of the code display in plugin dialogs has been increased
0321 - Removed support for downloading plugins using GHNS
0322 - Added support for RKWard plugins shipped inside R packages 
0323 - Fixed: PDFs and many other types of documents linked from help pages would not be opened, correctly
0324 - Added support R 2.14.x
0325 - Removed option to set options("printcmd")
0326 - New option to run arbitrary (setup) commands in each session
0327 - Added new pseudo graphics device "rk.printer.device" to provide printing via the KDE printer dialog
0328 - Fixed: Printing was broken when kprinter is not available
0329 - Support the results list new help.search() in R 2.14.x, which includes vignettes and demos
0330 - rk.edit.files() and rk.show.files() gain parameter "prompt", which can be used to suppress user prompt
0331 - Added function rk.demo(), which is similar to demo(), but opens the example script in a script editor window
0332 - Fixed: Some plugin dialogs would not become visible, or be shown in very small size, with some window managers
0333 - Fixed: Potential crash when using context menus with "focus follows mouse" window activation policy
0334 - Added shortcut Ctrl+Enter to insert a line break and submit from a script editor
0335 - Reduce CPU usage while idle
0336 - Bar plot, dot chart, pie chart, and Pareto plot plugins gain more tabulation options
0337 - rk.results() now prints rownames, where appropriate
0338 - "frame" elements in plugins can now be made checkable
0339 - Disabling or hiding a plugin component makes it non-required, implicitly
0340 - Box plot gains option to dogde grouped boxes
0341 - Simplify internal handling of system() and system2() output
0342 - Simplify code produced by several plugins
0343 - Fixed: Occasional duplication of first letter of keyword, when using "Copy lines to output" from the console window
0345 --- Version 0.5.6 - May-30-2011
0346 - Fixed: Would crash when searching for a term with quotes in the help search window
0347 - Add simple man page for command line options
0348 - Fixed: Potential crash when creating plots from a tcl/tk based GUI
0349 - Fix compilation on FreeBSD
0350 - Replace the R console's "Copy selection cleaned" action with "Copy commands, only", which will omit any non-command regions in the copy
0351 - Add "Copy lines to output" action to copy highlighted lines from the R console or script editors to the output window
0352 - R commands and their output can be "carbon copied" to the output window
0353 - On Windows, RKWard will detect, and offer to disable "native" file system dialogs
0354 - Object browsers that show only the global environment now hide the ".GlobalEnv" item
0355 - Fixed: Function argument hints would not be shown in some corner cases
0356 - Added function rk.print.code() to write highlighted R code to the output window
0357 - Box plot plugin gains support for grouped outcome data
0358 - Fixed: Pressing Ctrl+C would not reset syntactically incomplete commands in the R console
0359 - Crosstabs N to 1 plugin gains options to compute proportions and margins (thanks to Andrés Necochea)
0360 - Added convenience R function rk.list() to allow simplification of plugin code
0361 - Added stack-based window switching using Ctrl+(Shift)+Tab; this replaces the old "Next Window" and "Previous Window" actions
0362 - Fixed: Graphics device windows would disappear when trying to attach them to the main window with some versions of Qt
0363 - Fixed: tcl/tk widgets would lock up after running commands in the R Console
0364 - Provide a template for bug reports, containing standardized information on the RKWard setup in Help->Report Bug...
0365 - When loading a (local) workspace, change the working directory to the directory of the workspace (configurable)
0366 - Include the sidebar position of tool windows when saving / restoring the workplace layout
0367 - "Pending jobs" tool window is not longer shown in the bottom sidebar by default
0368 - Support removing individual tool windows from the sidebars, completely
0369 - Add an action to interrupt all (current and pending) commands
0370 - Fixed: When saving the workplace while closing the session, the workplace layout would not always be saved correctly
0371 - File browser context menu gains many more KDE standard actions (KDE 4.3 and above, only)
0372 - Auxiliary binaries rkward.bin and rkward.rbackend are no longer installed into /usr[/local]/bin/ on Unix
0373 - Fixed: Object name completion would abort early in the script editor with KDE 4.4
0374 - Support function argument hinting for R primitives
0375 - Support package namespaces in object name completion and workspace browser
0376 - Support S4 slots in object name completion and workspace browser
0377 - More correct handling of quotes in object name completion
0378 - Support plot history for ggplot2 plots
0379 - Be less pro-active about fetching structure information on R objects in the workspace
0380 - Allow to browse arbitrarily deeply nested environments in the object browser
0382 --- Version 0.5.5 - Mar-15-2011
0383 - Fixed: Crash when several environments on the search path have the same name
0384 - Re-organize the default toolbar actions of the main window
0385 - Detached windows are now restored in detached state when restoring the workplace layout
0386 - Workplace layout is now saved in a separate file, instead of in a hidden object inside the .RData file
0387 - Added R functions rk.save.workplace() and rk.restore.workplace() to save / restore a set of document windows
0388 - RKWard now tries to detect, when a workspace has been moved to a new directory, and adjust the paths restored script editor windows, accordingly
0389 - Fixed: Potential crashes when changing length of a data.frame that is currently opened for editing from R code
0390 - All pages in the package installation dialog now support sorting and keyboard search
0391 - Fixed: Converting from factor to string in the data editor set values to numeric, internally
0392 - Allow entering factor labels instead of only numbers, when editing factors in the data editor
0393 - Display logical values as "TRUE" and "FALSE" in data editor, and accept "T"/"TRUE"/"F"/"FALSE" in addition to "0"/"1" while editing
0394 - Add support for R functions loadhistory(), savehistory(), history(), and timestamp ()
0395 - Do not load .RData file from current directory by default (configurable)
0396 - Fixed: On Windows, a wrong locale for LC_NUMERIC would be applied, resulting in malfunction of pdf() and postscript()
0397 - Fixed: Did not use system configured background color in data editor
0398 - Fixed: New columns would be always be added to the right, instead of to the left, in the data editor
0399 - Fixed: Would crash when trying to edit 0 row data.frame
0400 - Fixed: Output generated by external processes (system()) was not shown on the console
0401 - Fixed: Converting a variable to factor in the editor would drop existing levels, silently, and lead to NAs
0402 - Fixed: Cursor would keep jumping to the end, when typing a filename in the filename selection field in plugins
0403 - Fixed: Submit button would not become enabled in "Basic Statistics" plugin
0404 - Moved automated testing framework moved to a dedicated R package "rkwardtests", and added documentation
0405 - Support pasting to the middle of the current command line in the R Console
0406 - Better handling of script-editor commands while the R Console is busy
0407 - Correct interleaving of multi-line commands and the corresponding output in the R Console
0408 - Fixed: Portions of multi-line commands entered on the R Console would be run twice under some circumstances
0409 - Fixed: Lockups or crashes when using packages RGtk2 or rJava on the X11 platform
0410 - Fixed: R task callback handlers were not called
0411 - GUI frontend and R backend now run in separate processes
0412 - Re-write of large portions of the R embedding code
0413 - Fixed: Did not respect system settings for tooltip background color in some styles
0414 - Fixed: Installation would continue, seemingly successfully, even if R support libraries could not be installed
0415 - Fixed: Function argument hints would sometimes persist after closing a script window
0416 - Fixed: Would fail to analyse structure of ReferenceClass-objects
0417 - Fixed: "Vector" mode in "Paste special" action did not work correctly
0418 - Attempt to save workspace on crashes
0419 - Also try to relay SIGABRT and SIGILL to the proper signal handlers
0420 - Removed the remainder of the PHP scripting backend
0421 - Fixed: Would crash on tcl/tk events in some cases
0423 --- Version 0.5.4 - Oct-04-2010
0424 - Fixed: Running user commands would crash with R 2.12.0
0425 - Added full-featured plot history for the onscreen graphics device
0426 - Fixed: Potential crash when editing data-frame with duplicate column names
0427 - Added option to specify default onscreen graphics dimensions
0428 - Fixed: Graphics windows used to assume a minimum size of 640*480 pixels, even if a smaller size was specified
0429 - Added option to disable function argument hinting
0430 - New functions rk.show.message() and rk.show.question() for user interaction from R code
0431 - New options for scripting GUI logic in plugins
0432 - The current object of an active data editor can be referenced in plugins
0433 - Fixed: Placement of several menu items was broken - again - with KDE 4.4 and above
0434 - Allow sorting of results in help search window
0435 - Fixed: CPU usage would go to 100% for no good reason under certain circumstances
0436 - The save-object selector in plugins now allows to save as part of a data.frame / list
0437 - Fixed: On some systems, dev.off() would spawn two new graphics windows
0438 - Support row names in the data.frame-editor
0439 - Fixed: When starting with an empty table, RKWard would sometimes claim that this object has been removed
0440 - Fixed: Would crash when trying to configure toolbars under certain circumstances (workaround for bug in kdelibs)
0441 - Fixed: Crash while analysing some objects returned by XML::xmlParseTree() for invalid XML
0442 - Fixed: Error while installing packages with R 2.11.0, when archiving packages in a non-existing directory
0443 - Added option to autosave script files (enabled by default)
0444 - The tabbar in the main window now shows a context menu with options to close/detach a window
0445 - The tabs in the main window can now be re-ordered by dragging with the mouse (left click if compiled with Qt 4.5 or above, middle click for earlier versions)
0446 - Added alternating row backgrounds in data.frame-editor
0448 --- Version 0.5.3 - Apr-30-2010
0449 - Fixed: Windows->Activate->Window left / right actions were always disabled
0450 - File browser window saves settings on exit
0451 - Several windows-specific bugs were fixed
0452 - Plugin dialogs are shown with a larger initial size
0453 - Add close buttons to each tab in the main document view area (not available in KDE 4.0)
0454 - Make "print", "export as HTML", "dynamic word wrap", and "increase/descress font size" available for the console window
0455 - Use a native menu, instead of the default TclTk-menu
0456 - Fixed: Newly created variables were not properly updated when closing and re-opening the editor
0457 - Added "paste special" action to script editor and console for pasting R vectors and matrices from spreadsheets
0458 - Fix order of menus for detached windows
0459 - File->Open R Script File now allows to specify the character encoding to use
0460 - Fixed: No entries were added the recent script/workspaces actions after "save as"
0461 - Initialize the output file with an appropriate encoding specification
0462 - Add SVG support to export (graphics) plugin
0463 - Add basic settings format settings for graphics output
0464 - Convert all plugins to use ECMAscript instead of PHP; RKWard no longer depends on PHP
0465 - Fixed: Frequent crashes while running automated plugintests
0466 - Fixed: Filenames without extension would not be shown in file dialogs
0467 - Fixed: Calling "fix(my.fun)" would remove comments
0468 - Fixed: Removing "@CRAN@" from the repositories would break package installation
0470 --- Version 0.5.2 - Oct-26-2009
0471 - Add Stata data file import plugin (by Michael Ash)
0472 - All directly accessible plugins now have at least one automated test
0473 - Add support for the dynamic help server introduced in R 2.10.0
0474 - Assorted minor fixes and improvements to several plugins
0475 - Fix deadlock while handling some Tcl events
0476 - Plugin dialogs close automatically after submitting (by default)
0477 - Fetching object structure is much faster for very large data.frames
0478 - Fix crash when loading certain packages on Windows
0479 - Fix some potential path issues on Windows
0480 - "Analysis" menu was restructured, slightly
0481 - Debug output (previously sent to stderr) is now written to a temporary file
0482 - On plugin help pages, display a link to invoke the plugin
0483 - Tolerate missing libraries in testing framework
0484 - Double-clicking an item in the workspace browser now opens an object viewer, or (if possible) editor
0485 - Safeguard against removal of essential packages via the GUI
0486 - Add context menu action to unload packages in the workspace browser window
0487 - Add shortcut to the load / unload packages dialog also in the workspace menu and the workspace browser context menu
0488 - Make toolbar buttons configurable
0489 - Fixed: Console window would sometimes remain in partially active state after piping commands
0491 --- Version 0.5.1 - Aug-04-2009
0492 - Support compilation on Windows
0493 - Add framework for automated plugin testing, and some first plugin tests
0494 - New command line option "--evaluate <Rcode>" mostly for the purpose of automated testing
0495 - Remove support for R 2.6.x and earlier
0496 - Add basic checks for a correct installation of the RKWard resource files
0497 - Remove "What to expect" dialog at startup
0498 - Make keyboard shorcuts configurable
0499 - Add option to add only single line commands from script editor to the console history
0500 - Add action to change working directory to that of the current script file
0501 - Fixed: No warning was shown, when an open script file was changed on disk, externally
0502 - Fixed: Opening most file types (e.g. PDF) from the help browser was broken
0503 - Fixed: Make built-in editor work again for file.edit ()
0504 - More plugins now write a header to the output window
0505 - Add convenience function "makeHeaderCode()" for use inside plugins
0506 - Adjust some icons
0507 - Plugins can be invoked from R code (mostly for internal purposes)
0508 - Add "Run again" link for plugin generated output
0509 - Fixed: All objects in .Globalenv would be revisited if a single object was added / removed
0510 - Fixed: Screen device in rkward was not seen as interactive by R
0512 --- Version 0.5.0d - May-10-2009
0513 - Fixed: Container of detached windows would sometimes remain after reattaching
0514 - Fixed: Global toolbar style was not honored
0515 - Fixed: Auto-scroll missing in progress dialogs and data editor
0516 - Fix jumping toolbar
0517 - Fixed: Several harmless warnings were silenced
0518 - Fixed: Argument hints would always stay on top regardless of focus
0519 - Fix crash when reaching bottom of command history in context sensitive search
0520 - Fix crash while inserting rows in a data.frame with string variables
0522 --- Version 0.5.0c - Mar-30-2009
0523 - Fix assorted installation problems
0524 - Updated translations: German, Spanish
0525 - Fix immediate crash issue with R 2.9.0 (requires recompilation against R 2.9)
0526 - Fixed some shortcut problems with KDElibs 4.2.x
0527 - Fixed: Several icons would not be loaded
0528 - Fix device window capturing Qt 4.4.3 (possibly other versions were broken as well)
0529 - Fix device window capturing with R 2.8.0
0530 - Extended boxplot plugin
0531 - Support data.frames in barplot plugin
0532 - New set of plugins: Item Response Theory (by Meik Michalke)
0534 --- Version 0.5.0b - Apr-20-2008
0535 - Support compilation with R 2.7
0536 - New plugin: Hodrick-Prescott Filter
0537 - Fix a problem with plugin help pages not loading correctly
0538 - Better resize handling in progress and R input (readline()) dialogs
0539 - Somewhat better handling of the R event loop (esp. when calling "require(not_yet_installed_package)")
0541 --- Version 0.5.0a - Jan-23-2008
0542 - Fixed: no objects were selectable in most varslots
0543 - Compilation: check for minimum kdelibs version during cmake stage
0545 --- Version 0.5.0 - Jan-21-2008
0546 - add support for a focus-follows-mouse activation behavior of the MDI windows (Settings->General)
0547 - ability to mark arbitrary "blocks" in script editor and run them with a shortcut
0548 - make sure that R only handles SIGSEV, when the R thread is active. Should give better backtraces and less hangs
0549 - object viewer was redesigned to use space better, and only fetch the print-representation when needed
0550 - more icons added
0551 - data.frame editor can be set to read-only mode
0552 - code completion in script editor shows icons for the different object types
0553 - settings dialog is now shown in "page tree" mode
0554 - port to KDE 4
0556 ---- KDE 3 versions
0558 --- Version 0.4.9c - Mar-18-2010
0559 - Backport all plugin changes and additions up to RKWard 0.5.2
0560 - Add support for the dynamic help server introduced in R 2.10.0
0561 - Backport some improvements in event handling
0562 - Fix deadlock while handling some Tcl events
0563 - Fix: Warn before saving file that was modified on disk, externally
0564 - Fix: Do not try to open mimetypes other than text/html directly in the help browser.
0565 - Fixed: Screen device in rkward was not seen as interactive by R
0567 --- Version 0.4.9b - May-10-2009
0568 - Workaround: Deactivate all filemanagement shortcuts in the File Browser. These would sometimes trigger when they should not.
0569 - Fix crash while inserting rows in a data.frame with string variables
0570 - Fix immediate crash issue with R 2.9.0 (requires recompilation against R 2.9)
0571 - Fix device window capturing with R 2.8.0
0572 - Extended boxplot plugin
0573 - Support data.frames in barplot plugin
0574 - New set of plugins: Item Response Theory (by Meik Michalke)
0576 --- Version 0.4.9a - Apr-20-2008
0577 - Support from compilation with R 2.7
0578 - New plugin: Hodrick-Prescott Filter
0579 - Fixed some lockups during startup
0581 --- Version 0.4.9 - Jan-14-2008
0582 - Improved user interface for CSV import plugin
0583 - Support drawing grids in histogram and stripchart plots
0584 - New plugin: Levene test
0585 - New plugin: Jarque-Bera test (by Germán Márquez Mejía)
0586 - Fixed: Crosstabs plugin produces better output
0587 - Fixed: use.value.labels option was wrong in SPSS import plugin
0588 - Fixed: SPSS tables would only be imported to the workspace, when the edit option was checked
0589 - Fixed: correct installation of rkward.desktop file
0590 - Use the KDE default fixed spacing font for command log and object viewer
0592 --- Version 0.4.8a - Nov-11-2007
0593 - More reliable C stack limit detection on some systems
0594 - Fixed: Console accepted pasted input while a command is running
0595 - Fixed: Analysis->Moments->Moment plugin did not use the order-parameter
0596 - Fixed: Crash on simple assignments in globalenv() with R < 2.4.0
0597 - Fixed: Meta information (labels) did not get shown correctly in the data editor
0598 - Add command line option "--debugger" for debugging purposes
0599 - Fixed: Pressing the add button in a varslot with no object selected could crash RKWard
0601 --- Version 0.4.8 - Oct-03-2007
0602 - New plugins: pie chart, dot chart, crosstabulation, two time-series tests, and basic linear regression
0603 - barplot plugin allow specification of custom labels
0604 - commands run through the console from the script editor will now be added to the command history (this can be turned off in the settings)
0605 - fixed: promise objects (created by delayedAssign()) directly in globalenv() would be forced early
0606 - make wrapper script work, when konsole is not installed
0607 - correct syntax highlighting for ::: and NA_integer_ and others
0608 - silence some GCC 4.2 warnings
0609 - fixed: crash when editing a data.frame with logicals (logicals are still mishandled, but less severe)
0610 - fixed: would not work with R 2.6
0611 - new translation: Simplified Chinese (contributed by Roy Qu)
0612 - more compilation fixes for GCC 4.3
0613 - object viewer also shows summary information, gains an update button, and MDI integration
0614 - CLT plugins allow drawing grid
0615 - add max.print option to R-Backend settings dialog
0616 - syntax highlighting is minimally faster for long outputs
0617 - graphics export plugin gains option for EPS compatibility
0618 - fixed: inserting / removing rows in the data editor in the presence of invalid fields in later rows would lead to a crash
0619 - fix some internal problems with enabledness/disabledness of plugin components
0620 - some complex plotting plugins now start up noticeably faster
0621 - fixed: sometimes detecting created X11() windows would fail, esp. under high load
0622 - create the workspace browser only when it is first shown
0623 - support for including files and snippets in xml files
0624 - all file selection line edits gain filename-completion
0625 - add a basic file selector window
0626 - show the focus indication (thin red border) also for detached windows
0627 - tool windows can be closed and detached in the same way as regular windows
0628 - fix a crash with detached tool windows
0629 - add command line option --disable-stack-check for systems where R C stack checking is buggy
0630 - the modifier "not" for boolean properties returns a (negated) boolean sub-propery instead of just a string
0631 - add possibility to blacklist packages from fetching structure information. Package GO is blacklisted by default.
0632 - when fetching the structure of "promise" R objects, don't keep them in memory
0633 - optimize the function to retrieve the structure of R objects (for display in the object browser, and completion)
0634 - Messages, warnings, and errors for plugin commands are shown in the output, instead of in a dialog
0636 --- Version 0.4.7a - May-07-2007
0637 - add sanity check for the detected stack limits
0638 - fixed: one some systems rkward would crash or not compile due to missing fortran symbols
0639 - fixed: starting the scatterplot plugin in wizard mode would crash rkward
0640 - tab-completion in the console will do partial completion, if all potential completions have a common start
0641 - fixed: file-name completion would always assume the home directory as the current directory
0642 - update turkish translation
0643 - compilation fix for FreeBSD (thanks to Thierry Thomas)
0644 - fixed: when executing commands line by line from the script editor, line breaks would be omitted
0646 --- Version 0.4.7 - Apr-11-2007
0647 - some fixes for GCC 4.3
0648 - fixed: the presence of user objects called "missing", "assign", or "get" would confuse some RKWard internals
0649 - several existing plugins have been improved in various ways
0650 - use maximum permissible width in the object viewer
0651 - fix a crash that occurred during startup under some circumstances
0652 - when flushing the output, also delete all graphs
0653 - add support for a "technical details" section in plugin help files
0654 - add option to enable / disable single options of a radio or dropdown control in plugins
0655 - t-test plugin now also allows to calculate a paired test
0656 - show current working directory in the statusbar
0657 - add run selection action to all HTML windows
0658 - add custom icons for run line/selection/all
0659 - make sure not to run parts of an incomplete user command. It would lead to all sorts of subtle problems
0660 - if an incomplete command was piped through the console, the console does not become blocked for piping
0661 - make "run current line" advance the cursor to next line after running
0662 - warnings and errors are highlighted in command log / console (warnings only for R >= 2.5.x)
0663 - plugin generated commands are run in a local() environment, allowing for more concise code
0664 - also support filename completion in the console (mode of completion is determined by heuristic means)
0665 - initial support for R's Sys.setlocale(), and encoding of CHARSXPs
0666 - in help files, a short title for sections (for the navigation bar) can be defined
0667 - the currently active window is now highlighted using a thin red border
0668 - fixed: changing the type of a column in the data editor was broken
0669 - fixed: quitting while a plugin was still active would sometimes crash rkward
0670 - new shortcuts for window navigation: next/previous window, activate console, activate command log, etc.
0671 - new functions rk.describe.alternative () and rk.print.literal () for use in plugins
0672 - new plugin: Phillips-Perron test
0673 - new plugin: Mood test
0674 - new plugins: CLT plots for most distributions
0675 - new plugins: variance tests (F test (var.test), Bartlett test, Fligner test)
0676 - new plugin: generic plot
0677 - new plugin: Add grid to plot
0678 - new plugin: pareto chart
0679 - new plugin: stem-and-leaf plot
0680 - make readline dialog store last size and position
0681 - new plugins: outlier tests (chisq.out.test, dixon.test, grubbs.test, outlier)
0682 - support R's mechanism for checking the C stack limits (only with R 2.3.x or greater, and not on all platforms)
0683 - new plugins: support of all tests from moments package
0684 - several new help pages
0685 - better error handling in PHP backend
0686 - fixed: depending on some buffer sizes, plugins could get stuck while generating code
0687 - fixed: plugin browser type="dir" would not work correctly
0688 - import SPSS and import CSV plugins gain option to open object for editing, automatically (checked by default)
0689 - warn when opening very large objects (with more than 250000 fields; this limit is configurable)
0690 - add a "copy" tag to facilitate writing plugins with both dialog and wizard interfaces
0691 - fixed: graph previews would stop working when the interface is switched from dialog to wizard or vice versa
0692 - new options for plugin dialogs: Configure whether code display is shown by default, and at what size
0694 --- Version 0.4.6 - Feb-15-2007
0695 - make sure any LC_ALL environment setting will not be applied by SCIM plugin (if installed on the system)
0696 - fix crash after changing storage type of an object in the data editor
0697 - single line input fields in plugins no longer accept new-lines
0698 - support for calculating p-values in correlation matrix plugin
0699 - fixed: pressing F8 in the console would remove input focus from the console
0700 - pressing tab changes focus while in a single line text input field
0701 - fix several small problems with detached windows
0702 - fix a problem with keeping the list of objects up to date
0703 - improvements to spinbox: step size is adjusted dynamically, and no arbitrary limits in real mode
0704 - fixed problem with specifying y axis limits in several plugins
0705 - simplified CSV import plugin
0706 - new plugin: import SPSS files
0707 - new documentation pages: console
0708 - various improvements to existing distribution and distribution plot plugins
0709 - new plugins: distribution plots: beta, binomial, cauchy, exponential, gamma, geometric, hypergeometric,
0710                 logistics, lognormal, negative binomail, tukey, uniform, weibull, wilcoxon
0711 - fixed: installing packages as root would not work, when $R_HOME is not defined
0712 - new plugin element to select name of an R object to save to
0713 - new plugin: Ansari-Bradley two-sample test
0714 - place internal objects .rk.rkreply and .rk.available.packages.cache into rkward package environment
0715 - support for preview functionality in graphing plugins
0716 - new plugin: barplot
0717 - new plugin: export contents of an X11 device to several different file formats
0718 - plugins can now be context sensitive (e.g. work on a particular x11 device)
0719 - new plugin: Wilcoxon Rank Sum test and Wilcoxon Exact Rank Sum test
0720 - new plugin: scatterplot matrix
0721 - new plugin: correlation matrix plot
0722 - safer destruction of R backend on quitting
0723 - fix compilation for the upcoming R 2.5.0
0724 - show full error message for syntax errors (only if compiled with R 2.4.0 or newer)
0725 - more correct auto-printing of values for user commands (only if compiled with R 2.4.0 or newer)
0726 - more correct handling of user commands consisting of several statements (only if compiled with R 2.4.0 or newer)
0727 - add ability to search command history context sensitively
0728 - add possibility to use dropdown lists in plugins
0730 --- Version 0.4.5 - Jan-21-2007
0731 - change shortcuts for Open/Save Workspace to Ctrl+Shift+O/S to avoid clash with Open/Save Script File
0732 - remove "Configure Packages" option from Workspace menu, as it is also in Settings menu
0733 - fixed: non-local workspaces would not be loaded
0734 - fixed: specifying a workspace to load on the command line would only work for full urls
0735 - new Console RMB actions: "copy selection cleaned" and "run selection"
0736 - added a basic help system, and some introductory help pages
0737 - added plugin for skewness and kurtosis
0738 - added several plugins for distribution analysis
0739 - added plugins for stripchart & density plot
0740 - enhancements to existing plot plugins
0741 - added refresh output and flush output as toolbar actions
0742 - removed the "output" menu; entries were moved to "Edit" and "View"
0743 - always show all top level menus
0744 - code generated for most plugins cleaned and simplified
0745 - new function rk.results () for use in plugins
0746 - fix: the output window would not refresh changed plot images (unless closed and reopened)
0747 - fix several minor issues as identified by the "krazy" source code checker
0748 - allow varslots to request objects of specified dimensionality and length
0749 - fixed: integer spinboxes with starting values greater than 1 would get unreasonable change steps
0750 - fix compilation with some versions of KDE / GCC
0751 - small improvements to syntax highlighting definition
0752 - in console, make cursor go to empty next line after pressing enter, before there is output (more like in the real console)
0753 - add "run selection" option to command log
0754 - script editor commands are piped through the console (by default; this is configurable)
0755 - assorted cleanups
0757 --- Version 0.4.2 - Dec-04-2006
0758 - code generated by scatterplot plugin is simplified somewhat
0759 - add comment headers to the sections of commands produced by plugins
0760 - if a user command results in the output html file to be modified, auto-refresh output
0761 - add RMB menu to script editor windows
0762 - add options "clear" and "configure" in the console RMB menu, and the command log RMB menu
0763 - add option to save workplace layout not per workspace, but at the end of the session
0764 - add options ("printcmd") to settings
0765 - fix help menu for detached windows
0766 - R X11 device windows are now managed by rkward, with the following initial features:
0767 - R X11 device windows: attach to / detach from workplace (they start detached)
0768 - R X11 device windows: toggle between normal resize mode and (settable) fixed size with scrollbars
0769 - R X11 device windows: menu options to copy / print / duplicate / save / activate devices
0770 - fixed: selecting Window->Close in a detached window would only close the internal view, not the window
0771 - when detaching a window, give it a more reasonable size
0772 - do not open the same script url twice (instead the corresponding window is raised on the second attempt)
0773 - fixed: when closing a detached script editor window, you would not be asked to save changes (if any)
0774 - fixed: occasional crash when re-attaching a script editor window
0775 - new translations: Greek, Catalan
0776 - updated translations: German, French
0777 - added basic plot facility for ECDF (Empirical Cumulative Distribution Function) (menu plots)
0778 - added ptukey and qtukey (Studentized Range Distribution (Tukey)) (menu distributions)
0779 - spelling corrections in distributions menu
0780 - reorganized "Descriptive Statistics" plugin to use tabs for better usability
0781 - added constant for mad in descriptive statistics plugin
0782 - fix bug in rk.get.label ()
0783 - in script editor, do not provide symbol name completion while in comments
0784 - properly support active bindings in globalenv ()
0785 - if not started in a tty, spawn a konsole. R will go into non-interactive mode otherwise
0787 --- Version 0.4.1 - Nov-05-2006
0788 - allow specification of title/subtitle in plot options plugin (currently used by boxplot, and histogram)
0789 - fix bug in beta probabilities plugin
0790 - fix (some?) compilation problems with KDE 3.2
0791 - when packages have been newly installed, show them in the load / unload packages tab immediately
0792 - fix to plugin input lines sizing, and visibility of scrollbars
0793 - on startup, show window maximized if no size stored (i.e. very first startup)
0794 - prevent infinite recursion when parsing structure of environments
0795 - fix for compilation on 64bit architectures
0796 - remove misleading "About KDE" dialog, and replace report Bug dialog with correct information
0797 - don't crash when closing a detached window
0798 - function argument hinting in the console and script editor
0799 - as you type completion of R symbol names in the script editor
0800 - tab completion of R symbol names in the console
0801 - added R function rk.edit (x) to open object x for editing in rkward
0802 - fixed: an empty table created before the object list was updated (esp. at startup) would be thought to have been removed in the workspace
0803 - object data changed in the console (or by other means) is updated to the editor automatically, if the object is opened for editing
0804 - fixed: back / forward buttons would sometimes remain after closing a help window
0805 - fix some focus problems
0806 - provide close buttons in tab bar
0808 --- Version 0.4.0 - Oct-17-2006
0809 - many new distribution plugins
0810 - all distribution plugins now use a free-text field, allowing you to enter a vector of probabilties / quantiles
0811 - another fix to cancelling during readline () calls
0812 - invalid values are stored in a separate attribute instead of changing the storage mode back and forth
0813 - storage mode for RKWard meta data was changed
0814 - RMB option to search help on objects from packages in object browser
0815 - show tooltip information on objects in object browser
0816 - do not crash on call to "browser ()"
0817 - the object browser is updated automatically when needed
0818 - allow some more configuration in object browser
0819 - include all package environments in object list
0820 - use more efficient data passing to synchronize object list
0821 - add (ugly) items for functions and lists to object browser
0822 - internal cleanups (partially to make porting to KDE4/Qt4 easier)
0823 - when saving/loading the workspace, save / restore all windows (not just data editors)
0824 - remember workspace url after save as
0825 - fix a long standing (but hard to trigger) crash while closing data editor window
0826 - fix "Open R Script File" filename ending filter
0827 - add mismatching brace detection to syntax highlighting
0828 - yet another crash on more than 100 rows bug fixed
0829 - RKWard should now be fully UTF-8 aware. All characters are passed to and from R reliably
0831 --- Version 0.3.7 - Sep-17-2006
0832 - added Turkish translation
0833 - avoid lockups when cancelling a readline ()
0834 - show output context (if any) when the backend asks for input via readline ()
0835 - link against libRblas.so if it is found in the R libs dir (needed for some compiles of R 2.4.0)
0836 - remove whitespace from start and end of plugin generated commands and do not evaluate empty commands
0837 - do not raise the command log more than once for a given command producing continuous output
0838 - small improvements to command history in console
0839 - deal better with commands producing large amounts of output
0840 - small fixes in several plugins
0841 - package installation/update: semi-automate package installation in response to "require ()" calls
0842 - package installation/update: the online list of available packages is cached up to one hour (and only as long as the relevant options are unchanged)
0843 - package installation/update: give better progress indication
0844 - package installation/update: package dependencies are handled correctly when installating new packages
0845 - package installation/update: packages can be installed to custom library locations
0846 - fix spurious line breaks in output in command log and console
0847 - Improved syntax highlighting defintion including code folding
0848 - fix compilation with GCC 4.1
0849 - don't crash on more than 100 rows of data in the editor (off by 2 bug in storage allocation)
0850 - correctly initialize the internal NaN representation (would sometimes be initialized to 0, resulting in 0s not to be shown in the editor)
0851 - engine status bar label ("R engine busy/idle") now changes background color according to state
0852 - honor DESTDIR setting while installing rkward R package, and add configure option --with-r-libdir
0853 - only link against -lRlapack, if that is available
0854 - commands producing lots of output would sometimes be impossible to interrupt. Fixed
0855 - show command output immediately in command log
0856 - remember location where R script/workspace files were last opened, and start file-selection dialogs there
0857 - sometimes the last level in the factor levels editor got lost. Fixed
0859 --- Version 0.3.6 - Apr-23-2006
0860 - several fixes to the distributions plugins
0861 - remove debian dir from source distribution again
0862 - remove one level of menu nesting for save/load R Objects plugins
0863 - check for and handle some strange R parse errors that could crash rkward
0864 - make Ctrl+C copy work in the code window of plugins
0865 - use KDE standard icons in object lists (need to be replaced by customized icons in the long run)
0866 - don't try to show higher numeric precision than is actually available
0867 - fix bug in scatterplot plugin
0868 - remove configure options --with-r-share and --with-r-doc (obsoleted by improved wrapper script)
0869 - allow deletion of several rows at once in the data.frame editor and fix some bugs regarding deletion of rows
0870 - prevent R-Object listviews (Varselector, Workspace Browser) from growing excessively wide
0871 - make Ctrl+V work in the console
0872 - middle mouse pastes selection, not global clipboard in the console, as expected
0873 - clean up output of require (quietly=FALSE)
0874 - some fixes for R 2.3.0
0875 - pressing Cancel in readline ("R backend requests information") dialog interrupts the command
0876 - process R X11 events while modal dialogs (such as "R backend requests information") are shown
0877 - allow empty input in readline ("R backend requests information") dialog
0878 - make Ctrl+C/copy work in output and help windows
0880 --- Version 0.3.5 - Apr-16-2006
0881 - give back focus to the script editor after running line/selection/all
0882 - reworded exit dialog box
0883 - show info message, if retrieving context help fails
0884 - pressing Ctrl+C in the console resets a partial command, if any
0885 - added syntax highlighting in the console
0886 - configure: if not overriden, and $KDEDIR is not set, assume --prefix=`kde-config --prefix` instead of /usr/local/kde/
0887 - remove some GUI clutter for Script File editor
0888 - rename "Command File" to "Script File"
0889 - rename "Command Stack" window to "Pending Jobs"
0890 - backspace or del clear cells in data.frame editor
0891 - reworked factor levels editor
0892 - in trailing rows/columns of the data.frame editor, change background color, when selected
0893 - explicitely set LC_NUMERIC to "C" at startup. R does not work correctly with other settings of LC_NUMERIC
0894 - many new plugins by Stefan Roediger
0895 - clean up R temporary files on shutdown
0896 - when switching between dialog and wizard interfaces, GUI settings are copied
0897 - fix crash with objects with quotes in their names
0898 - add options to show help-search and R help index to Help menu
0899 - complete rework of plugins code
0900 - plugins can embed other plugins
0901 - code display (for plugins) gets updated reliably
0902 - avoid leftover PHP processes if rkward crashes or gets killed
0903 - autodetection of R_HOME and related variables during configure
0904 - fix status bar
0905 - handle non-existing and non-local URLs (links) in help window
0906 - use a shell wrapper around rkward to do some setup just like R. This should fix a number of minor quirks
0907 - configure: use single configure option for location of R_HOME, and add check for libR.so
0908 - yet more code cleanups
0909 - keep main window caption up to date
0910 - update tab caption for command editor if filename changes (i.e. saved as)
0911 - indicate if a document in a command editor is modified (unsaved)
0913 --- Version 0.3.4 - Nov-08-2005
0914 - assorted bugfixes
0915 - include debian-dir in source distribution
0916 - real time display of command output in the console
0917 - automatically scroll command log to the bottom when new lines are added
0918 - less verbose output in command log (removed "issuing command", etc.)
0919 - use KXMLGUI for placing plugins in the menu (mostly an internal change, but menu placement should remain sane, when active window changes, now)
0920 - help-, output-, and editor-views can be detached to separate windows
0921 - allow to bypass startup dialog
0922 - back/forward navigation in help pages
0923 - can print help pages and output
0924 - better handling of errors while installing packages
0925 - limit number of lines to display in console and command log (user setting)
0926 - remove menu clutter from help window, and output window
0927 - avoid adding incomplete (multi-line) Console commands to the Command Log
0928 - Settings->Command Log->show/raise window working again
0929 - allow loading/saving of command history (console commands)
0930 - add (meaningful) context menu for console
0931 - allow interrupting current command running in the console via Ctrl+C
0932 - add "Command stack" window for advanced control of R backend (cancel commands, pause chain, view stack)
0933 - modifiy rkward.desktop to always start rkward in a terminal. The backend sometimes behaves strangely, if this is not done.
0934 - use available.packages instead of CRAN.packages (deprecated in R 2.2.0)
0935 - fix installation of standard_plugins.pluginmap
0936 - allow configuration of many R options in Settings->R backend
0937 - updated French translation
0938 - make "up"-button work in R-backend repository settings
0939 - more code cleanups
0941 --- Version 0.3.3 - Oct-06-2005
0942 - honor debug-level setting everywhere
0943 - reworked handling of output from R (no more file-sinks)
0944 - fix display of warning messages (behavior does not match plain R, yet, but is mostly sane)
0945 - option to change list of package repositories
0946 - option to archive downloaded packages
0947 - assorted bugfixes
0948 - provide context/function help for the console
0949 - output-window has been switched to KPart-infrastructure
0950 - command-editor has been switched to KPart-infrastructure completely
0951 - data-editor uses KPart-infrastructure (better integration)
0952 - override standard callbacks used by R for ReadConsole, ShowFiles, EditFile(s), ChooseFile, Suicide, CleanUp. No more reliance on stdin
0953 - some cleanups of dead code
0954 - plugins can now be placed in different menus
0955 - keep list of components/plugins and menu-hierarchy in (few) .pluginmap files instead of parsing directory structure
0956 - improved handling of tcltk windows
0957 - new icon
0958 - decrease default debug level
0959 - don't crash when objects change their type from vector to list/data.frame, etc.
0960 - graph-creation no longer relies on (removable) R objects (can graph after loading a workspace)
0962 --- Version 0.3.2 - Apr-27-2005
0963 - overloaded require works properly with character.only=FALSE
0964 - several API documentation improvement
0965 - hidden objects get shown/hidden according to configuration setting
0966 - settings dialog honors KDE-button order
0967 - R's x11 windows now handle their events (x11-device is now usable)
0968 - fixed bug in the output (no update on empty output)
0969 - paste in the console is properly handled
0970 - r console and command log divorced
0971 - console can handle incomplete statements (allowing multi-line input)
0972 - fixed silly crash on incomplete statements
0973 - updated spanish translation
0974 - new plugin (graph)
0975 - reworked the interface to use kparts properly
0977 --- Version 0.3.1 - Mar-26-2005
0978 - added the possibility to unable widget in plugins.
0979 - added a new plugin (basic statistics)
0980 - added icons in the object browser
0981 - using IDEAI dock mode style
0982 - new, console-like widget to enter commands manually.
0983 - added a class to show html help in an mdi child
0984 - added a new dock to search R help
0985 - many changes in labels
0986 - fixed: bug that prevented RKWard to build on some systems
0987 - added R functions to show graphs in the html output and to print objects (using E. Lecoutre's R2HTML)
0988 - use a KHTML part to show output (instead of the qt widget)
0990 --- Version 0.3.0 - Nov-12-2004
0991 - added french and italian translations
0992 - added toolbars and some icons
0993 - some small i18n fixes
0994 - rework of user interface (now using KMDI and IDEAl mode)
0995 - compilation fix for R 2.0
0996 - added basic per variable formatting options in the data editor (alignment, precision)
0997 - fixed: cell last edited did not react to single mouse click
0998 - fixed: switched to line below after a new row was automatically added
0999 - fixed: cursor right did not move to next cell when editing last (active) column
1000 - while editing, tab-key moves to next cell
1002 --- Version 0.2.9 - Sep-22-2004
1003 - use KDialog::marginHint () and KDialog::spacingHint () in plugins
1004 - fixed a crash in the formula widget
1005 - converted plugin element to QWidgets (in preparation for more extensive rework of plugin elements)
1006 - almost complete rework of data editor
1007 - added edit support for factors
1008 - added support for editing factor levels
1009 - data editor stores data more efficiently
1010 - renaming columns in a data.frame does not change their position in the frame
1011 - recursively remove children of removed objects (fixes one of probably many memory leaks)
1012 - wait for backend-thread to terminate on exit. Avoids crashes when closing RKWard
1013 - do not crash if loading the "rkward" R package fails, but rather display a nice error-message
1015 --- Version 0.2.8 - Sep-09-2004
1016 - override for require () to show install-packages dialog, if required package is not installed.
1017 - Dialog to load/unload packages, update and install packages from CRAN
1018 - added capability to cancel commands (not properly integrated in the GUI, yet)
1019 - basic name checking for objects added or renamed by the user
1020 - remove uneccessary blank are below menu in R-Console window
1021 - fix R process busy/idle display
1022 - show error message if loading workspace fails
1023 - do not ask for save, if workspace is empty
1024 - results of user-commands get printed if not invisible (i.e. just like in a regular R session)
1025 - provide at least basic feedback on syntax errors
1026 - added communication channel from R-backend to RKWard. Initial features:
1027         - checking for errors setting up the connection
1028         - simple rk.sync for synchronisation of objects modified in the R workspace
1029         - rk.get.tempfile.name for generation of a suitable temporary file (e.g. for storing images)
1030         - allows for in-place execution of commands or scheduling of commands in the regular stack
1031 - auto addition of rows/columns when typing on last row/column
1032 - allow deletion of rows without losing meta-data
1034 --- Version 0.2.7 - Sep-02-2004
1035 - several compilation fixes for KDE/Qt < 3.2.x (and maybe some new ones were introduced?)
1036 - slight reorganization of menus
1037 - added menu option to close all editor windows
1038 - some improvements in the editing behavior for the table. Some quirks still present
1039 - renamed windows
1040 - fixed some typos
1041 - set initial minimum sizes for object browser and object viewer windows
1042 - don't show all windows on startup
1043 - ask whether to save current workspace before loading a new one
1044 - added command-line option to set, which components to show debug-messages for
1045 - added option(s) to show/raise watch-window when new commands get displayed
1046 - formula-widget handles multiple table situation correctly
1047 - RKVarselector and RKObjectBrowser use a common base class for the list view
1048 - RKVarselector and dependent widgets get updated when objects get added/removed/modified
1049 - prevent conversion to factors when creating data.frames for now
1050 - variables can be added/removed correctly in the data.frame editor. Those changes are propagated to the RObjectBrowser automatically
1051 - synchronisation from the GUI to the R-workspace is done immediately
1052 - added ability to spawn separate command-editor window(s) with load/save/print/etc.
1053 - command-editor part in the watch-window keeps keyboard focus (most of the time)
1055 --- Version 0.2.6a - Aug-30-2004
1056 - synchronize edited objects before "View"ing them
1057 - fix small typo
1058 - quick-and-dirty fix for problem with objects in a new table (e.g. "my.data") never getting synced
1060 --- Version 0.2.6 - Aug-29-2004
1061 - added error-handling to workspace saving
1062 - ask whether to save workspace on application quit
1063 - added menu-entries to clear output-window and watch-log
1064 - don't duplicate menu-entries when plugins get re-scanned
1065 - place "Analyse"-menu left of help-menu
1066 - converted plugins to rely entirely on R for formatting, i.e. the printout ()-section contains pure R-code only
1067 - wizard-interface is set as default for plugins
1068 - added access to kate-config dialog in the command-editor part of the interface watch
1069 - added configuration settings for which types of commands to show in the interface watch
1070 - added a nice startup-dialog instead of creating an emtpy table unconditionally
1071 - limit size of upper-half in the data.frame editor
1072 - added convenience R-library: used to streamline communication with R
1073 - fix against data being synced over and over again
1075 --- Version 0.2.5 - Aug-24-2004 ---
1076 - added simple viewer for R-objects
1077 - added simple browser for objects in the R-workspace
1078 - allow deletion of columns/objects (finally)
1079 - allow editing and using several objects/tables
1080 - added command-line parameter "debug-level"
1081 - interpret command-line parameter "file"
1082 - save and restore size of the main window correctly
1083 - use internal representation of object-tree in the R-workspace
1084 - store meta-information (labels, etc.) as R-attributes
1085 - keep track of whether the windows (watch, output) are open
1086 - new method of access to objects in R: getIntVector
1087 - use some "global" static pointers instead of passing them around (e.g. for the r-interface)
1088 - reorganized sources: now using subdirectories for most components
1090 --- Version 0.2.2 - Aug-15-2004 ---
1091 - added an improved kate syntax-highlighting definition for R
1092 - output-formatting is done in R instead of PHP
1093 - added a formula widget for use in plugins (not entirely finished, yet)
1094 - fixed some small compilation problems
1095 - added spinbox widget for use in plugins
1096 - use coloring for "unsatisfied" plugin widgets instead of the "Problems" display
1097 - added support for wizard-like plugins
1098 - same plugin can be opened several times at once
1099 - use katepart for plugin code view, too
1101 --- Version 0.2.1 - Aug-08-2004 ---
1102 - added "don't show again" setting to initial warning
1103 - added correlation matrix plugin
1104 - ask for R_HOME-setting if not availalbe at startup
1105 - allow direct (read) access of vectors in R
1106 - support for selection of multiple variables at once
1107 - use a katepart as the command-editor (provides basic syntax-highlighting)
1108 - plugins can use a tabbook-layout
1109 - display status of R-process in the statusbar
1110 - R-backend allows chains of commands that are guaranteed to be run without other intermitting commands
1111 - run R in a separate thread
1113 --- Version 0.2.0 - Aug-01-2004 ---
1114 - Use a PHP-backend for the plugins
1115 - Run R embedded (currently synchronous)
1116 - Some changes in plugin-creation
1117 - Use pretty HTML-output
1118 - got rid of ui-files
1119 - added descriptive statistics plugin
1120 - lots of small changes I didn't document properly
1122 --- Version 0.1.0 - Nov-19-2002 ---
1123 - Initial features:
1124 - A simple backend-interface communicating with R via stdin/stdout
1125 - Asynchronous command stack
1126 - A simple window for watching communication with R
1127 - Ability to issue commands manually
1128 - Editor window including meta information on the variables
1129 - Copy-and-Paste with some quirks
1130 - highlighting of invalid data
1131 - load/save of R-workspace (load only works for RKWard data)
1132 - Automatic generation of menu-structure and plugin-dialogs from XML-files
1133 - Supported plugin widgets: textfield, variable-selector, variable-slot, radiobuttons
1134 - independent samples t-test plugin