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0001 The online version of this example can be found at
0002 https://techbase.kde.org/Marble/Routing/BasicRouting
0004 The Marble library 0.13 and later (KDE 4.8, Marble 1.3) has an API to calculate 
0005 and manage routes. Let's start with a brief overview of the important classes 
0006 and their interaction. The class RouteRequest holds parameters that are 
0007 constraints for the route to be calculated: Start and destination, optional via 
0008 points and further parameters (e.g. transport type). The RoutingManager passes 
0009 such a request to backends (routing plugins) that calculate possible routes 
0010 from it. The best route is chosen and displayed in a special layer in the 
0011 MarbleWidget. Additionally you can access the route data via the RoutingModel. 
0012 This model can be passed directly to e.g. a QListView to show the turn 
0013 instructions, but also exposes further data like the waypoints of the route via 
0014 the Route class. This one consists of a set of RouteSegment instances, each 
0015 representing a number of waypoints and an optional turn instruction (Maneuver) 
0016 at the end.