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0001 Each subfolder contains a simple example C++ application that does a certain 
0002 task. See the Readme.txt in each subfolder for a description and further 
0003 information to each example.
0005 All examples consist of a main.cpp and can be built with cmake when both Qt and 
0006 Marble development packages are installed. A compiled version of Marble can be 
0007 used as well. To compile and run an example with Qt and Marble installed in the 
0008 system, follow this example:
0010 cd hello-marble
0011 cmake .
0012 make
0013 ./hello-marble
0015 You can also use a local Marble version like this:
0017 cd hello-marble
0018 cmake -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=~/marble/export .
0019 make
0020 ./hello-marble
0022 In the second example Marble is assumed to be installed to ~/marble/export.