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0002 Global Associates, Ltd. provides quality technological and engineering
0003 design services, along with extensive development expertise, to
0004 government and corporate clients.  Global's team of professionals offers
0005 first-rate talent, comprehensive technical and management experience,
0006 and the highest standards of technical integrity to best meet customer
0007 requirements.  Located in Arlington, Virginia, Global is within minutes
0008 of major corporations and federal agencies.
0010 Global draws upon the disciplines of scientific reasoning, technical
0011 analysis, computer simulation, and management implementation to develop
0012 effective solutions to diverse technical challenges.
0014 Global's professional team has first-hand experience in a broad range of
0015 areas facing today's managers and technical staff including:
0017         -  Acoustics Engineering
0018         -  Artificial Intelligence
0019         -  Simulation and Modeling
0020         -  Combat System Design
0021         -  Unmanned Underwater Vehicles
0022         -  Submarine Self-Defense Systems
0023         -  Operations Analysis
0025 Global's success is based on the ability to effectively address program
0026 goals, consistently meet exacting performance requirements, and deliver
0027 quality products and services such as:
0029         -  Models of Sensors, Systems, and Platforms
0030         -  Simulation of Operational Engagements from One-on-One
0031            to Theater Level Campaigns
0032         -  Algorithms to Implement Unique Solutions to Naval Combat
0033            Systems Problems
0034         -  Designs and Architectures (Options) for New Submarine
0035            and Antisubmarine Warfare Systems and Platforms
0036         -  Technology Assessments in ASW, Submarine, and Underwater
0037            Technology
0039 Global Associates can be reached at (703) 714-1800 or visit our World Wide
0040 Web home page at http://www.globalus.com