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0001 <chapter id="translators">
0002 <title>Translator's Guide to &kturtle;</title>
0003 <para>As you probably already know &kturtle;'s programming language, &turtlescript;, allows to be translated. This takes away a barrier for some, especially younger students, on their effort to understand the basics of programming.</para>
0004 <para>When translating &kturtle; to a new language you will find, in addition to the &GUI; strings, the programming commands, the examples and the error messages are included in the standard <filename class="extension">.pot</filename> files as used for translation in &kde;. Everything is translated using the regular translation method found in &kde;, yet you are strongly advised to learn a little on how to translate these (as you will also read in the translator comments).</para>
0005 <para>Please look at <ulink
0006 url="https://edu.kde.org/kturtle/translation.php">https://edu.kde.org/kturtle/translation.php</ulink> for more information about the translation process. Thanks a lot for your work! &kturtle; depends heavily on its translations.</para>
0007 </chapter>