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0001 <?xml version="1.0"?>
0002 <course>
0003  <id>{50314fdd-b4b6-4ddb-8c29-c5add4c75696}</id>
0004  <title>Dvorak (US) - ABCD</title>
0005  <description>This ktouch course is taken from Dan Wood's
0006 A Basic Course in Dvorac (ABCD)
0007 Available at http://www.gigliwood.com/abcd/abcd.html
0008 </description>
0009  <keyboardLayout>us(dvorak)</keyboardLayout>
0010  <lessons>
0011   <lesson>
0012    <id>{9af7eaba-ff46-4002-96c0-be6170633ea4}</id>
0013    <title>Lesson 1</title>
0014    <newCharacters>uh</newCharacters>
0015    <text>uuuu hhhh uuuu hhhh uuuu hhhh uuuu hhhh
0016 uuuu hhhh uuuu hhhh uuuu hhhh uuuu hhhh
0017 uh uh uh uh
0018 hu hu hu hu
0019 huh huh huh huh
0020 uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh
0021 h u uh hu uhh huh uhh
0022 h u uh hu uhh huh uhh</text>
0023   </lesson>
0024   <lesson>
0025    <id>{a406d6cf-9ad9-4e6f-8e1c-346cf90ce2cb}</id>
0026    <title>Lesson 2</title>
0027    <newCharacters>et</newCharacters>
0028    <text>eeee tttt eeee tttt eeee tttt eeee tttt
0029 eeee tttt eeee tttt eeee tttt eeee tttt
0030 et et et et
0031 tee tee tee tee
0032 tete tete tete tete
0033 eet eet eet eet
0034 t e et te teet tee teet tete et
0035 t e et te teet tee teet tete et</text>
0036   </lesson>
0037   <lesson>
0038    <id>{4cd04f46-eda9-4a12-a6f6-6d0649ea926d}</id>
0039    <title>Lesson 3</title>
0040    <newCharacters>ethu</newCharacters>
0041    <text>eeee hhhh tttt uuuu
0042 eeee hhhh tttt uuuu
0043 eeee hhhh tttt uuuu
0044 hue hue hue hue tutu tutu tutu tutu the the the the he he he
0045 teeth teeth teeth teeth hut hut hut hut
0046 thee thee thee thee tutu tutu tutu tutu
0047 eh he hue hut teeth teethe the thee tutu
0048 eh he hue hut teeth teethe the thee tutu</text>
0049   </lesson>
0050   <lesson>
0051    <id>{d8793a7f-0380-467d-a8c1-cca32d4fe995}</id>
0052    <title>Lesson 4</title>
0053    <newCharacters>on</newCharacters>
0054    <text>oooo nnnn oooo nnnn oooo nnnn oooo nnnn
0055 oooo nnnn oooo nnnn oooo nnnn oooo nnnn
0056 no no no no
0057 on on on on
0058 non non non non
0059 noon noon noon noon
0060 ono ono ono ono
0061 no non noon on noo ono
0062 no non noon on noo ono</text>
0063   </lesson>
0064   <lesson>
0065    <id>{49485f91-21f2-4a52-bdc8-1cb97f6a4f47}</id>
0066    <title>Lesson 5</title>
0067    <newCharacters>onOTNHEU</newCharacters>
0068    <text>hone hone hone hone hoot hoot hoot hoot hunt hunt hunt hunt
0069 neon neon neon neon none none none none note note note note
0070 noun noun noun noun onto onto onto onto Otto Otto Otto Otto
0071 teen teen teen teen tent tent tent tent then then then then
0072 thou thou thou thou tone tone tone tone toot toot toot toot
0073 tote tote tote tote tout tout tout tout tune tune tune tune
0074 tenet tenet tenet tenet tenth tenth tenth tenth tooth tooth
0075 Tune the tone
0076 Note the teen not the tutu
0077 Ten hot teeth tout the tune
0078 The one nut to tote out the hen
0079 None hunt out the tenth one ton nun
0080 Hunt the neon then toot out the tune onto the tent</text>
0081   </lesson>
0082   <lesson>
0083    <id>{9b46210f-2c55-40bd-a82f-0e72a219300e}</id>
0084    <title>Lesson 6</title>
0085    <newCharacters>as</newCharacters>
0086    <text>aaaa ssss aaaa ssss aaaa ssss aaaa ssss
0087 aaaa ssss aaaa ssss aaaa ssss aaaa ssss
0088 as as as as
0089 sa sa sa sa
0090 sas sas sas sas
0091 ass ass ass ass
0092 sass sass sass sass
0093 as a sass ass as a sas
0094 as a sass ass as a sas</text>
0095   </lesson>
0096   <lesson>
0097    <id>{46a89122-0a6b-49cd-89c5-eeec537e6a09}</id>
0098    <title>Lesson 7</title>
0099    <newCharacters>AS</newCharacters>
0100    <text>aaaa eeee hhhh nnnn oooo ssss tttt uuuu
0101 ah ah ah ah an an an an at at at at ha ha ha ha so so us us
0102 ash ash ash ash San San San San sat sat sat sat sea sea sea
0103 ease ease ease ease east east east east Haas Haas Haas Haas
0104 Hans Hans Hans Hans hash hash hash hash sane sane sane sane
0105 sash sash sash sash Sean Sean Sean Sean seat seat seat seat
0106 Stan Stan Stan Stan
0107 Sean hates tetanus shots
0108 Eat the toast at ten to noon
0109 The Taos sun shone as hot as Santa Anna
0110 Anthea assesses the estate at South Tahoe
0111 Hotshot Hanna uses these shoes that Shannon soon sees
0112 At noon on the teahouse Aunt Tess hushes the nauseous host
0113 Annette senses the sensuous sunset onset on the Athens sea
0114 Tess Sutton notates the tenuous state that southeast Houston
0115 has seen
0116 Ethan Ness attests to these Tennessee Senate OSHA statutes
0117 to shun Utah</text>
0118   </lesson>
0119   <lesson>
0120    <id>{91eb928b-ed1d-40f7-9e40-ffd68b40b457}</id>
0121    <title>Lesson 8</title>
0122    <newCharacters>di</newCharacters>
0123    <text>iiii dddd iiii dddd iiii dddd iiii dddd
0124 iiii dddd iiii dddd iiii dddd iiii dddd
0125 id id id id
0126 id id id id
0127 did did did did
0128 did did did did
0129 didi did id did i
0130 didi did id did i
0131 uuuu hhhh iiii dddd
0132 du du du du hi hi hi hi
0133 dud dud dud dud hid hid hid hid</text>
0134   </lesson>
0135   <lesson>
0136    <id>{40b16e4d-8530-4fae-a20c-62a8f5755a75}</id>
0137    <title>Lesson 9</title>
0138    <newCharacters>DI</newCharacters>
0139    <text>aaaa dddd eeee hhhh iiii nnnn oooo ssss tttt uuuu
0140 aaaa dddd eeee hhhh iiii nnnn oooo ssss tttt uuuu
0141 Tina is on hiatus instead
0142 The statue is sent to Santa Anita
0143 This session is tedious on the tendons
0144 That Thai dish is intense on the sinuses
0145 Onions stain satin so use this Tide on this
0146 Dan Addison detonated the thousandth headstone
0147 Estonian nationhood is a notion hidden in Asia
0148 The tennis enthusiast hides the dots on his hands
0149 Otis said that sand is the seed that Isis sent us
0150 Ted Austin insinuated that Tunisia is in Indonesia
0151 The Dissonant in the ninth edition hits on the Saudis
0152 I insist that Adenine is in DNA and that andesine is not
0153 Deanna and Eddie suntanned on the Tahitian seaside oasis
0154 Indiana and Ohio do not need donated tissues and headsets
0155 The attendant initiated an intense sound that suited Odessa
0156 The dodo added nine and nineteen and attained nine thousand
0157 Duane nodded to his sis as he situated his sedan in the
0158 shade
0159 Dennis Hudson is hidden in a distant Tunisian hashish
0160 hideout
0161 Nina and Dana hit the astonished attendee on the head in
0162 unison
0163 Auntie Edith tends to hint that Edna heeds the ideas due to
0164 Satan
0165 The idea that nineteen studious Dadaists assisted Einstein
0166 is asinine
0167 Todd hesitated in his Datsun then hit the Honda in the side
0168 in an instantaneous THUD
0169 The thesis that Dante dated Death is as inane as the
0170 attitude that Sade stood on Sadness
0171 A destitute Sudanese assassin insists that sainthood is
0172 indeed a handout to heathenish idiots
0173 A thousand nude deadheads sustained hideous headstands as
0174 studious atheists dissented and seethed</text>
0175   </lesson>
0176   <lesson>
0177    <id>{04d3b39a-3dc6-49b9-9d3a-9976c2030cc0}</id>
0178    <title>Lesson 10</title>
0179    <newCharacters>pg</newCharacters>
0180    <text>gggg pppp gggg pppp gggg pppp gggg pppp
0181 gggg pppp gggg pppp gggg pppp gggg pppp
0182 pg pg pg pg pg pg pg pg
0183 gp gp gp gp gp gp gp gp
0184 gggg hhhh pppp uuuu
0185 up up up up hug hug hug hug pug pug pug pug pup pup pup pup
0186 ugh ugh ugh ugh Hugh Hugh Hugh Hugh pugh pugh pugh pugh</text>
0187   </lesson>
0188   <lesson>
0189    <id>{7552e76f-3c1c-4db1-b844-87e31791030f}</id>
0190    <title>Lesson 11</title>
0191    <newCharacters>PG</newCharacters>
0192    <text>aaaa dddd eeee gggg hhhh iiii nnnn oooo pppp ssss tttt uuuu
0193 aaaa dddd eeee gggg hhhh iiii nnnn oooo pppp ssss tttt uuuu
0194 The Huntington is in Pasadena
0195 He has one pip on his insignia
0196 I did not see Patton Against The Gestapo
0197 I put the sponge onto the peg on the spigot
0198 She did not postpone the hepatitis diagnosis
0199 The USPS sent postage high on August eighteenth
0200 Pete stops as he peeps at the Pepsi and doughnuts
0201 Nothing is as stupendous as an independent opinion
0202 I did not design this gadget that ignites potatoes
0203 Neptune is the sea god and is the god Poseidon too
0204 Do not dispute that pogo is as ingenious as ping pong
0205 The suggestion that toothpaste is poisonous is stupid
0206 I suggest that one not go to Saigon in a ship tonight
0207 Giuseppe pigged out on antipasto and pungent spaghetti
0208 The pianist is a passionate sap and sings insipid songs
0209 Angus thought he needed a tenspot to snap up the headphones
0210 Gina Esposito supposed that the signpost in Spain said STOP
0211 The Spanish poet happened to paint his house indigo and
0212 sepia
0213 Gus is assigned to get genuine snapshots inside the USGS
0214 ship
0215 This pennant said Hastings on it and that one said Penn
0216 State
0217 Gas Seepage in the Peugeot stopped the engine at the
0218 guidepost
0219 Patti Eng has a PhD in the thespian sagas on Oedipus and
0220 Antigone
0221 Tonight the teenage peasants appease the pagan suntanning
0222 goddess
0223 The penguin gasped as its appendage pushed past the
0224 Patagonian ship
0225 Seeing an aging ape eating pudding in a teaspoon is not too
0226 desponding
0227 In this episode the patient hostages hug and sing despite
0228 the gunshots
0229 Espionage at DuPont and Hughes is upsetting to the GOP and
0230 the Pentagon
0231 Doug pauses as he puts the poinsettias and sagging petunias
0232 in the teapot
0233 The indignant patient ingested a potent dosage to suspend
0234 his indigestion
0235 Upsetting gossip at the pageant had Stephanie and Gina
0236 sidestepping opponents
0237 Pat goes sightseeing at the pagoda in Shanghai despite the
0238 gunshots at its apogee
0239 The passage on Pegasus and the Aegean Sea upon page eight is
0240 a poignant adaptation
0241 In hindsight Stonehenge suggests the indigenous geniuses had
0242 to depend on the sun and its phases
0243 Daphne Stephenson has gone to Ghana and Ethiopia and Uganda
0244 to audiotape the distinguished singing
0245 The Pope stood in position atop the highest point in
0246 Santiago as an aghast Angie Diego ingested peanuts</text>
0247   </lesson>
0248   <lesson>
0249    <id>{89991865-266d-48a2-b7b5-f7356c5b6f2d}</id>
0250    <title>Lesson 12</title>
0251    <newCharacters>.c</newCharacters>
0252    <text>cccc .... cccc .... cccc .... cccc ....
0253 cccc .... cccc .... cccc .... cccc ....
0254 eeee cccc tttt ....
0255 ec ec ec ec tc tc tc tc
0256 ec ec ec ec tc tc tc tc
0257 c. c. c. c. t. t. t. t. e. e. e. e.
0258 c. c. c. c. t. t. t. t. e. e. e. e.
0259 etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.
0260 etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.</text>
0261   </lesson>
0262   <lesson>
0263    <id>{8c414865-155d-4bea-a4f9-5ebfc9b5f26e}</id>
0264    <title>Lesson 13</title>
0265    <newCharacters>C</newCharacters>
0266    <text>aaaa cccc dddd eeee gggg hhhh iiii nnnn oooo pppp ssss tttt
0267 uuuu ....
0268 aaaa cccc dddd eeee gggg hhhh iiii nnnn oooo pppp ssss tttt
0269 uuuu ....
0270 I can accept this pecan pie.
0271 Each disc costs ten cents each.
0272 The census counts us each decade.
0273 Couscous is cheapest in Connecticut.
0274 Cincinnati and Chicago...each U.S.A. cities.
0275 The didactic speech on Chopin educated Chad.
0276 Isaac cannot teach us the Chattanooga Choo Choo.
0277 Scott Chen teaches in oceanic science at Antioch.
0278 The cadets deduced that such antics caused chaos.
0279 His stethoscope suggested that Connie had congestion.
0280 I contend that a Hitachi scope can decode this speech.
0281 The octopus descended to the Titanic deep in the ocean.
0282 U.N.E.S.C.O. accepted a chance at a conspicuous occupation.
0283 The stagecoach continued to pass the cacti in scenic Tucson.
0284 Capt. P. T. Cohen needs access to a tactician in this
0285 section.
0286 Insecticide succeeds in contacting the insect in a
0287 picosecond.
0288 Cognac and scotch is an inconspicuous choice...thought
0289 Candace.
0290 Topnotch associates to authenticate the ancient Cantonese
0291 teacups.
0292 Coco said coaching is a cinch...catch and toss...catch and
0293 toss....
0294 The catsup accident at the picnic depicted Dutch as an
0295 apathetic nuisance.
0296 It is no coincidence that this idiotic sentence has eight
0297 concise Cs in it.
0298 The enthusiastic duchess noticed the Pontiac coupe...and
0299 decided to chase it.
0300 I detect a headache...I hope it is not the Schnapps and
0301 Cocoa I had as a nightcap.
0302 The accountant...the C.P.A...conceded that he had on
0303 occasion hidden cocaine in a coconut.
0304 The cautious Canadian statisticians caught inconsistencies
0305 in the second spacesuit design.
0306 The Ph.D. conducted the Puccini Toccata... an acoustic
0307 succession in succinct cacophonic staccato notes.</text>
0308   </lesson>
0309   <lesson>
0310    <id>{369d7081-3026-4f0d-8f70-a78ae841be75}</id>
0311    <title>Lesson 14</title>
0312    <newCharacters>,r</newCharacters>
0313    <text>rrrr ,,,, rrrr ,,,, rrrr ,,,, rrrr ,,,,
0314 rrrr ,,,, rrrr ,,,, rrrr ,,,, rrrr ,,,,
0315 nnnn oooo rrrr ,,,,
0316 or, or, or, or, ro, ro, ro, ro, nor, nor, nor, nor,
0317 Orr, Orr, Orr, Orr, ron, ron, ron, ron, Orono, Orono, Orono</text>
0318   </lesson>
0319   <lesson>
0320    <id>{2d04ce9a-1fb3-4ee2-be84-32d31271b5f2}</id>
0321    <title>Lesson 15</title>
0322    <newCharacters>R</newCharacters>
0323    <text>aaaa cccc dddd eeee gggg hhhh iiii nnnn oooo pppp rrrr ssss
0324 tttt uuuu ,,,, ....
0325 aaaa cccc dddd eeee gggg hhhh iiii nnnn oooo pppp rrrr ssss
0326 tttt uuuu ,,,, ....
0327 Schroeder desires a career as an orchestra conductor.
0328 A recurring procedure irrigates the orchard and the prairie.
0329 Harrison, Harriet, Arturo, and Christopher are grandparents.
0330 Reagan arranged an airdrop, near the northern Pretoria
0331 corridor.
0332 The erratic Richard Rodgers production returned to the
0333 Curran Theatre.
0334 Carrie read the transportation report as Rosie rehearsed her
0335 transcript.
0336 Roger that, in the circuit, the resistors and transistors
0337 are corroded.
0338 The grocer reported that the antiperspirant had
0339 deteriorated.
0340 Pierre Renoir regrets that Gerard Depardieu is not in
0341 Chartres, as desired.
0342 Horns are characteristic to the rhinoceros and the
0343 Triceratops, a dinosaur.
0344 Tia Carrere stars, narrates, and is the director in this
0345 torrid adaptation.
0346 Gertrude, in her aristocratic grandeur, returned the carrots
0347 at the restaurant.
0348 The Enterprise surprised Picard as it crisscrossed the
0349 restricted stratosphere.
0350 Ritter, a character actor, returned an uproarious retort to
0351 the irritating chairperson.
0352 The rhetoric, the grandeur, and the scripture interpretation
0353 surprised the churchgoer.
0354 The choreographer restrained his rather strong terpsichorean
0355 urges, and did not dance.
0356 The oceanographer reports that the interior pressure is
0357 inappropriate and erroneous, and orders the radar operator
0358 to intercept the pursuer.
0359 Ed Harris stars as an arrogant and treacherous paratrooper,
0360 interpreting, in error, orders to torture a geriatric
0361 instructor.
0362 Though his side has surrendered, he continues to oppress and
0363 interrogate the retired grandparent.
0364 The aggressor is arrested, arraigned, tried, and,
0365 appropriate to the horrors he practiced, prosecuted and
0366 incarcerated.
0367 The granddaughter, a stenographer, nurtures her grandpa, and
0368 he recuperates, though his arthritis returns.
0369 In retrospect, that paragraph incorporated a preposterous R
0370 proportion.</text>
0371   </lesson>
0372   <lesson>
0373    <id>{edb1cdc8-d6c2-457b-a745-4954e4873d06}</id>
0374    <title>Lesson 16</title>
0375    <newCharacters>'l</newCharacters>
0376    <text>llll '''' llll '''' llll '''' llll ''''
0377 llll '''' llll '''' llll '''' llll ''''
0378 aaaa llll ssss ''''
0379 all all all all la la la la A's A's A's A's
0380 ala ala ala ala l's l's l's l's s's s's s's s's
0381 Sal Sal Sal Sal lass lass lass lass Sal's Sal's Sal's Sal's</text>
0382   </lesson>
0383   <lesson>
0384    <id>{12d493e2-5ecf-4862-8b4e-365c1a159c25}</id>
0385    <title>Lesson 17</title>
0386    <newCharacters>"L</newCharacters>
0387    <text>aaaa cccc dddd eeee gggg hhhh iiii llll nnnn
0388 oooo pppp rrrr ssss tttt uuuu '''' ,,,, ....
0389 "Hello," Ellen laughed, as she collided into Allen.
0390 In a nutshell, Clinton still had an electoral landslide.
0391 The alcoholic general staged a coup d'etat in Tallahassee.
0392 Lucille and Randall cleaned their plates in the candlelight.
0393 Leland alleged that "Gilligan's Island" is a little
0394 illogical.
0395 Sinead O'Connor's latest single isn't going to appall
0396 Russell.
0397 Colonial landlords near London once said "ain't," not
0398 "isn't."
0399 Caroline D'Arc is an enrollee at that college in
0400 Philadelphia.
0401 Didn't she hear, Cal used lots o' laterals, in the last
0402 seconds.
0403 Eileen O'Hare and Pat O'Shea still shouldn't tell Leslie
0404 O'Neill.
0405 "This little oriental elephant is a cultural sellout," said
0406 Helen.
0407 The illegal planeload o' pollutants hasn't landed at
0408 Chicago's O'Hare.
0409 She'll call Allison in Honolulu, not a local call, on her
0410 cellular phone.
0411 This'll enthrall the linguists...using the letter "L," one
0412 can spell "chocolate."
0413 Allegra, an unparalleled intellectual, calculated the
0414 celestial latitudes and longitudes in her sleep.</text>
0415   </lesson>
0416   <lesson>
0417    <id>{2d7e4e32-3cb0-42d9-b75c-fb9aee50d545}</id>
0418    <title>Lesson 18</title>
0419    <newCharacters>yf</newCharacters>
0420    <text>ffff yyyy ffff yyyy ffff yyyy ffff yyyy
0421 ffff yyyy ffff yyyy ffff yyyy ffff yyyy
0422 fy fy fy fy
0423 yf yf yf yf
0424 ffff gggg hhhh yyyy pppp uuuu
0425 guy guy guy guy gyp gyp gyp gyp
0426 UHf UHf UHf UHf yuh yuh yuh yuh
0427 huff huff huff huff
0428 puff puff puff puff
0429 puffy puffy puffy puffy puppy puppy puppy puppy</text>
0430   </lesson>
0431   <lesson>
0432    <id>{335b092e-0878-41b1-b1cf-d96f072c2876}</id>
0433    <title>Lesson 19</title>
0434    <newCharacters>YF</newCharacters>
0435    <text>aaaa cccc dddd eeee ffff gggg hhhh iiii llll nnnn
0436 oooo pppp rrrr ssss tttt uuuu yyyy '''' ,,,, ....
0437 aaaa cccc dddd eeee ffff gggg hhhh iiii llll nnnn
0438 oooo pppp rrrr ssss tttt uuuu yyyy '''' ,,,, ....
0439 In Lafayette, crayfish and coffee intensify the lifestyle.
0440 "I defy you," cried Finley, "to find a falcon as feathery as
0441 Godfrey."
0442 Granny Fay left Cindy a frilly, yet unfortunately frayed,
0443 taffeta dress.
0444 In days of yesteryear, typography did not signify only fonts
0445 and typefaces.
0446 The youthful fantasy of Goofy and Donald left Francine the
0447 fallacy that life is often funny.
0448 "After the fifteenth forfeiture," uttered the referee,
0449 "Stanford is, officially, ineffectual."
0450 Dreyfuss thought fondly of that hefty eyeful of San
0451 Francisco's fog, last Friday near the ferry.
0452 Geoffrey's faculty lecture on crystallography and
0453 diffraction patterns is usually insufficient and faulty.
0454 If you can differentiate psychotherapy and psychoanalysis,
0455 or psychiatry and psychology, you yourself are a
0456 psychologist.
0457 Yesterday, as they do each payday, Sydney and Clifford
0458 playfully ran off to the fishery for frothy glasses of
0459 Henry's Draft Ale.</text>
0460   </lesson>
0461   <lesson>
0462    <id>{2d80d0c7-bcd5-4ba5-bad0-c9b61d1db6d3}</id>
0463    <title>Lesson 20</title>
0464    <newCharacters>km</newCharacters>
0465    <text>kkkk mmmm kkkk mmmm kkkk mmmm kkkk mmmm
0466 kkkk mmmm kkkk mmmm kkkk mmmm kkkk mmmm
0467 km km km km km km km km
0468 mk mk mk mk mk mk mk mk
0469 hhhh kkkk mmmm uuuu
0470 ku ku ku ku
0471 mu mu mu mu
0472 Uk Uk Uk Uk
0473 hum hum hum hum mum mum mum mum muk muk muk muk</text>
0474   </lesson>
0475   <lesson>
0476    <id>{8c1156d0-3c03-4d91-94fb-309efdab2698}</id>
0477    <title>Lesson 21</title>
0478    <newCharacters>KM</newCharacters>
0479    <text>aaaa cccc dddd eeee ffff gggg hhhh iiii kkkk llll mmmm
0480 nnnn oooo pppp rrrr ssss tttt uuuu yyyy '''' ,,,, ....
0481 aaaa cccc dddd eeee ffff gggg hhhh iiii kkkk llll mmmm
0482 nnnn oooo pppp rrrr ssss tttt uuuu yyyy '''' ,,,, ....
0483 Kramer asked for skim milk in a melodramatic manner.
0484 "My kingdom for a Macintosh," Maurice choked out meekly.
0485 It's more sportsmanlike to say "checkmate" than "knockout."
0486 Emmet felt homesick until Mom sent him that Hallmark
0487 Hanukkah card.
0488 The makeshift cloakroom is a trademark of McKinley's
0489 decisionmaking.
0490 Kim's nickname is "Kimono," an irksome mockery of her days
0491 in Yokohama.
0492 There's not much homemade pumpkin ice cream and Smucker's
0493 hot fudge sauce remaining.
0494 The filmmaker, in machinelike precision, caught the magma
0495 and smoke from the immense Mt. Krakatoa on film.
0496 Stock in Amtrak skyrocketed after McKeon's remark mocking
0497 spokesmen, gimmickery, and smokescreens in the marketplace.
0498 From Katmandu to Oklahoma, from Stockholm to Kentucky, from
0499 Alaska to the Kremlin, Kodak film is found in many, many
0500 cameras.</text>
0501   </lesson>
0502   <lesson>
0503    <id>{e42ae40f-2528-41e8-b864-943dc867d2bb}</id>
0504    <title>Lesson 22</title>
0505    <newCharacters>jw</newCharacters>
0506    <text>jjjj wwww jjjj wwww jjjj wwww jjjj wwww
0507 jjjj wwww jjjj wwww jjjj wwww jjjj wwww
0508 jw jw jw jw jw jw jw jw
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0511 ewe ewe ewe ewe jet jet jet jet jew jew jew jew
0512 wee wee wee wee wet wet wet wet
0513 jewett jewett jewett jewett</text>
0514   </lesson>
0515   <lesson>
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0517    <title>Lesson 23</title>
0518    <newCharacters>JW</newCharacters>
0519    <text>aaaa cccc dddd eeee ffff gggg hhhh iiii jjjj kkkk llll mmmm
0520 nnnn oooo pppp rrrr ssss tttt uuuu wwww yyyy '''' ,,,, ....
0521 aaaa cccc dddd eeee ffff gggg hhhh iiii jjjj kkkk llll mmmm
0522 nnnn oooo pppp rrrr ssss tttt uuuu wwww yyyy '''' ,,,, ....
0523 Jamestown, New York, that's my home town.
0524 The Joshua Tree National Monument is known worldwide.
0525 Jujitsu makes you use your opponent's weight against
0526 himself.
0527 "Wow," he said as his jaw dropped. "That's a jewel of a
0528 wristwatch."
0529 Wanting the water to flow, Irwin twisted the faucet
0530 counterclockwise.
0531 Woodrow Wilson's popularity went downward after the economic
0532 slowdown.
0533 The old Jewish widow withdrew further, working with the
0534 wooden jigsaw.
0535 Judy wondered if it was worthwhile to walk downtown to the
0536 Jewelry store.
0537 I wonder if that Newsweek on the windowsill has the lowdown
0538 on Woolworths.
0539 With awe, Jeremy awkwardly swallowed a whole slew of
0540 raisinettes as the John Waters film started.
0541 Wynonna Judd, after a whirlwind tour of the Midwest, waited
0542 at the Waldorf Astoria for two weeks.
0543 "Your Majesty," wrote Marjorie, "Nothing justifies
0544 prejudice. I can rejoice only when there is justice."
0545 The newsletter whitewashed reports of wiretapping in
0546 Congresswoman Hollingsworth's jurisdiction.
0547 "Hallelujah," wailed the janitor as he jettisoned the
0548 typewriter out the window.
0549 The projectile majestically landed at the junction of
0550 Jefferson and Winslow streets, just jolting, not injuring,
0551 a jogging tourist.</text>
0552   </lesson>
0553   <lesson>
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0555    <title>Lesson 24</title>
0556    <newCharacters>qv</newCharacters>
0557    <text>qqqq vvvv qqqq vvvv qqqq vvvv qqqq vvvv
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0560 vq vq vq vq vq vq vq vq</text>
0561   </lesson>
0562   <lesson>
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0564    <title>Lesson 25</title>
0565    <newCharacters>QV</newCharacters>
0566    <text>aaaa cccc dddd eeee ffff gggg hhhh iiii jjjj kkkk llll mmmm
0567 nnnn
0568 oooo pppp qqqq rrrr ssss tttt uuuu vvvv wwww yyyy '''' ,,,,
0569 ....
0570 aaaa cccc dddd eeee ffff gggg hhhh iiii jjjj kkkk llll mmmm
0571 nnnn
0572 oooo pppp qqqq rrrr ssss tttt uuuu vvvv wwww yyyy '''' ,,,,
0573 ....
0574 Mercury and quicksilver are quite the same.
0575 An acquisitive mind helped Pavlov evolve his theories.
0576 QVC's involvement with Paramount may give it new verve.
0577 Vivian's new Volvo unequivocally vanquished her fears of
0578 driving.
0579 According to Pravda, Vladivostok was a quiet village in its
0580 Soviet days.
0581 This unique, opaque liquor does not quench your thirst, it
0582 makes you queasy.
0583 David's vivid imagination and his inquisitive and inventive
0584 mind suggest a high IQ.
0585 If Iraq was equipped to invade and conquer Tel Aviv, the
0586 U.S. may have quashed that pervasively.
0587 We've never quantitatively proven that a quaver isequivalent
0588 to a quiver, only qualitatively.
0589 This revolutionary cardiovascular technique is
0590 representative of the productivity here in Charlottesville.
0591 "I've never had such quality hors d'oeuvres," Javier said
0592 assertively over the tranquil sounds of Vivaldi,
0593 as he looked over the picturesque headquarters of the
0594 Vancouver Civic Center.
0595 Nirvana's inequivalent sequel to their provocative release,
0596 Nevermind, is inconclusive.
0597 Nevertheless, this quirky yet vivacious trio has evoked
0598 a progressive sound that very well may give you a new
0599 perspective on irreverence.</text>
0600   </lesson>
0601   <lesson>
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0603    <title>Lesson 26</title>
0604    <newCharacters>;z</newCharacters>
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0609 z; z; z; z; z; z; z; z;</text>
0610   </lesson>
0611   <lesson>
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0613    <title>Lesson 27</title>
0614    <newCharacters>:Z</newCharacters>
0615    <text>aaaa cccc dddd eeee ffff gggg hhhh iiii jjjj kkkk llll mmmm
0616 nnnn oooo
0617 pppp qqqq rrrr ssss tttt uuuu vvvv wwww yyyy zzzz '''' ,,,,
0618 .... ;;;;
0619 aaaa cccc dddd eeee ffff gggg hhhh iiii jjjj kkkk llll mmmm
0620 nnnn oooo
0621 pppp qqqq rrrr ssss tttt uuuu vvvv wwww yyyy zzzz '''' ,,,,
0622 .... ;;;;
0623 Zachary MacKenzie froze in amazement; on the radio in his
0624 Mazda he heard pizzicato stanzas of Mozart.
0625 Carmen Rodriguez is a citizen of Venezuela; her former
0626 spouse, Inigo Martinez, and his new wife, Anna Vasquez, have
0627 moved to Swaziland or Tanzania.
0628 The prizewinning paper on immunization against schizophrenia
0629 was delivered in Czechoslovakia; this technique was
0630 deemphasized in Switzerland.
0631 A crazed gazelle was whizzing around the zoo; a quizzical
0632 giraffe guzzled down pizzas through his muzzle; another one
0633 merely grazed and dozed;
0634 several chimpanzees started zigging and zagging; the reptile
0635 zone was oozing with activity;
0636 several lizards hazarded the freezing waters and capsized
0637 the fish tanks; a dozen grizzlies were waltzing in the plaza.</text>
0638   </lesson>
0639   <lesson>
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0641    <title>Lesson 28</title>
0642    <newCharacters>xb</newCharacters>
0643    <text>bbbb xxxx bbbb xxxx bbbb xxxx bbbb xxxx
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0645 bx bx bx bx bx bx bx bx
0646 xb xb xb xb xb xb xb xb</text>
0647   </lesson>
0648   <lesson>
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0650    <title>Lesson 29</title>
0651    <newCharacters>XB</newCharacters>
0652    <text>aaaa bbbb cccc dddd eeee ffff gggg hhhh iiii jjjj kkkk llll
0653 mmmm nnnn oooo
0654 pppp qqqq rrrr ssss tttt uuuu vvvv wwww xxxx yyyy zzzz ''''
0655 ,,,, .... ;;;;
0656 aaaa bbbb cccc dddd eeee ffff gggg hhhh iiii jjjj kkkk llll
0657 mmmm nnnn oooo
0658 pppp qqqq rrrr ssss tttt uuuu vvvv wwww xxxx yyyy zzzz ''''
0659 ,,,, .... ;;;;
0660 Heathcliff Huxtable was played by the inexorable Bill Cosby.
0661 An inexhaustible supply of benzedrine merely exacerbated his
0662 disturbances.
0663 Bruce Boxleitner explained to the extraterrestrial why
0664 Babylon Five was built.
0665 The ambidextrous exhibitor was exhausted by the time he
0666 loaded the boxcar with hobbyhorses.
0667 Drop those xeroxes off in the mailbox; I'll get them in the
0668 bibliography in five days maximum.
0669 Mr. Balboa is pretty flexible with the textbook; it's
0670 probably excusable to fall a bit behind.
0671 Why Mr. Baxter went from Bordeaux to the tableaux exhibit in
0672 Luxembourg by taxicab is inexplicable.
0673 Becky found the Bronx pretty obnoxious; though there was
0674 that Caribbean restaurant that truly excelled.
0675 The executives at NBC, CBS, and ABC all found it inexcusable
0676 that the BBC was so inflexible and xenophobic.</text>
0677   </lesson>
0678  </lessons>
0679 </course>