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0001 <?xml version="1.0"?>
0002 <course>
0003   <id>{93e68be6-c256-4ceb-9a25-ef94eeecd7c4}</id>
0004   <title>Dvorak (US) (auto-generated)</title>
0005   <description>Trainingfile genereated Mon Apr  8 18:44:12 2002
0006 Program written by H&#xE5;vard Fr&#xF8;iland
0007 </description>
0008   <keyboardLayout>us(dvorak)</keyboardLayout>
0009   <lessons>
0010     <lesson>
0011       <id>{950c0f92-c895-4192-b00c-be2bcb62a58b}</id>
0012       <title>Lesson 1</title>
0013       <newCharacters>uh</newCharacters>
0014       <text>h uh h h h huh uh h uh u uh u uh u h h u u
0015 huh u huh huh huh h huh uh huh huh h huh u
0016 h u uh u u uh h uh h u h uh h uh uh h h huh
0017 h u huh huh u h uh huh huh uh huh huh h h
0018 h uh u uh h u u u huh uh h h u uh u u uh u
0019 huh uh h h uh huh h uh u h u u h uh h uh h
0020 u h uh huh h h huh h u uh u uh h uh uh huh
0021 huh uh u uh huh h huh huh uh h h h u uh u
0022 uh uh huh u huh huh u huh h huh u huh h huh
0023 u huh huh h u u h u h huh huh u huh huh huh
0024 uh h u h huh huh h huh h huh h huh h huh huh
0025 h u huh huh uh h h uh u u uh u huh u h uh
0026 h u h u u huh u h h h h h u h h u uh huh h
0027 h huh u huh u huh u uh uh huh huh u huh u
0028 u h uh u u huh uh u h uh uh h uh huh uh u
0029 h huh u uh uh uh u huh u huh uh u u u uh huh
0030 u u u uh u huh h u u uh u huh uh h u huh huh
0031 uh u u u uh h uh uh huh h huh h uh huh uh
0032 h h h u huh u uh h h h h huh h u uh h h h
0033 uh u huh uh h uh uh h uh uh huh u u huh u
0034 uh h u huh huh uh huh huh uh uh h h u h h
0035 uh uh uh u u uh huh huh huh u uh uh uh huh
0036 uh h u uh u h uh huh h u u huh u uh h uh huh
0037 uh u u h uh h huh uh huh h h uh huh h u huh
0038 uh h u huh uh h huh huh uh uh u h huh huh
0039 huh uh h u uh huh u u u u uh uh h uh huh u
0040 u u u huh h huh huh h huh uh huh h uh uh h
0041 uh h u huh uh h u h uh huh huh u huh u h u
0042 huh uh uh uh huh uh u huh u huh uh uh uh u
0043 uh u u h u h u uh u huh u h u u u uh uh u</text>
0044     </lesson>
0045     <lesson>
0046       <id>{2cef80a2-fd9b-40c5-b9de-70004a3805c2}</id>
0047       <title>Lesson 2</title>
0048       <newCharacters>et</newCharacters>
0049       <text>eh th teeth et et th teethe tee th the et
0050 et tutu tutu tee t teethe thee th t tee tutu
0051 t teethe teeth the eh th t teethe thee th
0052 t the th e teethe e the e tut the e eh eh
0053 tee tee e e tutu t tee tee eh eh eh tutu tee
0054 tut teethe eh t t tee thee tee tee tee the
0055 teeth the et th the eh the teeth tut the et
0056 eh thee tee tut teeth thee teethe thee et
0057 th the eh the tut tut e et et tee tee teethe
0058 teethe tee e th tut tut t e e t eh thee the
0059 teethe tut e tut t e teethe tut eh eh t tutu
0060 eh e tutu thee the the tee teethe tut thee
0061 tee t teethe tee t teeth thee teethe tee tee
0062 th tee et the the teethe et thee et e tee
0063 eh t e teethe tut tut eh tee e teeth tutu
0064 t thee t th tut tutu e teeth t tee th e teethe
0065 tutu teethe teethe tee teethe teeth teethe
0066 e et teeth teeth tut tee t teeth tee et thee
0067 tut tut tutu teethe t the teethe et tut eh
0068 eh thee e et the teethe tee th tutu t tee
0069 thee et eh eh th th t tutu eh tutu eh teethe
0070 tee et teeth teeth teethe teeth tee et t e
0071 et e tut tutu tee teethe tee tut eh e the
0072 the th teethe tutu tee the et e thee teethe
0073 the thee tutu th tee tut tutu th tutu teethe
0074 eh tutu th et t t tee tutu th the t tutu tutu
0075 et the t tee the eh e th thee thee et et et
0076 tut tutu th eh the tut et teethe tut e et
0077 teeth teethe th tee teeth e t teeth tut eh
0078 eh et the th th e teeth eh e teeth tutu teethe</text>
0079     </lesson>
0080     <lesson>
0081       <id>{87de1d12-3d10-45de-9281-282803592c03}</id>
0082       <title>Lesson 3</title>
0083       <newCharacters>on</newCharacters>
0084       <text>oh noun net note neon o nu noun n on nun not
0085 out non one nun nth nett noun oho nett one
0086 noun no nut onto one nee none o nu nett noon
0087 ooh oho onto out neon none non noon one nett
0088 out noun nu nu not no on neut neut nee neon
0089 o noun oho nut nth not nee non oh nut o onto
0090 nu oho oho noun oh oho net o on oh not nth
0091 ooh nth ooh nut one noon net nut nett nett
0092 neon nu on net neon one none noun no noun
0093 out note neon none one o onto ooh nu o nett
0094 none nut one on onto one nth oh oh nu noon
0095 nut nth nu nu none neut no neon neon nun out
0096 oho one noun nun on nth noun oh net oho oho
0097 oho note nut neut no non no one out out none
0098 onto note nut none nett net ooh ooh neon on
0099 nett none neon noon no none oh one not neon
0100 neut o nu noun on onto n nee one out oh no
0101 not non neon oh nett one nun nun nee out one
0102 not out nee noon note neon not out onto one
0103 onto nun ooh non nun neut noun oh on n nee
0104 none neon nun non on not nu oho nett non noun
0105 nth n noun on nett oh none oho out nee net
0106 n o noun noon neut no no noon non neon onto
0107 nu nth neut out non out nth oh nut onto oh
0108 one neut n out oho nun o no noun no on neon
0109 o o noun oh n ooh noon neon none nth note
0110 net noon net nun on none nee one o nth nth
0111 non noon n oho o noun note oh none neon net
0112 oho noon not no noon no neon nth nett o one
0113 on note nee nett oh onto noun out on nee out</text>
0114     </lesson>
0115     <lesson>
0116       <id>{d18e06f0-dfac-4e54-a5f2-8d55ce208230}</id>
0117       <title>Lesson 4</title>
0118       <newCharacters>as</newCharacters>
0119       <text>aunt ash soothest st sooth attenuate shouts
0120 attest ant sanest astute season sanes seen
0121 shoos senses stenos soot sasses senses souths
0122 shootout senates settees statuses stoat ahas
0123 sooth astutest ates autos shushes shunt statue
0124 annotates attune sheet soothest sensuousness
0125 auto souse stoutness sets shuts souths shouts
0126 saute statues set sens stetson attune stet
0127 stash sensuous stoat sea sen autos sautes
0128 sheet sashes anon stones aunts snoots sot
0129 sauna at soon shunts ah southeast soothes
0130 sanes sanenesses autos stet sos sooths snouts
0131 sonatas aha sanenesses shots shahs ante sanes
0132 sue assess ante stouts assen snots sheets
0133 asses shut state souths ahas auto suets sensuousness
0134 sue sense attests shouts soothe souses sensuousnesses
0135 seasons season sonata antennae sea ahas stoutnesses
0136 statuses asset shutouts suntan statuette ante
0137 anus sanenesses ashes shh stouts aunt soothes
0138 son an sense anons ate stoutest ass suntan
0139 saneness souses sautes seats shutouts stash
0140 astutenesses snoots sautes sunsets anent soonest
0141 atone steno shes sos astutest ah shunt shuns
0142 auto sonatas snoots settee statutes stouts
0143 sane s sheath sane stoutness setts southeast
0144 sateens sons anon ashen anent seats stunt
0145 sets stetsons seasons shot sots soothes attn
0146 stoutness seen she sees soots sates sue statehouses
0147 antennas assonant ates sensuousnesses sanenesses
0148 astuteness sheath ashen ate sans snout snot</text>
0149     </lesson>
0150     <lesson>
0151       <id>{f33e6b64-192e-4d11-a568-f495b33c7b0d}</id>
0152       <title>Lesson 5</title>
0153       <newCharacters>id</newCharacters>
0154       <text>denseness intestate destined inst denies inane
0155 detainee deadheads denseness insinuations
0156 detain deadest ideation donutted detuned dist
0157 dished its indeeds denudes disunited innuendos
0158 instantaneousness death inane desist intuits
0159 inset issuant dded donut insanities detune
0160 intone insidious intentions iodinated detained
0161 dissension dents dust dustinesses insist in
0162 didoes intension danishes intentnesses innate
0163 indentions initiation detainee deadness dentition
0164 dottiest issued dadoes dissuaded disunites
0165 dune denotation disunited dueness inned inundate
0166 douse iodate daises inn doth instate danishes
0167 intuited inion instantiate duh dissident indent
0168 dinned donate intension intense iodides deaths
0169 indents initiation dentins insaneness dottiest
0170 dishes dinette insides dented disunite detained
0171 ind duennas dunno desist desuetudes destinate
0172 denotation disuses detonations deadens dadoed
0173 denies duetted do indentation dentition ideate
0174 iodination ind innuendo detonations diseases
0175 id dentins dustinesses dustiest diastases
0176 diathesis dished distentions destine douse
0177 dandies destined denseness iodines insentient
0178 dodos dotted diseased institutes dissuaded
0179 donas donnishness destituteness duet danseuses
0180 dandies detonation inned d instantiations
0181 destine id insinuates intentnesses insanest
0182 dusts instantness dueness iodines dainties
0183 dandiest densest detonation datasets destitutions</text>
0184     </lesson>
0185     <lesson>
0186       <id>{645d696f-8257-4b7f-a11d-adbba5bd48da}</id>
0187       <title>Lesson 6</title>
0188       <newCharacters>p</newCharacters>
0189       <text>phosphates pantheons patented pea pinto pipes
0190 panned pods poshed paste passioned poshest
0191 pons pusses poshest posted ponies possess
0192 poisons pieties peens pennons pithiest pethidine
0193 pated petite peened petunias pinheadedness
0194 poinsettias piousnesses patientest pad pennis
0195 passionateness pappiest pas pet posthaste
0196 pops pout peed phone postdate pined pope poison
0197 position pitapats pouts pushed pinions popped
0198 passionates pupates pit punts piteousness
0199 peso pied pithiest pensions pension puppet
0200 pope potatoes pianists potions patsies pontoon
0201 peasant pistons paints poets poss panpipes
0202 pas postseason pose postpones phat putout
0203 psst penitent pennons patented pendant pinon
0204 pensioned pinatas peonies pod pitapat positions
0205 puses pudenda pipes ponies pints pantsuits
0206 pan puppet pappies peened pennis pus pope
0207 ponded patted pups phosphate punishes postponed
0208 penned potashes pipette passionates pinon
0209 pains passionateness peptide peptidases pupation
0210 pettiest pitas pistons pippin pantheists pa
0211 paddies pest pot pied pop points phosphatase
0212 pans postdate pussiest pinon pest posed paeans
0213 petted pip pipped pone puts pinpoints puppet
0214 pines photoed past pities pipette pine psi
0215 pantheons paths push pinups punishes potshot
0216 pantie pendants padded psi pa phosphide pinnate
0217 patientest positioned postpaid pipettes putt
0218 pendents popped poppet pod pappiest pinpointed</text>
0219     </lesson>
0220     <lesson>
0221       <id>{2ae85a1b-03bc-4909-bc4a-f236b22e92e1}</id>
0222       <title>Lesson 7</title>
0223       <newCharacters>g</newCharacters>
0224       <text>get gossips gadgets gneisses get gasped gaging
0225 giddies gout gush gasps git gusto gusseting
0226 g gene gutsed gag gating gnats guising gusting
0227 getups genuinenesses giddied gnashing gunning
0228 guideposts gateau getting guested giants gutsiest
0229 gainsaid gadding gagging gouging gusseted
0230 gaunts ghettos gateau gatehouse goodnesses
0231 geese gotta gad gainsaid go goutiest gist
0232 guanine gentians geest gunships gadded gunpoints
0233 gunshot gauntnesses gashed geed geode gnash
0234 gaudies ghosting gashing gaunting gad gush
0235 goatees got gist gens gauss goddess gist guessing
0236 gets geode guesting gonna gutsiest gussets
0237 gens guineas geed gust gnashes gees genesis
0238 gigs gestates gust gossiped gunships godsend
0239 gashest godson gaudies ghosts guessing giantesses
0240 going gnashing gustiness gaped ghosted genuinenesses
0241 gust gentians guest gaits gags gushiest gigs
0242 gateau gains guise going gutties gudgeon gestated
0243 godsons gaped gaps gateau going gatehouse
0244 good ghosts giddinesses ghettoing gases gestation
0245 gestapos gouge gouges giddiness gashing gaudiest
0246 gunpoint ghats guanine giddies goddess gashing
0247 guanos gunpoints gunpoint godding ginning
0248 god godsons gauss gating gutted gashest godhood
0249 gannet ghosted geode gages gages gusting gusset
0250 godhoods goto gags goos ghosts gestations
0251 ginseng gustiest guanines gaudinesses godded
0252 gassiest gets gentian gaging gnu gush gun
0253 gnash gnu gage gusts gaits goatees gasping</text>
0254     </lesson>
0255     <lesson>
0256       <id>{8f37146d-cf88-4136-a1c5-68886889d661}</id>
0257       <title>Lesson 8</title>
0258       <newCharacters>.c</newCharacters>
0259       <text>cacheting cascading contentions chip consented
0260 cheetahs constituting chaps consensus continuations
0261 cadet chant cations canoes chuted catenate
0262 caging censused cheapen contusing coituses
0263 china chicnesses chasten chianti condensates
0264 cocaines continuous coconuts ceases catching
0265 constitutes cushioned cheap cacophonist copied
0266 cot coincident cessations consonant cupidities
0267 chitchatting canasta congestions cheapening
0268 consented cannoning ceded conies caucusing
0269 cession condescended causations conceit congaed
0270 cathodic coated chitchatted cutout continuations
0271 chinas caddied captains cocas cannonaded coeducation
0272 coping chat cooing consign cannoned codded
0273 count chit constituent catchpennies cassias
0274 censused canine chestiest cheap cease countenancing
0275 conspectuses condescended coses casing coedits
0276 cocoons conspicuousness constitution cassia
0277 cc choosing cites cup copings consigned choosinesses
0278 chain cheapish caucused cottoned chaoses chips
0279 cocooning concedes cu cunning cheapen connotes
0280 conduced continuousness concision cosinesses
0281 condensations caucusing chinning canoes cued
0282 chastening contused chihuahua casts couscous
0283 cachet captaining canton cheap connections
0284 contents copied coping concatenated conspicuousnesses
0285 cadencing coined concessions coca cosines
0286 casuist continua catnips cheapest condensing
0287 concision cacophonies chestiest cant chide
0288 caches cupping constituencies capacitances</text>
0289     </lesson>
0290     <lesson>
0291       <id>{a2d95113-5dcd-45a3-b6c3-401215b225de}</id>
0292       <title>Lesson 9</title>
0293       <newCharacters>,r</newCharacters>
0294       <text>renegaded randiness reedinesses ruder rushers
0295 recs rhesus reddishness riptides restated
0296 rephrasing rephotographs radon rosetting rants
0297 ripener rodeoed retrace roached rattiest recto
0298 resonances radiated recreant randinesses riposting
0299 read recoding randing routing rattier reappearing
0300 radiance rodents ragouted rapier rechristened
0301 reparteeing repeat rushers roe repossesses
0302 reducing roper restarting reprehensions renaissances
0303 raunchier reunions reacting ripcords reintroduction
0304 ranges reship runtiness reroutes reds retrogrades
0305 regraded reproducing raccoons reopening regenerate
0306 recuse reaccessed redirected reproductions
0307 recess radiated ripened ring reprocesses rottenest
0308 rigging riping retain rhinoceroses retracted
0309 radios repartitioner retrod readier reciprocities
0310 riptides renaissance reattached reorientates
0311 rustier rogue reticence rids recognitions
0312 roadsigns radiotherapist reduct residents
0313 reset recurses reputations racecourses regents
0314 resurges raptness recreated raucousnesses
0315 reintegrates reconsecration repairer restitutions
0316 repartees routers reenact reprehension reappointed
0317 recrudescences renditioning roots rotation
0318 rattraps rerecords rites repartitioner ropers
0319 reapportioned repost reiterating reintegrating
0320 recoding restarter renouncer rashest ragout
0321 reasserted renderer redundancies retest reconstructions
0322 rectos renaissance rounds receptor rainiest
0323 rained ruses repudiations renouncing riposted</text>
0324     </lesson>
0325     <lesson>
0326       <id>{3d9a163d-eaf9-4b09-b7ab-409c83d784ff}</id>
0327       <title>Lesson 10</title>
0328       <newCharacters>'q</newCharacters>
0329       <text>quash queens quartets queued quarantine's
0330 quipping quart's quads quest quarantine's
0331 quaintness quintic questioning queuing quart's
0332 quencher queen q's quietude's quitter's quester
0333 quadrant qt quietening quire quoined quitters
0334 quietest quince quashes question quince's
0335 queasinesses quasar's quietus quashes quire
0336 quintet's quotient quietus quest quitters
0337 quietness quadricepses quart's quests quahogs
0338 quiche's questers queens queasier quadraphonic
0339 quietest quotients queasinesses quotients
0340 quid's quoit queers queuer's quadded quietening
0341 quiche's quiets queuers quartet quarried quittances
0342 quietnesses querier quadding queue quangos
0343 quietude's questioners quietus's quince quad's
0344 quenches quadratic's quiche quadric quietness's
0345 quartics questionnaire's quart's quencher
0346 quenchers queered quinines quotidians quoting
0347 queernesses quietens quitters quarries quanta
0348 quadrupeds quarter quires quiets quadruped's
0349 quadraphonic quine quart's quieted quadrature
0350 quotidians quiescentness quint's question
0351 queasier quotient's quainter quitting quitters
0352 quoter quasar quired quiescent quadratic quadratures
0353 quid's quotations quotas queues quoined quotients
0354 queasiness quietudes question's queernesses
0355 quite quadratures quahog quieter's quitters
0356 queers quern quited ques quonset quota's quarto's
0357 quittances quiesced quirt's questing quenching
0358 quarries q quoits quarterer quine quatrain's</text>
0359     </lesson>
0360     <lesson>
0361       <id>{220003aa-c503-42f0-84f1-13e500554ac3}</id>
0362       <title>Lesson 11</title>
0363       <newCharacters>l</newCharacters>
0364       <text>logistical leaded lipreading lassies lignites
0365 lesions landlord laddering lost laciest liquorice
0366 laterals locution linguist's lichen licensee
0367 legislator's lurcher's litigiousness's legislator
0368 listeners learned lotter lighthouse lusted
0369 lugsails lupus's lecherousness's lord's lettering's
0370 lintels lustrous luting litterers league lender
0371 letterhead's largess's leanness lulled localed
0372 loggia lustinesses lupuses liaising loon legit
0373 landau linting lutanist's loins lastings latches
0374 logins lunatic lier's legion lousing litigators
0375 learner lipase largenesses littered landslid
0376 letters lurching learn ladder's luggages lodestones
0377 lancet's leaned lidding looters ladder lagoon's
0378 logical lulls logic's linted lard lanced lollipop's
0379 lurcher's loneliness loonies lorn ludicrousness
0380 lisp loudliest lunate lushed leggings lossier
0381 lecture's logical litigant's larch ltd lunch
0382 lecherousness legend's landscaping lecithins
0383 loudened lorises lot lease's lastingness's
0384 legislations login listing lashes loaning's
0385 lustiness leanings leap laura's liaised lessors
0386 loggia's legatee's loaning lacuna's lopsidedness
0387 letterpresses literatures local latticed lutenist's
0388 lusted lien lactational loincloths lilted
0389 loophole's legalese's locus's lii littlenesses
0390 lightning leniencies laggard's longhair lenser
0391 lactating lodge lardier loaner landslid liquor's
0392 loch's lariat lated loop's loiters lento league
0393 licentiousness's lipid licorice lipid lean</text>
0394     </lesson>
0395     <lesson>
0396       <id>{1186a814-8f07-4287-83de-6a751fccfa7e}</id>
0397       <title>Lesson 12</title>
0398       <newCharacters>kb</newCharacters>
0399       <text>budgie barracking booting bee's books bookkeeper's
0400 beddings been bursitis bluest biding bluings
0401 brothel's bigger breeding knockabout's bedder
0402 blinkering knuckleheads baptist's burglars
0403 bingos billboard backscattered kibble's bing
0404 blotted bloodline's k's knockings bikinied
0405 bitser's bind beanstalk's bot knob brightest
0406 borstal's ballers brouhahas birthstone bottlenecks
0407 baccarats backstabber bookstore kindling's
0408 backdating bloodsheds bookishness boodle begot
0409 bingen balconies boutique bods bilker's belletrist's
0410 blitheness's bonding boatclubs kestrels bittier
0411 broadcasters knickers bricker blood bobolink
0412 bass's braggarts bastion kitchener's bubbling
0413 banking's kissing bidden blackcurrant bikini's
0414 bedaubing balding kinkier baggage's keener's
0415 boater's karat bilge's buccaneers bunco's
0416 bill blindings breathier bespattering bi bestrides
0417 boas bedridden blueing's bookkeeping's bulleting
0418 bottlers kindness's barring basest bookers
0419 bullhorn battlers bonneting kit beastliness
0420 basins krills bitser bassoonist budgerigars
0421 baggie bequests blunting butane busgirl bisects
0422 kilting boll kibble's beguiles broaden bull
0423 bundle bouldered boggling bibliographic braggart
0424 blitheness's butch barracking bungee boatloads
0425 kindness's bounteousness's bobbin bibbed killer's
0426 billboards backpacked bluebottle's baobab
0427 birthstones bookkeeper's bacon ballot breathless
0428 boulder brassiness blockading blinks burgle</text>
0429     </lesson>
0430     <lesson>
0431       <id>{2de0afaf-e7df-4d76-b669-52b770334171}</id>
0432       <title>Lesson 13</title>
0433       <newCharacters>m</newCharacters>
0434       <text>masthead's modulus mer misapplier's month
0435 marmosets missioner mutilation's musher misconducted
0436 meetinghouses mosquitoes maraca melodiousness
0437 methanol mintage's mopers matter's malenesses
0438 mister minister's mescal mud melter's mealiest
0439 mightn't microcomputer's monographes multiplier
0440 moccasin micromanaged miscalculation's maltreated
0441 mesomorph muscatels maggotier metering motionlessness
0442 menial murk museum's ministrant metronome
0443 miring mesquites mutilating moistener miking
0444 maltier morned mundanes moulted mistrial's
0445 muslin's marriages mealing manipulatable maidens
0446 malocclusions marshals motliest morphemes
0447 marmot's megabuck mountainous mulch microelectronics
0448 manipulatable mensches mutterers missioners
0449 mistaken merchantman misaddress minings mannikin's
0450 moonstone mandarin's moulders masting mores
0451 mountaintop microdot mourned macaque modulator
0452 mischanced monitors mete miniaturing mulled
0453 markkaa mopping mudguard's maillot moldboards
0454 mucilage manliness microscopic multicomputer's
0455 milts motor machinations muser's mousiness
0456 macadams monorails mishitting menaced masochisms
0457 machinate management's maintains mascara machismo
0458 maligns merchandising masonic millimeter monopole
0459 mikado mids misleading maraschino mos manuscript
0460 membranes mosque's monarchs manatee's moistnesses
0461 morsel musked marinara's murmurings microscopes
0462 minuend's makeups midterm mist mildest microelectronics's
0463 melodic manures municipals micromanages mutate</text>
0464     </lesson>
0465     <lesson>
0466       <id>{6a5123c5-d4c5-4e5a-a7c1-1fff5761b44e}</id>
0467       <title>Lesson 14</title>
0468       <newCharacters>jw</newCharacters>
0469       <text>jaunting wattage's workmanship's woolgatherer
0470 waitpeople winegrower's wheatens wildernesses
0471 wooden wrathed whereon wealth jaunt jam's
0472 joined jollied watchtowers winsomer wassail's
0473 widths weighted junctures windbreaker jackboot
0474 woning wantoning wiggliest wrangles jingoism
0475 windbreaker windmilled jangled wrongnesses
0476 wains ware's watercoloring workhorses wariest
0477 wackes juju watertightness wildcatter jujitsu
0478 winged worldlinesses wino worsted's jock wagons
0479 wingspans wingtips wannabee westing's jubilating
0480 work's woodcock's jolliness wherewith whimper
0481 weaner's woodcocks whispered who wagtail's
0482 wheat wholesaled whopper's words wooden wedgier
0483 whitest jettisoning whisted weakeners jingoistic
0484 wobble jabberer's jennet jacket's whig waggled
0485 witches whelk's wrinkled jauntiness writer
0486 whitebait wheres jackass jun joisted jujubes
0487 wallowed warmers wold jihad's wintriest withholdings
0488 weeping walnut weirdest whorehouse workbooks
0489 wordless workstation wrestlings jerkiness
0490 watercourse's jawbreaker withstood warinesses
0491 wiggled wiping weighting's jags wardrobes
0492 jointer's wriggliest widow jab windchill junk
0493 jerkwaters weaner jar wooled woodland's wisdom's
0494 joust whine jaunt jugs withstands workout
0495 wonkier jape's jackpots website jewel's woodside
0496 who'd whisperer with woning witlessness wonts
0497 wills wildest wiretapper windwards jaggedest
0498 whisker's wait jinrikisha winos johns willingness's</text>
0499     </lesson>
0500     <lesson>
0501       <id>{b9ca2d69-eb4b-48e0-a10e-c96836c9b9cf}</id>
0502       <title>Lesson 15</title>
0503       <newCharacters>qv</newCharacters>
0504       <text>quakes volubilities quester's valetudinarianism
0505 questionableness varicoses virago version
0506 valuation's victualer's vis's queller's veined
0507 viaduct's violins vaccinia varnisher's queuer's
0508 vaporise vignettes ventilates victor's quickness
0509 vapor vb venter's valiantness quashed quadrillion's
0510 vengeance validated verging verged vitriol
0511 vellum viaducts viper quisling's veronica
0512 vests quitclaims quadriplegia vowelled quelling
0513 queered quiesce voucher's quantiles viscus's
0514 quadripartition vendibles verve's vector's
0515 vapored vote's visitor's vintager's vegetations
0516 vitriolic quaintness's vibraharp's value veiner
0517 veto vestige's virgin vaccinated vocabularies
0518 quadrants quashes vouched vets vegan's vanilla
0519 qualm vectorial quickened vane vanquished
0520 velars vanquish viticultures vended vitrine
0521 verdigrising vagabonding vagabond's veers
0522 quad's vernaculars voiceband quipped quadruples
0523 vault's voltage vertigo vitrine's quipping
0524 vegetarian's quencher quell villainousness
0525 virus's vegans verdict vest's vainest queues
0526 viewpoints variegations verisimilitudes vaporer
0527 vented vacated viscera quartering's visoring
0528 vignette quicksilvered quail vagueing voltmeter's
0529 venison's quipped quicken quilling vegetative
0530 questionnaire's vised viking variegations
0531 veldt's quicksilvering quilting versus quoter's
0532 quicksand's virulence vaudeville valors vibes
0533 vertebrate virulence's vesture vacation vacuumed</text>
0534     </lesson>
0535     <lesson>
0536       <id>{ce01751b-e5aa-4028-abbd-7a95f71b24cf}</id>
0537       <title>Lesson 16</title>
0538       <newCharacters>;z</newCharacters>
0539       <text>zigzagging zipper's zoos zigamorph zebra zebra's
0540 zombie zoned zealots zone's zeal's zwieback's
0541 zwieback's zeals zed's zealot zorches zeppelin
0542 zwiebacks zonal zippiest zoner zilch zebu's
0543 zonal zeroed zorch zilch zippiest zenith zigged
0544 zippiest zed's zeta zone zebra's zombi's zigzagging
0545 zinnias zip zone's zircon zeros zoned zippiest
0546 zing's zinnias zealotries zoned zest's zookeeper
0547 zinging zounds zorched zodiacal zwiebacks
0548 zeitgeists zoner zucchini's zonings zaniness's
0549 zaps zippier zucchini's zippered zig zoo zirconiums
0550 zed zirconium's zone's zed's zirconiums zoological
0551 zither's zillions zeroing's zero's zillion's
0552 zithers zealot zucchinis zeppelin zillions
0553 zaniness's zested zone zero's zoologist zoner
0554 zeros zealot's zagging zealousness zigged
0555 zincs zucchini's zodiac zapped zonked zeta's
0556 zinger zeugma's zero zucchini's zealotries
0557 zeniths zippiest zillion zagging zealot's
0558 zoologist zodiacs zucchinis zillion zeitgeist
0559 zonal zanies zombi's zealot zillion's zip's
0560 zags zebra zounds zebu zebu's zenned zippers
0561 zest zen z zippers zucchinis zero zirconium's
0562 zinc's zoologist's zoned zodiacs zestiest
0563 zigamorph zoologies zeppelin's zoner zippers
0564 zone zinger zebus z zigzags zinnia zip's zoning
0565 zeitgeists zanied zeppelin's zombi's zeitgeists
0566 zigzag's zodiacal zesting zigzag's zealotries
0567 zirconiums zap zips zombie's zucchinis zenning
0568 zooms zoological zounds zenned zoned zealotries</text>
0569     </lesson>
0570     <lesson>
0571       <id>{018bf853-bf10-4780-8cfa-a5eecc6f9460}</id>
0572       <title>Lesson 17</title>
0573       <newCharacters>yf</newCharacters>
0574       <text>flurries frailer footsteps flinting forthright
0575 fluoroscope foolishly fedora's frolicker flutings
0576 fraud's fortnights frigate yak fads function's
0577 frogman feminist's fibrin firepower fulfill
0578 flaccidities forswearing faulty firebrick
0579 freak's fearsome formals fascinations yowed
0580 fealty's fraternization's flagstones fawningly
0581 filthiest fiends funking fairway's fieldworks
0582 festoon's yelps fortieth fleetingnesses furnishers
0583 factored fob fleeted fancies fiber foregrounding
0584 favorite's forgivingly folksy frost's farsightedness
0585 furtiveness's finickiness faction facade's
0586 fructose flout foundations flayers flint's
0587 faultlessness finishes falsie farmings frosteds
0588 farrow's fellowman fabricator's fritterer
0589 foments foreshadowed firefight fovea's flipped
0590 firelights forcing flounciest flanges fogged
0591 forerunners forevermore fliers flyleaf facilitating
0592 filtered forecastles faining farthings flippers
0593 faces fatuity flipper's flabby franchise felicities
0594 forfeitures fusspot's flat's fazing flunk
0595 freckled fizzer fiestas fireman's femaleness
0596 firewater's fluoridate footstep forewarn fishermen's
0597 fourthly fretfulness's felicitation friggings
0598 fountainheads fouler framer's forging flimsily
0599 fornications falloffs flamboyants fops felicitation
0600 fandango's flashcube fudging figures foretasting
0601 futilely fatteners frying fontanels fascinated
0602 fumigant's fibrin footwear's furtiveness's
0603 fluoresce flimflam's yea floury flyweight's</text>
0604     </lesson>
0605     <lesson>
0606       <id>{99063faf-079d-486d-9cef-9cf151233ec5}</id>
0607       <title>Lesson 18</title>
0608       <newCharacters>yf</newCharacters>
0609       <text>facade's footrest farmhand falsity's ferny
0610 finials forethoughts flossier forwardness
0611 furiousness foraged foddering flank's youthfully
0612 flaws fatigue furlong's firebrick flyway foggiest
0613 foreordained fabulists ferrous fuzzball frets
0614 formate's yarning flypapers fink firehouses
0615 fancywork's feeding footprints faring frequency's
0616 forequarter firebrick's fussbudget faintly
0617 foo faddish firms friendlinesses flowcharting
0618 falsifies foreleg's falconer's fundraisers
0619 ferrule franticness facings form's flat's
0620 feminine finalists formatting falsification
0621 freeloaded flouters furtive flack's forced
0622 foreleg foil flumed frenetic fields faith's
0623 fumigating farseeing finner farewelling figurativeness's
0624 frightened fretfulness's fomentation's ferrets
0625 faces fainter fustiest fibrils yellows fluorite
0626 fandangos frangibilities farm's fruitlessness's
0627 filed freebooters fen fawner factory flameproofed
0628 fez flinging fatuities fascists flamenco flirted
0629 feedlot's foamer finally frays fable firmer
0630 firearms footstool's furbisher's floridness
0631 flue flans fib faultfinder ferules yaw fascicles
0632 forswearing freezing fluents fecundability
0633 farsighted frontrunner's fairgoers fortuity
0634 favors fervidness's fancier fleawort's flags
0635 funkier friarly filterers falsetto's frozenly
0636 yodeler fit's faraway friskily faulted farads
0637 yarmulke's fatso furiousness furring fitting
0638 florets fishnet's fuddle film falsetto fistula</text>
0639     </lesson>
0640   </lessons>
0641 </course>