Warning, /education/kstars/kstars/widgets/kstars.widgets is written in an unsupported language. File is not indexed.

0001 [Global]
0002 PluginName=KStarsWidgets
0003 Includes=kcomponentdata.h
0004 Init=new KComponentData("kstarswidgets");
0006 [dmsBox]
0007 ToolTip=Line edit for displaying angle values (KStars)
0008 WhatsThis=A line edit which displays angle values and can parse entered strings into dms objects
0009 IncludeFile=dmsbox.h
0010 Group=KStars Widgets
0012 [DragListBox]
0013 ToolTip=List box that handles drag/drop events
0014 WhatsThis=A list box that handles drag/drop events. This is written specifically for the Add Catalog tool in KStars.
0015 IncludeFile=draglistbox.h
0016 Group=KStars Widgets