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0001 <glossary>
0002 <item picture="sun.png">
0003 <name>Sun</name>
0004 <desc>Our solar system's star.  It is a main-sequence G dwarf star.</desc>
0005 </item>
0007 <item picture="mercury.png">
0008 <name>Mercury</name>
0009 <desc>The planet closest to the Sun, and is the second-smallest of the nine major planets.
0010 </desc>
0011 </item>
0013 <item picture="venus.png">
0014 <name>Venus</name>
0015 <desc>The second planet from the Sun.  It is similar in size to the Earth, and has no moons.
0016 </desc>
0017 </item>
0019 <item>
0020 <name>Earth</name>
0021 <desc>Our planet, the third from the Sun.
0022 </desc>
0023 </item>
0025 <item picture="mars.png">
0026 <name>Mars</name>
0027 <desc>The fourth planet from the Sun.  It is smaller than the Earth, and has a thin atmosphere, as well as two small moons.
0028 </desc>
0029 </item>
0031 <item picture="jupiter.png">
0032 <name>Jupiter</name>
0033 <desc>The fifth planet from the Sun, and the largest planet in the solar system.  Jupiter is a gas giant, and has dozens of moons.
0034 </desc>
0035 </item>
0037 <item picture="saturn.png">
0038 <name>Saturn</name>
0039 <desc>The sixth planet from the Sun.  Saturn is a gas giant and has dozens of moons.  It also has a beautiful ring system.
0040 </desc>
0041 </item>
0043 <item picture="uranus.png">
0044 <name>Uranus</name>
0045 <desc>The seventh planet from the Sun.  Uranus is a small gas giant with a tenuous ring system.
0046 </desc>
0047 </item>
0049 <item picture="neptune.png">
0050 <name>Neptune</name>
0051 <desc>The eighth planet from the Sun.  Uranus is a small gas giant.  It was the first planet to be discovered in modern times.
0052 </desc>
0053 </item>
0055 <item picture="pluto.png">
0056 <name>Pluto</name>
0057 <desc>The furthest major planet from the Sun, and also the smallest.  Very few details are known about this distant, icy world.  It has a moon which is not much smaller than Pluto itself.
0058 </desc>
0059 </item>
0061 </glossary>