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0002 <title>What's up Tonight? Tool</title>
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0004 <secondary>What's up Tonight? Tool</secondary>
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0009 The What's up Tonight Tool
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0012   <imageobject>
0013     <imagedata fileref="wut.png" format="PNG"/>
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0015   <textobject>
0016     <phrase>What's up Tonight?</phrase>
0017   </textobject>
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0021 <para>
0022 The <quote>What's up Tonight?</quote> (WUT) tool displays a list of
0023 objects that will be visible at night from any location, on any date.
0024 By default, the Date and Location are taken from the current settings
0025 in the main window, but you can change either value using the
0026 <guibutton>Change Date...</guibutton> and <guibutton>Change Location...</guibutton>
0027 buttons at the top of the WUT window.
0028 </para>
0029 <para>
0030 The WUT tool also displays a short almanac of data for the selected
0031 date: the rise and set times for the Sun and moon, the duration of
0032 the night, and the Moon's illumination fraction.
0033 </para>
0034 <para>
0035 Below the almanac is where the object information is displayed.  The
0036 objects are organized into type categories.  Select an object type
0037 in the box labeled <guilabel>Select a category:</guilabel>, and all
0038 objects of that type which are above the horizon on the selected
0039 night will be displayed in the box labeled <guilabel>Matching
0040 objects:</guilabel>.  For example, in the screenshot, the
0041 <guilabel>Planets</guilabel> category has been selected, and three
0042 planets which are up on the selected night are displayed (Mars,
0043 Jupiter and Saturn).  When an object in the list is selected,
0044 its rise, set and transit times are displayed in the lower-right
0045 panel (&ie; Mars rises at 17:13, transits at 21:46 and sets at 02:16).
0046 In addition, you can press the <guibutton>Object Details...</guibutton>
0047 button to open the <link linkend="tool-details">Object Details window</link>
0048 for that object.
0049 </para>
0050 <para>
0051 By default, the WUT will display objects which are above the horizon
0052 between sunset and midnight (&ie; <quote>in the evening</quote>).
0053 You can choose to show objects which are up between midnight and dawn
0054 (<quote>in the morning</quote>), or between dusk and dawn (<quote>any
0055 time tonight</quote>) using the combobox near the top of the window.
0056 You can also choose to see only those objects that are brighter than a
0057 magnitude by setting a minimum magnitude using the <guilabel>Show objects
0058 brighter than magnitude:</guilabel> spinbox. You may center the selected object
0059 in the Sky Map or add it to Wish List by pressing the
0060 <guibutton>Center Object</guibutton> or <guibutton>Add to List</guibutton> button.
0061 </para>
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