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0002 <title>Simulate Eyepiece View</title>
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0004 <secondary>Simulate Eyepiece View</secondary>
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0009 Simulate eyepiece view
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0013     <imagedata fileref="EPView_Screenshot.png" format="PNG"/>
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0017         Example View
0018     </phrase>
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0020   <caption>
0021       On the left hand side is the sky map shot from &kstars;. On the right hand side is the POSS (DSS) image of the same region. The orientation in the above example has been adjusted to match the view through a Dobsonian telescope at the location and time of the simulation in &kstars;.
0022   </caption>
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0026 <para>
0027 This tool simulates how an object looks through your eyepiece. In addition to rendering the eyepiece field, &kstars; can also fetch and overlay the DSS imagery. Additionally, if you are using a Dobsonian telescope, you can rotate the field of view to match the eyepiece view.
0028 </para>
0030 <para>To use this feature, first define your eyepieces' fields of view using the <link linkend="customize">FOV Symbol editor</link>.</para>
0032 <para>Then there are two ways to invoke the feature:
0033 <itemizedlist>
0034     <listitem><para>In Sky Map, right click on the desired object and click <guilabel>Simulate eyepiece view</guilabel> in the popup menu.</para></listitem>
0035     <listitem><para>In observation planner, right click an object and click <guilabel>Simulate eyepiece view</guilabel> in the popup menu.</para></listitem>
0036 </itemizedlist>
0037 </para>
0039 <para>When the tool is first invoked, it will prompt a dialog to select the desired FOV to render the view. To compare the rendered view against a real sky image, click the <guibutton>Fetch DSS image</guibutton> button to download a DSS image. You can manually adjust the view to match your eyepiece using the rotation slider, the <guilabel>Invert view</guilabel> and <guilabel>Flip view</guilabel> check boxes. Alternatively, you can use a pre-calculated amount of rotation by using one item of the <guilabel>Preset:</guilabel> dropdown box that is tailored for different optical systems.</para>
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0043 Arp84 eyepiece view
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0047     <imagedata fileref="Arp84_EyepieceView.png" format="PNG"/>
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0050     <phrase>
0051         View with Overlay
0052     </phrase>
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0054   <caption>
0055       Arp84 eyepiece view with ticks enabled indicating how the chart must be oriented to match the eyepiece view through a Dobsonian at a given time (the generated data is for location McDonald Observatory Texas, and the date is 14th Dec 2016).
0056   </caption>
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0060 <para>
0061 To export the view to a file, click <guibutton>Export</guibutton> button. Export enables adding ticks for printed charts as shown above and save the image.
0062 </para>
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