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0002     <title>Ekos Tutorials</title>
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0004     <primary>Tools</primary>
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0009     <title>Viewer</title>
0010     <para>
0011         StellarMate is shipped with a VNC Server. This enables you to access the whole StellarMate desktop remotely. To connect to VNC, you can either use a Desktop/Mobile VNC Client, or simply via any browser.
0012     </para>
0013     <para>
0014         The VNC address is: <userinput>https://<replaceable>stellarmate_hostname</replaceable>:6080/vnc.html</userinput>
0015     </para>
0016     <para>
0017         Where <replaceable>stellarmate_hostname</replaceable> is the actual hostname (or IP address) of your unit and 6080 is the port. If you do not know the unit hostname, you can find the hostname in your StellarMate App.
0018     </para>
0019     <para>
0020         You can use <ulink url="https://www.realvnc.com/download/viewer/">Real VNC</ulink> which is available on all platforms to access stellarmate.
0021     </para>
0022     <para>
0023         Once you access StellarMate, you can use it like any full-fledged computer. The default username is <userinput>stellarmate</userinput> and the default password is <userinput>smate</userinput>.
0024     </para>
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