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0001 <sect2 id="ekos-setup">
0002     <title>Ekos Setup</title>
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0004     <primary>Tools</primary>
0005     <secondary>Ekos</secondary>
0006     <tertiary>Setup</tertiary>
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0010         Ekos Summary
0011     </screeninfo>
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0014             <imagedata fileref="ekos_summary.png" format="PNG"/>
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0017             <phrase>Ekos Summary</phrase>
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0021 <para>
0022     <emphasis role="bold">Ekos</emphasis> is a part of <ulink url="https://edu.kde.org/kstars">&kstars;</ulink>. &kstars;/Ekos is already included with your StellarMate gadget. It is also <ulink url="https://www.stellarmate.com/component/jdownloads/category/2-ekos.html?Itemid=507">available for &Linux;, &MacOS;, and &Windows;</ulink> if you want to install on your primary machine. After you run &kstars; on your PC or on StellarMate (Either directly via HDMI or via <link linkend="ekos-tutorials-viewer">VNC</link>), Ekos can be accessed from the <guimenu>Tools</guimenu> menu or via the <guiicon>Ekos</guiicon> on the main toolbar, or by a keyboard shortcut (<keycombo>&Ctrl; <keycap>K</keycap></keycombo>). In addition to the Ekos window, &kstars; provides a more detailed INDI Control Panel where you can directly set and control the device parameters.
0023 </para>
0024 <para>
0025     When running Ekos, it is <emphasis>not</emphasis> necessary to start INDI Server via StellarMate Web Manager as Ekos manages that transparently.
0026 </para>
0027 <screenshot>
0028     <screeninfo>
0029         &kstars; Main Window
0030     </screeninfo>
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0036             <phrase>&kstars; Main Window</phrase>
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