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0001 <sect1 id="ekos-profile-wizard">
0002     <title>Profile Wizard</title>
0003     <indexterm>
0004         <primary>Tools</primary>
0005         <secondary>Ekos</secondary>
0006         <tertiary>Profile Wizard</tertiary>
0007     </indexterm>
0008     <para>
0009         The Profile Wizard is a handy tool to setup your equipment for the first time. It should popup automatically the first time you run &kstars;. Follow the guided instructions to setup your first equipment profile.
0010     </para>
0011     <variablelist>
0012         <varlistentry>
0013             <term>Greeting Page</term>
0014             <listitem>
0015                 <screenshot>
0016                     <screeninfo>
0017                         Profile Wizard Welcome
0018                     </screeninfo>
0019                     <mediaobject>
0020                         <imageobject>
0021                             <imagedata fileref="profile_wizard_welcome.png" format="PNG"/>
0022                         </imageobject>
0023                         <textobject>
0024                             <phrase>Profile Wizard Welcome</phrase>
0025                         </textobject>
0026                     </mediaobject>
0027                 </screenshot>
0028                 <para>
0029                     The first greeting screen contains some links to learn more about Ekos &amp; INDI. Click <guibutton>Next</guibutton> to continue.
0030                 </para>
0031             </listitem>
0032         </varlistentry>
0033         <varlistentry>
0034             <term>Equipment Location Page</term>
0035             <listitem>
0036                 <para>
0037                     Next, you will be presented with the equipment location page. Your selection depends on where your equipment is connected to:
0038                 </para>
0039                 <itemizedlist>
0040                     <listitem>
0041                         <para>
0042                             <guilabel>Equipment is attached to this device</guilabel>: Select this option if Ekos is running on your StellarMate (via HDMI or VNC), device (&Windows;/&Linux;) or &MacOS;.
0043                         </para>
0044                     </listitem>
0045                     <listitem>
0046                         <para>
0047                             <guilabel>Equipment is attached to a remote device</guilabel>: Select this option if Ekos is running on your device (&Windows;/&Linux;) or &MacOS;, and your equipment is connected to a remote computer.
0048                         </para>
0049                     </listitem>
0050                     <listitem>
0051                         <para>
0052                             <guilabel>Equipment is attached to StellarMate</guilabel>: Select this option if Ekos is running on your device (&Windows;/&Linux;) or &MacOS;, and your equipment is connected to StellarMate.
0053                         </para>
0054                     </listitem>
0055                 </itemizedlist>
0056                 <screenshot>
0057                     <screeninfo>
0058                         Equipment location page
0059                     </screeninfo>
0060                     <mediaobject>
0061                         <imageobject>
0062                             <imagedata fileref="profile_wizard_select.png" format="PNG"/>
0063                         </imageobject>
0064                         <textobject>
0065                             <phrase>Equipment location page</phrase>
0066                         </textobject>
0067                     </mediaobject>
0068                 </screenshot>
0069                 <para>
0070                     Click <guibutton>Next</guibutton> to continue.
0071                 </para>
0072             </listitem>
0073         </varlistentry>
0074         <varlistentry>
0075             <term>Remote Connection Page</term>
0076             <listitem>
0077                 <para>
0078                     In case selected the 2nd option in the last step, you shall be presented with the Remote Connect Page, here you will enter the hostname or IP address of the StellarMate unit. You can get the hostname from the StellarMate mobile App. Alternatively, you can construct the hostname from StellarMate HotSpot SSID. You should see the SSID when you search for WiFi networks nearby. For example, suppose the SSID is <replaceable>stellarmate</replaceable>. The hostname should be <emphasis><replaceable>stellarmate</replaceable>.local</emphasis>. That is, if you remove the underscore, and append <emphasis>.local</emphasis>, then you will get the unit hostname. You can always use the StellarMate App to change the unit default hostname to the name of your choice.
0079                 </para>
0080                 <screenshot>
0081                     <screeninfo>
0082                         Profile Wizard Remote page
0083                     </screeninfo>
0084                     <mediaobject>
0085                         <imageobject>
0086                             <imagedata fileref="profile_wizard_remote.png" format="PNG"/>
0087                         </imageobject>
0088                         <textobject>
0089                             <phrase>Profile Wizard Remote page</phrase>
0090                         </textobject>
0091                     </mediaobject>
0092                 </screenshot>
0093                 <para>
0094                     For the INDI Manager question, always select <emphasis role="bold">Yes</emphasis> since StellarMate Web Manager is running by default on the unit. Click <guibutton>Next</guibutton> to continue.
0095                 </para>
0096             </listitem>
0097         </varlistentry>
0098         <varlistentry>
0099             <term>Profile Creation Page</term>
0100             <listitem>
0101                 <para>
0102                     Now you get to name your equipment profile. Afterwards select which guider application to use. The <guilabel>Internal Guider</guilabel> is the only officially supported selection in StellarMate. You may opt to select <guimenuitem>PHD2/LinGuider</guimenuitem> but the details are out of the scope of this documentation. If additional services are desired, check the ones you want to run.
0103                 </para>
0104                 <screenshot>
0105                     <screeninfo>
0106                         The final page of Profile Wizard
0107                     </screeninfo>
0108                     <mediaobject>
0109                         <imageobject>
0110                             <imagedata fileref="profile_wizard_done.png" format="PNG"/>
0111                         </imageobject>
0112                         <textobject>
0113                             <phrase>The final page of Profile Wizard</phrase>
0114                         </textobject>
0115                     </mediaobject>
0116                 </screenshot>
0117             </listitem>
0118         </varlistentry>
0119     </variablelist>
0120 <para>
0121     In the example above, we select Remote Astrometry, WatchDog, and SkySafari drivers. The detailed explanations for each is provided in the tooltip when you over them. Once done, click <guibutton>Create Profile</guibutton> button. You should now be presented with the Profile Editor.
0122 </para>
0123 </sect1>