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0001 <sect2 id="calc-sidereal">
0002 <title>Sidereal Time module</title>
0003 <indexterm><primary>Tools</primary>
0004 <secondary>Astrocalculator</secondary>
0005 <tertiary>Sidereal Time module</tertiary>
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0009 <screeninfo>
0010 The Sidereal Time calculator module
0011 </screeninfo>
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0014     <imagedata fileref="calc-sidereal.png" format="PNG"/>
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0017     <phrase>Sidereal Time</phrase>
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0022 <para>
0023 This module converts between <link linkend="ai-utime">Universal
0024 Time</link> and Local <link linkend="ai-sidereal">Sidereal Time</link>.
0025 First, select a geographic location and a date for the
0026 calculation. Then the corresponding value for the other Time will be displayed.
0027 </para>
0029 <para>
0030 There is a batch mode for this module.  To use it, simply
0031 generate an input file whose lines each contain values for
0032 the input parameter: <guimenuitem>Compute sidereal time</guimenuitem> or 
0033 <guimenuitem>Compute standard time</guimenuitem> from to left dropdown box.
0034 You can choose to set the <guilabel>Date:</guilabel> and <guilabel>Location:</guilabel> in the
0035 current window, or you can tell &kstars; to read these values from the <guilabel>Input file:</guilabel>.
0036 Then specify the input and output filenames, and press the
0037 <guibutton>Compute</guibutton> button to generate the output
0038 file. The output file will contains values for the complementary parameter. For example,
0039 if your input file contains a set of <quote>standard time</quote> values, then each line of
0040 the output file will contain values for <quote>sidereal time</quote>.
0041 You can read the output directly in &kstars;
0042 by pressing the <guibutton>View output...</guibutton> button.
0043 </para>
0045 </sect2>