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0002 <title>Planet Coordinates module</title>
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0004 <secondary>Astrocalculator</secondary>
0005 <tertiary>Planet Coordinates module</tertiary>
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0010 The Planet Coordinates calculator module
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0017     <phrase>Planet Coordinates</phrase>
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0022 <para>
0023 The Planet Coordinates module computes positional data for
0024 any major solar system body, for any time and date and any
0025 geographic location.  Simply select from the <guilabel>Solar
0026 system body:</guilabel> drop-down list, and specify
0027 the desired date, time, and geographic coordinates (these
0028 values are preset to the current &kstars; settings).  Then
0029 the <link linkend="equatorial">Equatorial</link>, <link
0030 linkend="horizontal">Horizontal</link>, and <link
0031 linkend="ecliptic">Ecliptic</link> coordinates of the body are computed and displayed.
0032 </para>
0033 <para>
0034 There is a batch mode for this module.  You must construct
0035 an input file in which each line specifies values for the
0036 input parameters (solar system body, date, time, longitude,
0037 and latitude).  You may choose to specify a constant value
0038 for some of the parameters in the calculator window (these
0039 parameters should be skipped in the input file).  You may
0040 also specify which of the output parameters (Equatorial,
0041 Horizontal, Heliocentric ecliptic and Geocentric ecliptic coordinates) should be calculated.
0042 Finally, specify the input and output filenames, and press
0043 the <guibutton>Run</guibutton> button to generate the output
0044 file with the computed values.
0045 </para>
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