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0002 <title>Equatorial/Galactic Coordinates module</title>
0003 <indexterm><primary>Tools</primary>
0004 <secondary>Astrocalculator</secondary>
0005 <tertiary>Equatorial/Galactic Coordinates module</tertiary>
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0010 The Equatorial/Galactic Coordinates calculator module
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0017     <phrase>Equatorial/Galactic Coordinates</phrase>
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0022 <para>
0023 This module converts from <link linkend="equatorial">Equatorial
0024 coordinates</link> to <link linkend="galactic">Galactic
0025 coordinates</link>, and vice versa.  Fill in the
0026 coordinate values in either the <guilabel>Galactic
0027 coordinates</guilabel> or <guilabel>Equatorial coordinates (J2000)</guilabel>
0028 section.  Alternatively set the equatorial coordinates by selecting an
0029 object using the <guilabel>Find Object</guilabel> dialog.
0030 Then the complementary coordinates will be filled in.
0031 </para>
0033 <para>
0034 The module contains a batch mode for converting several coordinate
0035 pairs at once.  You must construct an input file in which each line
0036 contains two values: the input coordinate pairs (either Equatorial
0037 or Galactic).  Then specify which coordinates you are using as input,
0038 and identify the input and output filenames.  Finally, press the
0039 <guibutton>Run</guibutton> button to generate the output file,
0040 which will contain the converted coordinates (Equatorial or
0041 Galactic; the complement of what you chose as the input values).
0042 </para>
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