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0001     ****************************************
0002    **                Kiten                 **
0003    **      a Japanese reference tool       **
0004     ****************************************
0006 Kiten comes ready to use. It will take a bit of time to
0007 start up the first time as it indexes your dictionary files.
0009 Kiten is currently a set of 3 tools:
0010   1. Dictionary
0011   2. Radical Selector
0012   3. Kanji Browser
0014 1. Dictionary
0015    Kiten works mainly as a Japanese -> English dictionary, but it
0016    works from English -> Japanese too. This means you can write in
0017    english, hiragana, katakana or kanji to search in the dictionaries.
0019    If you have extra dictionaries in the correct formats, visit the "edict" and
0020    "kanjidic" configuration pages in: Settings -> Configure Kiten -> Dictionaries,
0021    and use the "Add" button.
0022    Then Kiten will search under all of these and display the results separately.
0024 2. Radical Selector
0025    This tool helps you to find a kanji by just filtering its radicals.
0026    Only click on the buttons with the desired radicals and Radical Selector
0027    will find all the kanji that contains those radicals, this way you
0028    can find a kanji without knowing anything about its readings or meanings.
0029    Once you find the kanji you can just click on it and Kiten will
0030    automatically search for it in the dictionary*.
0032   *You might need to enable "Automatically search clipboard selections"
0033    on the Settings menu.
0034    Alternatively you can select the kanji, click on "To clipboard" and
0035    paste it on the dictionary.
0037 3. Kanji Browser
0038    You can browse all the kanji available in the KANJIDIC dictionary
0039    and be able to search by Grade and Number of strokes.
0040    By clicking on the kanji you can access detailed information such as
0041    stroke order, onyomi and kunyomi readings, meanings, grade and more.
0043 Information about edict and kanjidic is available at the following urls:
0045 EDICT
0046   Summary page:       https://www.edrdg.org/jmdict/edict.html
0047   Full documentation: https://www.edrdg.org/wwwjdic/wwwjdicinf.html#dicfil_tag
0050   Full documentation: https://www.edrdg.org/wiki/index.php/KANJIDIC_Project
0052 Jim Breen compiled these fine files, so many thanks to him.
0053 The licenses for these two files can be found in the
0054 file LicenseRef-EDRDG.txt in the "LICENSES" directory.
0056 --
0057 Hope Kiten is useful to you!
0058   Jason Katz-Brown <jason@katzbrown.com>
0060   (Edited to remove outdated information 6-21-06 - Joseph Kerian <jkerian@gmail.com>)
0061   (Edited to update information          8-21-11 - Daniel E. Moctezuma <democtezuma@gmail.com>)
0062   (Edited to update information          11-12-19 - Yuri Chornoivan <yurchor@ukr.net>)