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0001                                     [EDRDG]
0003               ****** GENERAL DICTIONARY LICENCE STATEMENT ******
0005 1. Introduction
0007 In March 2000, James William Breen assigned ownership of the copyright of the
0008 dictionary files assembled, coordinated and edited by him to the The Electronic
0009 Dictionary Research and Development Group, then at at Monash University
0010 (hereafter "the Group"), on the understanding that the Group will foster the
0011 development of the dictionary files, and will utilize all monies received for
0012 use of the files for the further development of the files, and for research
0013 into computer lexicography and electronic dictionaries.
0015 This document outlines the licence arrangement put in place by The Group for
0016 usage of the files. It replaces all previous copyright and licence statements
0017 applying to the files.
0020 2. Application
0022 This licence statement and copyright notice applies to the following dictionary
0023 files, the associated documentation files, and any data files which are derived
0024 from them.
0026     * JMDICT - Japanese-Multilingual Dictionary File - the Japanese and English
0027       components (the German, French and Russian translational equivalents are
0028       covered by separate copyright held by the compilers of that material.)
0029     * EDICT - Japanese-English Electronic DICTionary File
0030     * ENAMDICT - Japanese Names File
0031     * COMPDIC - Japanese-English Computing and Telecommunications Terminology
0032       File
0033     * KANJIDIC2 - File of Information about the Kanji in JIS X 0208, JIS X 0212
0034       and JIS X 0213 in XML format.
0035     * KANJIDIC - File of Information about the 6,355 Kanji in the JIS X 0208
0036       Standard (special conditions apply)
0037     * KANJD212 - File of Information about the 5,801 Supplementary Kanji in the
0038       JIS X 0212 Standard
0039     * EDICT-R - romanized version of the EDICT file. (NB: this file has been
0040       withdrawn from circulation, and all sites carrying it are requested to
0041       remove their copies.)
0042     * RADKFILE/KRADFILE - files relating to the decomposition of the 6,355
0043       kanji in JIS X 0208 into their visible components.
0045 Copyright over the documents covered by this statement is held by James William
0046 BREEN and The Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group.
0049 3. Licence Conditions
0051 [http://creativecommons.org/images/public/somerights20.gif]
0052 The dictionary files are made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-
0053 ShareAlike Licence (V3.0). The Licence Deed can be viewed here, and the full
0054 Licence Code is here.
0056 In summary (extract from the Licence Deed):
0057  _____________________________________________________________________________
0058 |You are free:                                                                |
0059 |    * to Share - to copy, distribute and transmit the work                   |
0060 |    * to Remix - to adapt the work                                           |
0061 |Under the following conditions:                                              |
0062 |    * Attribution. You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the|
0063 |      author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse |
0064 |      you or your use of the work).                                          |
0065 |    * Share Alike. If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may |
0066 |      distribute the resulting work only under the same, similar or a        |
0067 |      compatible licence.                                                    |
0068  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
0070 For attribution of these files, you must:
0071    a. in the case of publishing significant extracts of the files, or material
0072       based on significant extracts of the files, e.g. in a published
0073       dictionary or in vocabulary lists, clearly acknowledge that you used the
0074       files for this purpose;
0075    b. in the case of a software package or WWW server, etc. which uses the
0076       files or incorporates data from the files, you must:
0077          i. acknowledge the usage and source of the files in the documentation,
0078             publicity material, WWW site of the package/server, etc.;
0079         ii. provide copies of the documentation and licence files (in the case
0080             of software packages). Where the application packaging does not
0081             provide for the inclusion of such files (e.g. with iPhone
0082             applications), it is sufficient to provide links, as per the next
0083             point;
0084        iii. provide links to either local copies of the documentation and
0085             licence files or to the locations of the files at Monash University
0086             or at the EDRDG site.
0087             If a WWW server is providing a dictionary function or an on-screen
0088             display of words from the files, the acknowledgement must be made
0089             on each screen display, e.g. in the form of a message at the foot
0090             of the screen or page. If, however, material from the files is
0091             mixed with information from other sources, it is sufficient to
0092             provide a general acknowledgement of the sources as described
0093             above.
0094             For the EDICT, JMdict and KANJIDIC files, the following URLs may be
0095             used or quoted:
0096                 # http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/~jwb/edict.html
0097                 # http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/~jwb/jmdict.html
0098                 # http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/~jwb/kanjidic.html
0100 See this_page for samples of possible acknowledgement text.
0101 Note that in all cases, the addition of material to the files or to extracts
0102 from the files does not remove or in any way diminish the Group's copyright
0103 over the files.
0105 Note also that provided the conditions above are met, there is NO restriction
0106 placed on commercial use of the files. The files can be bundled with software
0107 and sold for whatever the developer wants to charge. Software using these files
0108 does not have to be under any form of open-source licence.
0110 Where use of the files results in a financial return to the user, it is
0111 suggested that the user make a donation to the Group to assist with the
0112 continued development of the files. There are several ways of donating:
0114     * send a cheque (check) in any currency made out to "Monash University".
0115       The address to use is:
0116             Jim Breen
0117             Electronic Dictionary Research Group
0118             Clayton School of Information Technology
0119             Monash University
0120             Clayton, Vic, 3800
0121             Australia
0122     * make a donation via PayPal using a credit or debit card. Simply click on
0123       the following button and follow the instructions.
0124       [Submit https://www.paypal.com/en_US/i/btn/x-click-but21.gif]
0125     * make a funds transfer from your bank using a mechanism such as SWIFT.
0126       Email Jim for the University's banking details.
0128 NB: No contract or agreement needs to be signed in order to use the files. By
0129 using the files, the user implicitly undertakes to abide by the conditions of
0130 this licence.
0133 4. Warranty and Liability
0135 While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in
0136 the files, it is possible that errors may still be included. The files are made
0137 available without any warranty whatsoever as to their accuracy or suitability
0138 for a particular application.
0140 Any individual or organization making use of the files must agree:
0142    a. to assume all liability for the use or misuse of the files, and must
0143       agree not to hold the Group liable for any actions or events resulting
0144       from use of the files.
0145    b. to refrain from bringing action or suit or claim against the Group or any
0146       of the Group's members on the basis of the use of the files, or any
0147       information included in the files.
0148    c. to indemnify the Group or its members in the case of action by a third
0149       party on the basis of the use of the files, or any information included
0150       in the files.
0153 5. Copyright
0155 Every effort has been made in the compilation of these files to ensure that the
0156 copyright of other compilers of dictionaries and lexicographic material has not
0157 been infringed. The Group asserts its intention to rectify immediately any
0158 breach of copyright brought to its attention.
0160 Any individual or organization in possession of copies of the files, upon
0161 becoming aware that a possible copyright infringement may be present in the
0162 files, must undertake to contact the Group immediately with details of the
0163 possible infringement.
0166 6. Prior Permission
0168 All permissions for use of the files granted by James William Breen prior to
0169 March 2000 will be honoured and maintained, however the placing of the KANJD212
0170 and EDICTH files under the GNU GPL has been withdrawn as of 25 March 2000.
0173 7. Special Conditions for the KANJIDIC, KANJD212 and KANJIDIC2 Files
0175 In addition to licensing arrangements described above, the following additional
0176 conditions apply to the KANJIDIC, KANJD212 and KANJIDIC2 files.
0178 The following people have granted permission for material for which they hold
0179 copyright to be included in the files, and distributed under the above
0180 conditions, while retaining their copyright over that material:
0182 Jack HALPERN: The SKIP codes.
0184 Note that the SKIP codes are under their own similar Creative Common licence.
0185 See Jack Halpern's conditions_of_use page. Note that commercial applications
0186 using the SKIP codes must have prior permission from Jack Halpern.
0188 Christian WITTERN and Koichi YASUOKA: The Pinyin information.
0190 Urs APP: the Four Corner codes and the Morohashi information.
0192 Mark SPAHN and Wolfgang HADAMITZKY: the kanji descriptors from their dictionary.
0194 Charles MULLER: the Korean readings.
0196 Joseph DE ROO: the De Roo codes.
0199 8. Enquiries
0201 All enquiries to:
0202 The Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group
0203 (Attn: Assoc. Prof. Jim Breen)
0204 Clayton School of Information Technology
0205 Monash University
0206 CLAYTON VIC 3168
0208 (jimbreen@gmail.com)