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0001 Jason Katz-Brown <jason@katzbrown.com>
0002         Wrote the app
0004 Jim Breen <jwb@csse.monash.edu.au>
0005         Wrote the algorithms for accessing .xjdx files for his own excellent
0006         xjdic, and xjdxgen.c for generating index files.
0008 Neil Stevens <neil@qualityassistant.com>
0009         Simplified some code and made UI suggestions.
0011 Joseph Kerian <jkerian@gmail.com> and Eric Kjeldergaard <kjelderg@gmail.com>
0012         Simplified more code, designed modular dictionary system, KDE4-ized
0014 Daniel E. Moctezuma <democtezuma@gmail.com>
0015   Deinflection system improvements
0016   Dictionary updates for EDICT and KANJIDIC
0017   GUI Improvements
0018   Kanji Browser
0019   Bug fixes
0020   Code polishing and simplification