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0011 <bookinfo>
0012 <title>The &khangman; Handbook</title>
0014 <authorgroup>
0015 <author>
0016 <firstname>Anne-Marie</firstname>
0017 <surname>Mahfouf</surname>
0018 <affiliation>
0019 <address>&Anne-Marie.Mahfouf.mail;</address>
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0026 <copyright>
0027 <year>2001</year><year>2009</year>
0028 <holder>&Anne-Marie.Mahfouf;</holder>
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0034 <date>2020-12-22</date>
0035 <releaseinfo>Applications 20.12</releaseinfo>
0037 <abstract>
0038 <para>
0039 &khangman; is the classic hangman game for children.
0040 </para>
0041 </abstract>
0043 <keywordset>
0044 <keyword>KDE</keyword>
0045 <keyword>kdeedu</keyword>
0046 <keyword>KHangMan</keyword>
0047 <keyword>hangman</keyword>
0048 <keyword>game</keyword>
0049 <keyword>child</keyword>
0050 <keyword>words</keyword>
0051 </keywordset>
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0055 <chapter id="introduction">
0056 <title>Introduction</title>
0058 <para>
0059 &khangman; is a game based on the well-known hangman game. It is aimed at
0060 children aged six and over. The game has several categories of words to play
0061 with and among them: Animals, Clothing, Computers, Currencies, Easy and Fruits.
0062 A word is picked at random, the letters are hidden, and you
0063 must guess the word by trying one letter after another. Each time you guess a
0064 wrong letter, part of a picture of a hangman is drawn. You must guess the word
0065 before being hanged! You have 10 tries.
0066 </para>
0068 </chapter>
0070 <chapter id="using-khangman">
0071 <title>Using &khangman;</title>
0073 <screenshot>
0074 <screeninfo>Here's a screenshot of &khangman; when you start it for the first time
0075 </screeninfo><mediaobject>
0076 <imageobject>
0077 <imagedata fileref="khangman-main.png" format="PNG"/>
0078 </imageobject>
0079 <textobject>
0080 <phrase>&khangman; screenshot</phrase>
0081 </textobject>
0082 </mediaobject>
0083 </screenshot>
0085 <para>
0086 Here you can see &khangman; as it is the first time you run it. Category is
0087 Animals, language is default (English here, the default is your current &kde;
0088 language if the data exists), the theme is <quote>Notes</quote>. Any changes in category,
0089 language or theme (background) are written in the configuration file and
0090 restored in your next game.
0091 </para>
0093 <para>
0094 Please note how easy it is to change the theme, just click on the button on
0095 the bottom toolbar. Getting a new word and quitting the game are also easily done by
0096 clicking on the corresponding buttons on the toolbars.
0097 </para>
0099 <sect1 id="general-usage">
0100 <title>General usage</title>
0102 <para>A word is chosen and its letters are displayed as an underscore (_)
0103 symbol. You know how many letters there are in the word. You have to guess the
0104 word by trying one letter after another. You type the letter on the keyboard 
0105 or select them with the &LMB;. If the letter belongs to the word the background
0106 color of the letter will change to green, otherwise to red.</para>
0108 <para>The letter keys in the game window allow you to play &khangman; in foreign 
0109 languages without changing your keyboard layout.</para>
0111 <para>The word is picked at random and it is not the same as the previous word.
0112 </para>
0114 <important><para>All the words are nouns (there are no verbs or
0115 adjectives, &etc;).</para></important>
0117 <para>If you need help guessing the word, you can click on the <inlinemediaobject><imageobject> <imagedata
0118 fileref="help-hint.png" format="PNG"/></imageobject></inlinemediaobject> <guiicon>Display the hint</guiicon>
0119 icon in the bottom toolbar and a hint will be displayed to give you some clue about the word.
0120 Clicking this icon again will hide the hint. 
0121 </para>
0123 <para>Hints are not displayed by default. 
0124 </para>
0126 <para> Usually, it is not important whether you type in lowercase or uppercase.
0127 The program converts all input into an uppercase letter. The program does that 
0128 automatically.</para>
0130 <para> 
0131 The current category, wins and losses are displayed in the window.
0132 </para>
0134 <para>
0135 Each time you guess a letter that is not in the word, another part of the
0136 hangman is drawn. You have 10 tries to guess the word. After that, the correct
0137 answer is displayed.
0138 </para>
0140 <para>
0141 There are several categories of words available, depending on the selected 
0142 language. The program scans for all data files in all
0143 languages and uses &kanagram; words files as well.
0144 </para>
0145 <!--FIXME no difficulty levels in KF5?
0146 <para>
0147 In the easy category, the words are quite simple and related to everyday life.
0148 It
0149 is suitable for children from 6 to 9.  The animals category contains only names
0150 of
0151 animals so they are easier to find. Some of them are easy, others are more
0152 difficult. In the medium category, the words are longer and more difficult. It
0153 is
0154 suitable for ages 9+. The hard category is just that, hard, &ie; the words are
0155 difficult to spell and not very well known. This category is challenging, even
0156 for
0157 adults.
0158 </para>
0159 -->
0160 <para>After a word is guessed (or the hangman is completed), you are
0161 congratulated and the next word is presented.
0162 To quit the game click the <inlinemediaobject><imageobject><imagedata
0163 fileref="quit.png" format="PNG"/></imageobject></inlinemediaobject>
0164 <guiicon>Quit</guiicon> icon in the top toolbar.
0165 </para>
0167 <para>You type the letter you want to try on the keyboard or select it
0168 with the &LMB;. If the letter belongs to the word the key is highlighted in green
0169 and the letter its place, as many times as it appears in the word. 
0170 If the letter does not belong to the word, the key is highlighted red. You have ten
0171 tries and after that you lose and the correct word is displayed.
0172 </para>
0174 <para>During the game, you can choose to start a new game by clicking on the 
0175 <inlinemediaobject><imageobject><imagedata fileref="go-next.png" format="PNG"/></imageobject></inlinemediaobject>
0176 on the bottom toolbar. You can also change the category of words clicking the current category.</para>
0178 <para>The look can easily be changed with theme button on the top toolbar.</para>
0180 <!--Not in kf5?
0181 <para>You can also play the game with a local file installed on your machine
0182 that you will open using the <guimenu>Game</guimenu> menu and choosing
0183 <guimenuitem>Open</guimenuitem>.</para>
0184 -->
0185 </sect1>
0187 <sect1 id="languages">
0188 <title>Playing in different languages</title>
0189 <para>
0190 You can play &khangman; in many languages including: Brazilian Portuguese,
0191 Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (US and GB), Finnish, French,
0192 German, Hungarian, Irish (Gaelic), Italian, Norwegian (Bokm&#229;l), Norwegian
0193 (Nynorsk), Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Serbian (Latin and Cyrillic),
0194 Slovenian,
0195 Tajik, Swedish, Russian and Turkish. You can even try Chinese if you install
0196 the files from &kanagram;.
0197 </para>
0199 <para>
0200 By default, after the first installation of &khangman;, only English and your
0201 &kde; language if it is one of the above and if you have the corresponding
0202 kde-i18n package will be installed. For example if you are a Danish user and if
0203 you have &kde; in Danish, in Language you will see two
0204 items: English and Danish and Danish will be the default.</para>
0206 <para>
0207 You can still play &khangman; in other languages. It is very easy to add new
0208 data in &khangman;. All you need is a working Internet connection. You click on
0209 <inlinemediaobject><imageobject><imagedata fileref="get-hot-new-stuff.png" format="PNG"/></imageobject></inlinemediaobject>
0210 and a dialog appears, similar to this one:
0211 </para>
0213 <screenshot>
0214 <screeninfo>The Get New Words dialog for &khangman;</screeninfo>
0215 <mediaobject><imageobject>
0216 <imagedata fileref="getnewstuff.png" format="PNG"/>
0217 </imageobject><textobject>
0218 <phrase>The Get New Words dialog for &khangman;</phrase>
0219 </textobject>
0220 </mediaobject>
0221 </screenshot>
0223 <para>
0224 Click on the language name you want to install and then on the
0225 <guibutton>Install</guibutton> button. If the language is successfully
0226 installed, a green tick is displayed in front of the language name and the
0227 <guibutton>Install</guibutton> turns to <guibutton>Uninstall</guibutton>. The
0228 data is immediately installed and available in &khangman;. You click on the
0229 <guibutton>Close</guibutton> button to close the Get New Words dialog (if you
0230 want another data file, you can repeat these steps).</para>
0232 <para>
0233 You can then easily change the language by clicking the language button 
0234 and choose the new language.</para>
0236 <para>
0237 Please note that the special characters in a language are displayed on the keyboard.
0238 Here you see buttons with an icon of each special character per language like &eacute;
0239 in French for example. Clicking on such a button will select the corresponding
0240 letter. You can of course also use the keyboard layout corresponding to the language.
0241 </para>
0243 <!--FIXME still true in KF5? apparently khangman installs Dustismo_Roman + Domestic_Manners fonts
0244 <important><para>
0245 Please note that you need Arial and URW Bookman fonts in order to display the
0246 special characters correctly in some languages. Provided you have those fonts
0247 installed, &khangman; will automatically use them. If you see small squares
0248 instead of letters, then you may not have one of these fonts installed. Type
0249 <command>fonts:/</command> into the &konqueror; address bar to check which fonts
0250 you have installed.</para></important> -->
0251 </sect1>
0253 <sect1 id="few-tips">
0254 <title>A few tips</title>
0255 <para>
0256 In English, try to guess the vowels first. Then have a go with the most common
0257 consonants:
0258 l, t, r, n, s.
0259 </para>
0260 <para>When you see <quote>io</quote>, try n after that, in French and English.
0261 </para>
0263 <para>You have to either type the accented letters yourself or click on them. When you type <quote>a</quote>, only
0264 <quote>a</quote> is displayed and you have to type for example
0265 &atilde; for this letter to be displayed.
0266 </para>
0267 <para> Did you know? In English, the most common letter is e (12.7%), followed
0268 by t (9.1%) then a (8.2%), i (7.0%) and n (6.7%).</para>
0269 </sect1>
0271 </chapter>
0273 <chapter id="menus">
0274 <title>Menubar and Toolbars</title>
0276 <sect1 id="mainwindow">
0277 <title>The Main &khangman; Window</title>
0279 <screenshot>
0280 <screeninfo>&khangman; Desert theme</screeninfo>
0281 <mediaobject>
0282 <imageobject>
0283 <imagedata fileref="khangman-desert.png" format="PNG"/>
0284 </imageobject>
0285 <textobject>
0286 <phrase>&khangman; Desert theme</phrase>
0287 </textobject>
0288 </mediaobject>
0289 </screenshot>
0291 <para> Here you have &khangman; with the Desert theme, French language and
0292 category <quote>Animaux</quote>. The special characters for French are shown here.</para>
0294 <para>The game has the main toolbar at the top of the window:</para>
0296 <simplelist>
0297 <member>
0298 <inlinemediaobject><imageobject><imagedata fileref="play.png" format="PNG"/></imageobject></inlinemediaobject> or 
0299 <inlinemediaobject><imageobject><imagedata fileref="pause.png" format="PNG"/></imageobject></inlinemediaobject> 
0300 Start or stop a game
0301 </member>
0302 <member>A button to change the theme
0303 </member>
0304 <member><inlinemediaobject><imageobject><imagedata fileref="settings_icon.png" format="PNG"/></imageobject></inlinemediaobject>
0305 Open the settings dialog
0306 </member>
0307 <member><inlinemediaobject><imageobject><imagedata fileref="dialog-information.png" format="PNG"/></imageobject></inlinemediaobject>
0308 About &khangman;
0309 </member>
0310 <member><inlinemediaobject><imageobject><imagedata fileref="about-kde.png" format="PNG"/></imageobject></inlinemediaobject>
0311 About &kde;
0312 </member>
0313 <member><inlinemediaobject><imageobject><imagedata fileref="handbook.png" format="PNG"/></imageobject></inlinemediaobject>
0314 View the &khangman; handbook
0315 </member>
0316 <member><inlinemediaobject><imageobject><imagedata fileref="get-hot-new-stuff.png" format="PNG"/></imageobject></inlinemediaobject>
0317 Download new language files from the Internet
0318 </member>
0319 <member><inlinemediaobject><imageobject><imagedata fileref="quit.png" format="PNG"/></imageobject></inlinemediaobject>
0320 Quit &khangman;
0321 </member>
0322 </simplelist>
0324 <para>The bottom toolbar is displayed only when playing a game, if you pause the game this toolbar is hidden:</para>
0326 <simplelist>
0327 <member><inlinemediaobject><imageobject><imagedata fileref="help-hint.png" format="PNG"/></imageobject></inlinemediaobject>
0328 Display a hint about the word to guess
0329 </member>
0330 <member>A button to change the category</member>
0331 <member>Language selection</member>
0332 <member>A <guibutton>Reveal Word</guibutton> button for reveal the word to guess</member>
0333 <member><inlinemediaobject><imageobject><imagedata fileref="go-next.png" format="PNG"/></imageobject></inlinemediaobject>
0334 Load the next word and start a new game
0335 </member>
0336 </simplelist>
0338 <para> All words are nouns. No verbs, no adjectives. The chosen category
0339 is then displayed on the bottom toolbar.</para>
0340 <para>Only letters are allowed to be typed in the text box.</para>
0341 </sect1>
0343 <sect1 id="settings">
0344 <title>Settings</title>
0346 <screenshot>
0347 <screeninfo>&khangman; settings</screeninfo>
0348 <mediaobject>
0349 <imageobject>
0350 <imagedata fileref="settings.png" format="PNG"/>
0351 </imageobject>
0352 <textobject>
0353 <phrase>&khangman; settings</phrase>
0354 </textobject>
0355 </mediaobject>
0356 </screenshot>
0358 <!--FIXME Not displayed ?
0359 Hint show duration
0360 The duration for showing the hint for the actual word
0361 -->
0362 <para>The <guilabel>Word resolve time in seconds</guilabel> sets the
0363 maximum allowed time for resolving the word in &khangman;. Default value is 120 seconds.
0364 Young children will need more time to understand the game, for adults reduce 
0365 the resolve time to keep the game exciting.
0366 </para>
0368 <para> <!--FIXME Can not edit this value - what is the usecase?-->
0369 <guilabel>Score Multiplying Factor</guilabel> determines the factor by which 
0370 the scores will be multiplied.
0371 </para>
0373 <para>
0374 If you check <guilabel>Sounds</guilabel> then a sound will be played on new game 
0375 and another sound will be played when you win a game.
0376 </para>
0378 </sect1>
0380 </chapter>
0382 <chapter id="developers">
0383 <title>Developer's Guide to &khangman;</title>
0385 <sect1 id="changing-words">
0386 <title>How to translate words in a new language for the game</title>
0388 <para>Please follow the procedure and then send the files tarred and gzipped
0389 to the <ulink url="https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-edu">kde-edu mailinglist</ulink>.
0390 </para>
0391 <para>
0392 Please have a look in &khangman; <inlinemediaobject><imageobject><imagedata 
0393 fileref="get-hot-new-stuff.png" format="PNG"/></imageobject></inlinemediaobject>
0394 in the top toolbar to see if your language is available yet. 
0395 If it is, then you can check if it contains <emphasis>hints</emphasis>.
0396 </para>
0397 <para>The standard list words are stored in 4 separate files, so to make
0398 different categories. The files are in
0399 <filename class="directory">/khangman/data/</filename>. The file
0400 <filename>easy.kvtml</filename> is for category easy, the file
0401 <filename>medium.kvtml</filename> is for category medium, the file
0402 <filename>animals.kvtml</filename> is for category animals and the file
0403 <filename>hard.kvtml</filename> is for category hard.</para>
0404 <para>English is the default and thus the only language to be shipped with
0405 &khangman;. All other languages data are put in the corresponding kde-l10n
0406 module.
0407 </para>
0408 <procedure>
0409 <step>
0410 <para>The files use the kvtml format. The tag <sgmltag
0411 class="starttag">text</sgmltag> is for the word and the tag <sgmltag
0412 class="starttag">comment</sgmltag> is for the hint, those are within a <sgmltag
0413 class="starttag">entry</sgmltag> tag. Please try to match the hint with the
0414 category of difficulty. The category <guimenuitem>Easy</guimenuitem> will
0415 require an easy hint but the category
0416 <guimenuitem>Hard</guimenuitem> will require the definition in the dictionary.
0417 Try not to use words of
0418 the same family in the hint, that would give the word away too easily!</para>
0420 <para> Note that you must use <emphasis role="bold">UTF-8 encoding</emphasis>
0421 when editing the files. If your editor cannot do this, try using &kwrite; or
0422 &kate;. When opening a file in &kwrite; or &kate; you can select utf8 encoding
0423 with the combo box at the top of the file open dialog.</para>
0425 <para>An example of a kvtml file is as follow:</para>
0426 <programlisting><markup>
0427 &lt;?xml version="1.0"?&gt; 
0428 &lt;DOCTYPE kvtml PUBLIC "kvtml2.dtd"
0429 "https://edu.kde.org/kvtml/kvtml2.dtd"&gt; 
0430 &lt;kvtml version="2.0"&gt; 
0431 &lt;information&gt;
0432     &lt;generator&gt;converter&lt;/generator&gt;
0433     &lt;title&gt;Animals&lt;/title&gt;&lt;!--Translate tag content--&gt;
0434     &lt;comment&gt;Animals from across the
0435 planet&lt;/comment&gt;&lt;!--Translate tag content--&gt;
0436   &lt;/information&gt;
0437   &lt;identifiers&gt;
0438     &lt;identifier id="0" &gt;
0439       &lt;locale&gt;en&lt;/locale&gt;
0440     &lt;/identifier&gt;
0441   &lt;/identifiers&gt;
0442 ...
0443 &lt;entry id="0" &gt;
0444       &lt;inactive&gt;false&lt;/inactive&gt;
0445       &lt;inquery&gt;false&lt;/inquery&gt;
0446       &lt;translation id="0" &gt;
0447         &lt;text&gt;bear&lt;/text&gt;&lt;!--Translate all text tags
0448 content--&gt;
0449         &lt;comment&gt;Large heavy animal with thick
0450 fur&lt;/comment&gt;&lt;!--Translate all comment tags content--&gt;
0451       &lt;/translation&gt;
0452     &lt;/entry&gt;
0453 ...
0454 &lt;/kvtml&gt;
0455 </markup></programlisting>
0456 </step>
0457 <step>
0458 <para>At the beginning of the file, you should translate the content of the
0459 <sgmltag class="starttag">title</sgmltag> and
0460 the <sgmltag class="starttag">comment</sgmltag> tags which are within the
0461 <sgmltag class="starttag">information</sgmltag> tag. The title will be the one
0462 that will appear in the Category menu of the game (where the user chooses the
0463 file to play with).
0464 </para>
0465 </step>
0466 <step>
0467 <para>Then within the <sgmltag class="starttag">identifier</sgmltag> tag, please
0468 put your language code instead of en in
0469 <sgmltag class="starttag">locale</sgmltag>.</para>
0471 <para>Please don't translate the file name itself as filenames should never
0472 contain any special characters. Thus please save your file with the same English
0473 filename.</para>
0474 </step>
0475 <step>
0476 <para>
0477 Edit the kvtml files with a text editor (it will be easier if you use the &XML;
0478 syntax highlighting) and replace each word inside the 
0479 <sgmltag class="starttag">text</sgmltag> tag with a translated word and each
0480 hint inside a <sgmltag class="starttag">comment</sgmltag> with a translated
0481 hint. It is not really important that the exact meaning is preserved, but try to
0482 keep the length and category of difficulty roughly the same.
0483 </para> 
0485 <para>You can include words with white space or - in them, in that case the
0486 white space or the - will be shown instead of the _. Please contact the 
0487 <ulink url="https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-edu">kde-edu mailinglist</ulink> if
0488 there is anything special related to your language so I can adapt the code to it
0489 (especially the special and accented characters).
0490 </para>
0491 </step> 
0493 <step>
0494 <para>You can just translate the words but you can also adapt them
0495 following the category and add new words if you want. For example,
0496 <quote>table</quote> is in category easy in English but in your language,
0497 it can be category medium. Feel free to adapt the files to your language
0498 needs. The number of words in a file is not important, you can add
0499 some if you want.</para>
0501 <para>Remember that all words are nouns.</para>
0503 </step>
0505 <step>
0506 <para>You can then commit your files in 
0507 <emphasis>l10n-kf5/&lt;lang_code&gt;/data/kdeedu/kdeedu-data/</emphasis>. Do not
0508 forget to update the CMakeLists.txt file as well. Please contact the 
0509 <ulink url="https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-edu">kde-edu mailinglist</ulink> if you need further
0510 information. When you send the files, please do not forget to mention any
0511 <emphasis role="bold">special characters</emphasis> used in your language (put
0512 them in a text file, one per line and add this file in the tarball) and please
0513 mention any other specificity.</para>
0514 <para><emphasis>Please never commit files in a BRANCH as it might break the
0515 game.</emphasis></para>
0516 </step>
0517 </procedure>
0518 <para>Many thanks for your contribution!</para>
0519 </sect1>
0521 <sect1 id="internal">
0522 <title>What is stored by &khangman; and where</title>
0523 <para>
0524 When you get a new language via the <inlinemediaobject><imageobject><imagedata
0525 fileref="get-hot-new-stuff.png" format="PNG"/></imageobject></inlinemediaobject>
0526 <guiicon>Download new language files</guiicon> icon, the new language data is stored
0527 in <filename class="directory">$XDG_DATA_HOME/share/apps/kvtml/</filename> in the
0528 language code folder. The available language dir names are also stored in the
0529 &khangman; config file in <filename>$XDG_DATA_HOME/share/config/khangmanrc</filename>.
0530 </para>
0531 <para>
0532 The provider name (i.e. the address of the website where to download the new
0533 languages) is stored in
0534 <filename>$XDG_DATA_DIRS/share/apps/khangman/khangmanrc</filename>.
0535 </para>
0536 <para>
0537 The English language (default) and the user language from his i18n package(s)
0538 (if available) are stored in <filename
0539 class="directory">$XDG_DATA_DIRS/share/apps/kvtml</filename>.
0540 </para>
0541 <para>
0542 In the configuration file, stored for each user in
0543 <filename>$XDG_DATA_HOME/share/config/khangmanrc</filename> are saved all the game
0544 settings such as the background, last category played, ... plus the files that
0545 were downloaded from the <guilabel>Get Hot New Stuff!</guilabel> dialog.
0546 </para>
0547 </sect1>
0548 </chapter>
0550 <chapter id="credits">
0552 <title>Credits and License</title>
0554 <para>
0555 &khangman;
0556 </para>
0557 <para>
0558 Program copyright 2001-2007 &Anne-Marie.Mahfouf; &Anne-Marie.Mahfouf.mail;
0559 </para>
0560 <para>
0561 Contributors:
0562 <itemizedlist>
0563 <listitem><para>Hangman graphics: Renaud Blanchard
0564 <email>kisukuma@chez.com</email></para> </listitem>
0565 <listitem><para>Sounds: Ludovic Grossard
0566 <email>ludovic.grossard@libertysurf.fr</email></para> </listitem>
0567 <listitem><para>Former maintainer: &Primoz.Anzur;
0568 &Primoz.Anzur.mail;</para> </listitem>
0569 <listitem><para>Swedish data files, coding help, transparent pictures and i18n
0570 fixes: Stefan Asserhäll 
0571 <email>stefan.asserhall@telia.com
0572 </email></para> </listitem>
0573 <listitem><para>Spanish data files: eXParTaKus
0574 <email>expartakus@expartakus.com
0575 </email></para> </listitem>
0576 <listitem><para>Spanish data hints: Rafael Beccar
0577 <email>rafael.beccar@kdemail.net
0578 </email></para> </listitem>
0579 <listitem><para>Danish data files: Erik Kjaer Pedersen
0580 <email>erik@mpim-bonn.mpg.de
0581 </email></para> </listitem>
0582 <listitem><para>Finnish data files: Niko Lewman
0583 <email>niko.lewman@edu.hel.fi
0584 </email></para> </listitem>
0585 <listitem><para>Brazilian Portuguese data files: João Sebastião de Oliveira
0586 Bueno
0587 <email>gwidion@mpc.com.br
0588 </email></para> </listitem>
0589 <listitem><para>Catalan data files: Antoni Bella
0590 <email>bella5@teleline.es
0591 </email></para> </listitem>
0592 <listitem><para>Italian data files: Giovanni Venturi
0593 <email>jumpyj@tiscali.it
0594 </email></para> </listitem>
0595 <listitem><para>Dutch data files: Rinse
0596 <email>rinse@kde.nl
0597 </email></para> </listitem>
0598 <listitem><para>Portuguese data files: Pedro Morais
0599 <email>morais@kde.org
0600 </email></para> </listitem>
0601 <listitem><para>Serbian (Cyrillic and Latin) data files: Chusslove Illich
0602 <email>chaslav@sezampro.yu
0603 </email></para> </listitem>
0604 <listitem><para>Slovenian data files: Jure Repinc
0605 <email>jlp@holodeck1.com
0606 </email></para> </listitem>
0607 <listitem><para>Czech data files: Luk&aacute;&scaron; Tinkl
0608 <email>lukas@kde.org
0609 </email></para> </listitem>
0610 <listitem><para>Tajik data files: Roger Kovacs
0611 <email>rkovacs@khujand.org
0612 </email></para> </listitem>
0613 <listitem><para>Norwegian (Bokm&#229;l) data files: Torger &#197;ge Sinnes
0614 <email>torg-a-s@online.no
0615 </email></para> </listitem>
0616 <listitem><para>Hungarian data files: Tamas Szanto
0617 <email>tszanto@mol.hu
0618 </email></para> </listitem>
0619 <listitem><para>Norwegian (Nynorsk) data files: Gaute Hvoslef Kvalnes
0620 <email>gaute@verdsveven.com
0621 </email></para> </listitem>
0622 <listitem><para>Turkish data files: Mehmet &Ouml;zel
0623 <email>mehmet_ozel2003@hotmail.com
0624 </email></para> </listitem>
0625 <listitem><para>Bulgarian data files: Radostin Radnev
0626       <email>radnev@yahoo.com
0627 </email></para> </listitem>
0628 <listitem><para>Irish (Gaelic) data files: Kevin Patrick Scannell
0629     <email>scannell@slu.edu
0630 </email></para> </listitem>
0631 <listitem><para>Coding help: &Robert.Gogolok;
0632 &Robert.Gogolok.mail;</para> </listitem>
0633 <listitem><para>Coding help: Benjamin Meyer
0634 <email>ben@meyerhome.net</email></para> </listitem>
0635 <listitem><para>Code fixes: Lubos Lun&agrave;k
0636 <email>l.lunak@kde.org</email></para> </listitem>
0637 <listitem><para>Code fixes: Albert Astals Cid
0638 &Albert.Astals.Cid.mail;</para> </listitem>
0639 <listitem><para>Usability study: Celeste Paul
0640 <email>seele@obso1337.org</email></para> </listitem>
0641 </itemizedlist>
0642 </para>
0644 <para>
0645 Documentation copyright 2001-2007 &Anne-Marie.Mahfouf; &Anne-Marie.Mahfouf.mail;
0646 </para>
0649 &underFDL;               <!-- FDL: do not remove -->
0650 &underGPL;               <!-- GPL License -->
0652 </chapter>
0654 &documentation.index;
0655 </book>
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