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0001 # gcompris-data
0003 This repository contains all the data used in GCompris that is not shipped directly:
0004 * voices
0005 * images dataset (for lang, hangman...)
0006 * background music
0008 Background music is generated in `background-music/.rcc/` <br/>
0009 Voices are generated in `voices/$AUDIO_CODEC/voices-$AUDIO_CODEC`<br/>
0010 Words dataset is generated in `voices/ogg/.rcc/words/`<br/>
0011 Full rcc (words+voices) are in `voices/$AUDIO_CODEC/.rcc`<br/>
0013 It takes around 3 GB of disk space to generate all the data.
0015 Starting with GCompris 2.4, we have updated all the png images to webp. To keep compatibility with the older versions, we have created a new words-webp rcc file and kept the words/words folder (with png images).
0016 We should not update it anymore and all new updates should be done in the words-webp folder.
0018 TODO: full rcc should also contain background music.
0019 Maybe we can improve to consume less disk space (multiple copies probably not needed).