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0001 # Changelog
0003 ## 22.08
0005 ### New features
0007     * Added zooming related actions (zoom in, zoom out, zoom original) to the context menu of the worksheet
0008     * Smooth zoom in the worksheet view with the mouse wheel
0009     * Show the information about the available internal help system in Maxima and in R in the help panel
0011 ### Bug fixes:
0013     * Enable highdpi pixmaps, fixes icon rendering on highdpi screens
0014     * Open URLs in the "Select Backend"-dialog in the external browser, BUG: 456650
0015     * When saving the results, use the file extension and not the mime-type in the QFileDialog to show the relevant files only
0016     * [maxima] properly embedd the results of the commands from the draw package (draw, draw2d and draw3d)
0017     * [maxima] properly parse plot and draw commands with line breaks
0018     * [maxima] remove the obsolete quotes in string variable values and properly handle quoted sub-strings in string variables
0019     * [R] Remove backspaces in the help output in R
0021 ## The information for the releases 20.12 - 22.04 was not maintained.
0024 ## 20.08
0026 ### New features
0028     * Change entries replacement logic and add possibility to use previous logic via Cantor setting option
0029     * Add possibility to change plot extension (available variants: jpeg, png, svg and eps (if builded with eps support)) in Octave backend
0030     * Use file name instead file URL in title bar
0031     * LaTeX typesettings in Sage is back
0032     * Add a filter in open dialog to present Cantor worksheets and Jupyter notebooks together
0033     * Add new global entries actions: collapsing all results, uncollapsing all results, remove all results
0034     * Add actions for selection
0035     * Disable highlighting updates for excluded from execution entries
0036     * Add new entry type - HorizontalRuleEntry
0037     * Add zoom widget
0038     * Add tooltips for almost all settings entries
0039     * Python Plot Extension: Add support for different packages
0040     * Improve tabulation handling in Command Entries. Now the tabulation works like tabulation in code editors
0041     * Support popular Julia plot packages in PlotExtension
0042     * Add File Browser panel
0043     * Now it is possible to save and load images in Cantor worksheet file format
0045 ## 20.04
0047 ### New features
0049     * WorksheetControlItem: special element, for better UX, while user interact with cell. Now, this element handle drag-and-drop and cell selection (details below)
0050     * Multiple cells selection: now user can select not one, but many sells via Ctrl+LeftClick. Selection also visualizate on control elements
0051     * Actions on selection (first version): now user can apply some actions on selected cells, for example evaulating, deleting, moving.
0052     * Possibility to change result collapsing via double click on '>>>' prompt element
0053     * Add collapsing of text results with a lot of visible lines (limit of collapsing set in Settings). Double click can collapse/uncollapse collapsed text result.
0055 ## 19.12
0057 ### Screenshots
0059     * https://imgur.com/frfNeBH
0060     * https://imgur.com/IAJ4YAN
0061     * https://imgur.com/eBesNdR
0063 ### New features
0065     * Support for Jupyter Notebook format (.ipynb)
0066     * Allow to convert Cantor's native worksheet format to Jupyter notebook and back
0067     * Allow to change the type of a worksheet entry via the context menu
0068     * Leave the markdown and latex cells in the edit mode if the the user hits the cancel/escape button
0069     * Add opportunity to set path to local documentation in Sage backend
0071 ### Important bug fixes
0073     * Fix rendering of embedded math in Markdown Entry on openSUSE
0074     * Show the pointer hand cursor when hovering over a URL in a markdown entry
0075     * Make sagemath backend compatible with sagemath built with python3
0077 ## 19.08
0079 ### Screenshots
0081     * https://imgur.com/Xpj2EcQ
0082     * https://imgur.com/KnXYvFP
0083     * https://imgur.com/CmucWdR
0085 ### New features
0087     * Instead of showing only available and workable backends, Cantor shows all available backends and for non workable shows reason, why this backend doesn't work.
0088     * Allow to set the path to custom Julia installations. However, Cantor will work with versions only it was compiled for.
0089     * For Markdown and LaTeX entries allow to switch via double click from the rendered result to the original code and back via the evaluation of the entry
0090     * Save the results of rendered markdown and LaTeX entries as part of the project. This allows to see the results also on with no support for markdown and latex rendering
0091     * Hide "Help" panel on startup. Automatically show this panel when user executes a command entry with a help expression
0092     * Add "Recent Files" submenu (https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=409138)
0094 ### Important bug fixes
0096     * [R] Fix bug with expression only from comment - now Cantor R backend don't freeze on 'Computing' after running the expression
0097     * Save error status and message of Command Entry into .cws (Cantor Worksheet file) - Cantor have lost them on saving before
0098     * Reset Command Entry numeration after Backend restart
0099     * Close loaded worksheet, if the loading failed (before Cantor show empty broken worksheet)
0100     * [Python] Fix bug with non-working interruption (before interrupted only Cantor expression: Python Server still continued to work)
0101     * Don't scroll to worksheet's end after the project was loaded
0102     * [Julia, Python] Report about server side errors, for example, crashes
0103     * [Python] Don't use Qt in pythonserver executable for avoding problems (often crashes) with PyQt5 (https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=397264, https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=407362)
0104     * [Python] Show Python warnings not as errors, but as text results (https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=409240)
0105     * Add missing context menu to MarkdownEntry
0106     * Fix bug with rendering loaded rendered MarkdownEntry as empty
0107     * Fix unworking 'Show LaTeX Code' action in Latex Entry context menu
0108     * Fix problem with an incorrect window title after closing all tabs
0110 ## 19.04
0112 ### New Features
0114     * Possibility to hide and show results of command entry via context menu
0115     * [Maxima, Octave, Python, R] Add a way to specify the path to the local documentation in the settings. By default, this path didn't specified and Cantor uses online documentation.
0116     * Huge improvment of variables managment: better parsing, option to turn on and turn off variable managment, better GUI performance by limitation of value size (too big for showing values replaced by "<too big variable>" text
0118 ### Important bug fixes
0120     * [Sage] Fix execuation for unsystem Sage installation
0121     * [Julia] Fix bug, that suppressing output don't work