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0001 Blinken uses a special handwriting font called Steve that is in the
0002 fonts directory to show the status text. If this font is not currently installed
0003 on the target system, on first run Blinken uses the fonts:/ ioslave to copy it
0004 to the user's fonts location.
0006 This can cause problems, because if the program
0007 is used by 100 users there will be 100 copies of the font, one for each user.
0009 To solve that we suggest making a package with "Some Juicy Fonts"
0010 (http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/sjfonts) that includes the Steve font
0011 and make the Blinken package depend on it.
0013 If you do not want/cannot do that, please make Blinken depend on
0014 having kdebase installed as the fonts:/ ioslave is there.
0016 - Blinken developers