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0002    :description: The Wallpaper Tool of digiKam
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0013 Wall-Paper
0014 ==========
0016 The Wall-Paper tool allows setting an image from your collection as a background photo on your desktop. If you use a multi-screen computer, the image is assigned to the current monitor where digiKam is running.
0018 Select one image that you want to push on your desktop and go to :menuselection:`Tools --> Set as wallpaper`, or use the icon **Set as wallpaper** from the **Tools** tab on the right sidebar. A dialog will appear to customize the **Wallpaper Layout** of the background photo. The possible choices are listed below:
0020     - **Adjusted**: The image is resized to the desktop size without preserving the aspect ratio (Linux and Windows).
0021     - **Adjusted with Aspect ratio**: The image is resized to the desktop size preserving the aspect ratio (Linux only).
0022     - **Adjusted and cropped**: The image is resized to the desktop size and cropped to support the desktop aspect ratio (Linux only).
0023     - **Mosaic**: The image is displayed multi-time as a mosaic to fill the desktop (Linux and Windows).
0024     - **Centered**: The image is centered on the desktop without modification (Linux and Windows).
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0028     This dialog does not exist under macOS. The layout is always set as **Centered**.
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0034     The Wall-Paper Dialog to Customize Layout of Background Photo