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0001 Current maintainer:
0002 Gunnar Schmidt <gunnar@schmi-dt.de>, 2003
0004 Contributor:
0005 Olaf Schmidt <ojschmidt@kde.org>, 2003
0008 KMouseTool was created by Jeff Roush <jeff@mousetool.com>, 2002
0009 Documentation initally written by Jeff Roush <jeff@mousetool.com>, 2002
0011 The clever Smart Drag idea was suggested by Joe Betts.  Thanks, Joe!
0013 The idea for MouseTool came to me when I was thinking about
0014 head-tracking systems that allow you to move a cursor using
0015 your head orientation, and then send clicks when you pause.
0016 As far as I know, I was the first person to use this technique
0017 with an ordinary mouse, but it is possible that I am wrong about that.
0018 There are now other programs available for Windows and Macs that
0019 do this; I know that some were developed after MouseTool, but
0020 it is likely others came before.
0022 Other ideas in MouseTool for Windows that I hope to port to KDE were
0023 either suggested by MouseTool users or came out of email discussions
0024 with users.