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0001 //$Id$
0003 ver 0.8 
0004 -Mouse cursor is now visible
0005 -Complete reference manual
0006 -Fit-to-window for zoom view
0007 -ported to KDE3 (still works under KDE2)
0008 -Using bitBlt to reduce flicker even more
0009 -Proper centering of zoomed image
0010 -Some qt3 specific additions
0011 -Mouse cursor in printing
0012 -Smooth mouse movements inside zoom vew (very low CPU consumption)
0013 -Zero CPU usage when magnifier window is hidden/minimized
0014 -Using default key shortcuts for various actions
0015 -Checkbox to show/hide mouse cursor
0016 -Shortcut key binding configuration
0017 -Moved to XML GUI
0018 -New "Settings" menu in the toolbar
0019 -Toolbar configuration
0021 ver 0.7
0022 -Printing and compiling for KDE 2.x
0023 -Saving files to remote locations
0024 -BUG_FIX:Saved image used to get saved to home directory
0025 -BUG_FIX:Zoom selection window could go below the bottom edge of the screen
0027 ver 0.6
0028 -Printing support
0029 -Saving zoomed image to disk
0030 -Saving/Restoring settings to/from config file
0031 -New grab-and-move mode for moving zoom region
0032 -Magnification with mouse movement
0033 -Option to always show selected region
0034 -Ability to change refresh rate
0035 -Copy zoomed image to clipboard
0036 -More cleaner/bare minimal GUI
0037 -Tons of code cleanup
0039 ver 0.5
0040 -No more garbage when the grab window is taken outside the screen
0041 -Added a convenient drop down menu to select the zoom factor
0042 -A new refresh button to start/stop window refresh when needed
0043 -Added "tooltips" and "What's this" at lots of places
0044 -New install and install-user scripts for easy installation
0045 -Tons of code cleanup
0047 ver 0.4
0048 -No more flickering!
0050 ver 0.3
0051 -Fixed a slow-refresh bug.. making KMag 100% usable!
0052 -Made resizing grab window much more easier (esp. for laptops!)
0053 -GUI improvements.. got rid of sliders.. introduced zoom icons
0054 -Centered display of magnified contents
0055 -Now using Kdevelop 1.4b2..
0056 -Added documentation
0058 ver 0.2
0059 -First public release for the KDE2 port and rewrite
0060 -Feature enhancements : Easy  moving and resizing of grab-window
0062 ver 0.1
0063 -First public release for KDE1